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Bill Gates’s stranglehold on the MSM: Part 1

ONE of the puzzles of our New Dark Age is why so much of the mainstream media remains in thrall to Bill Gates now that such a different picture of him has emerged after his wife’s bombshell divorce announcement. The man with questionable morals and a messianic drive to vaccinate the world and ‘save’ it from climate change appears to have survived unscathed.

But you do not have to go far to find an explanation for this unquestioning devotion. His munificence via his pet project, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (GF), has secured him worldwide indemnity. It is not just science and academia, public servants and major charitable institutions that are in hock to the GF. Of strategic importance to him is GF funding, directly and indirectly, of both US and British media.

Most of these ‘donations’ are to be found under the GF category of Global Policy and Advocacy. This fancy term obscures the fact that the GF ‘encourages’ Western governments and charities to redirect their resources to the developing world, for the purposes of ‘health and safety’. China, on course to be the world’s leading economic superpower, is a beneficiary of this policy. Vaccine development and distribution is a priority.