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Israeli Arabs fired for 'political position' on day of general strike

Israelis from the Arab community say they have been fired their "political position" after they were absent from work on May 18, the day of a general strike during the latest war in Gaza and amid clashes between Muslims and Jews in mixed Israeli cities.

Ahmed and Rasha Agbaria both worked at a branch of the Victory supermarket chain on the outskirts of Tiberias.

They told Ynet that they and other Arab members of staff were informed in their letters of dismissal that they were being fired for taking a political stance.

In Ahmed's pre-dismissal hearing, which is required under Israeli law and of which a recording was received by Ynet, he was informed: "You did not come to work. You abandoned the store and harmed the functioning of the store. For me, this is a political position. You took a political position apparently without noticing."

Ahmed, a resident of the northern village of Musmus and a student at Kinneret Academic College who worked at the branch for about six months, refuted the allegations during the hearing.

"I did not come to work due to the security situation that was life threatening. I could not go out because it was dangerous," he told the hearing.