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New Israeli Coalition Government Set to Be Sworn In Sunday

An eight-party coalition aimed at unseating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to be sworn in on Sunday, as a key right-wing lawmaker rebuffed the embattled leader’s overtures to defect from the new government.

Yariv Levin, the speaker of the Knesset and a member of Mr. Netanyahu’s Likud party, said Tuesday that the new coalition government will face a vote of confidence in the parliament before being sworn in on June 13.

Mr. Levin a day earlier had pushed back against the new coalition’s request for a confidence vote this Wednesday, saying the parliament had until June 14 to convene for the vote.

Mr. Netanyahu and his associates have embarked on a furious last-minute effort to woo away supporters of the new coalition and sow chaos that might prevent his ouster. The incumbent enjoys widespread support among right-wing and religious voters, and he and his allies have tried to rally that base to pressure some right-wing lawmakers to abandon the new coalition.

The defection of just one or two lawmakers could prevent the new coalition from mustering a majority and force Israel’s fifth election since 2019.