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Israel is impeding America's role as a world leader

Over the past five decades, the US has used its veto in the UN Security Council on 52 occasions to protect Israel from even being censored or reproached let alone threatened with sanctions. Throughout those years Israel, as an occupier of Palestinian land, has committed every imaginable atrocity against the civilian Palestinian population. In the recent Israeli aggression against besieged Gaza, the US used its veto to block a simple call for a ceasefire, literally giving Israel extra time to kill more civilians and destroy their homes and infrastructure.

The excuse for this is always, "Israel has the right to defend itself"; or that the adoption of such measures is unlikely to help the situation; or it will make the phantom peace process more difficult. Such statements by the White House and State Department are always accompanied by the usual cliché that the US is committed to Israel's security, as if it is the Zionist state that is being invaded.

Behind all this "unequivocal" support for Israel is what Washington and Tel Aviv call the "special relationship" that bonds the two countries together. It's so special that it goes beyond what is normal in international relations; something so unique that, over the years, it is puzzling for anyone trying to figure out what it is that bonds the two countries together.