How Long Before America Appoints a Horse to the Senate? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

How Long Before America Appoints a Horse to the Senate?

A civilized society rests on truth and fact, not on deception and deceit. As truth and fact are censored, and deception and deceit are all that we have, we clearly do not have a civilized society.

Indeed, a person cannot find signs anywhere in the US of a civilized society. In place of debate we have screamed insults, threats, and cancelled persons. The fate of defendants, such as officer Chauvin, are decided in the media and not in honest trials. Scientists and medical authorities lie for money as do journalists. Truth has no guardians in official positions, least of all in universities. Governments serve undeclared agendas and orchestrate fear in order to achieve their agendas. Countries are invaded and bombed on the basis of lies and false accusations. Constitutional protections are taken away in order to protect us with unrestrained and unaccountable government police power. This list goes on.

How can this ship be righted? Some think by Republicans now that Democrats have lost influence by allowing their cities to be looted and burned by “peaceful protests.”

There are some worthwhile Republicans, such as the governors of Florida, Texas, and South Dakota, and the Arizona state senate. But most Republicans have learned that the way to get ahead in life is not to rock the boat. They are content with participating, not with being leaders against headwinds.