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Bennett to Netanyahu: Free the country so it can move on

Yamina chairman and designated prime minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday appealed to Benjamin Netanyahu to let go of premiership and allow the country to “move on".

Bennett made the remarks during a press conference, updating the media on his efforts to form a new government with the “coalition for change”, that would see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ousted after 12 years.

“In a few days we will swear-in a new government. It is not a catastrophe nor is it a disaster. It is nothing but a change of government, as is normal in every democratic country,” said Bennett.

“Israel is not a monarchy, no one has a monopoly on who will rule. Every government, when it becomes withered and corrupt after many years, is eventually replaced and so on. It is the natural, healthy course of action in every normal country.”

Bennett later addressed the wave of threats that have been made against him, his party and other members of the coalition for change, as well as pressure put on Yamina and Gideon Saar's New Hope to torpedo the formation of the new government.