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Doctors: Execution drugs could help COVID-19 patients

Secrecy surrounding executions could hinder efforts by a group of medical professionals who are asking the nation’s death penalty states for medications used in lethal injections so that they can go to coronavirus patients who are on ventilators, according to a death penalty expert and a doctor who's behind the request.

In a letter sent this month to corrections departments, a group of seven pharmacists, public health experts, and intensive care unit doctors asked states with the death penalty to release any stockpiles they might have of execution drugs to health care facilities.

“Your stockpile could save the lives of hundreds of people; though this may be a small fraction of the total anticipated deaths, it is a central ethical directive that medicine values every life,” according to the letter.


I don't hesitate any more...

michael mazur

nearly all doctors are murderers.

If some want to disagree, fine, but I'll just add, that as very few are exposing the Covid hoax, that it's just the common cold renamed, that the vaxs for it are killing Americans by the hundred thousand, that millions are suffering from the side effects, that in 2 or 3 years the fully vaxinated will be dying en masse, then yes, my mind is made up.

We've all seen the clips of people in extreme pain as a side effect of the jab, clearly with little time left, but the AMA says nothing, like its equally garbage acronym namesake counterpart in Australia.

michael mazur

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