The Final Battle for the Control of America Has Commenced | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Final Battle for the Control of America Has Commenced

The Democrats, their Deep State puppeters and the globalists are in a state of panic. Soccer moms who oppose Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools are awakening a previously sleeping America to the anti-American dangers of our time. Democrats are flocking to my media sites wth a bad case of Biden's buyers remorse! The Democrats are understandably in a panic!

The Democrats/Deep State/Globalist Controllers Are Desperate

The Democrats cannot allow a mid-term election to occur under these conditions. Even with massive cheating it is not likely that the Democrats will retain the Senate and the House. If both are lost to the present ruling party, the Republicans will take over and will move to impeach Executive Order, sippy cup Joe Biden. This could set the globalists back at least a decade. It will usher in the ability to bring Trump back in 2024, if not sooner. The Democrats need a game changing evernt.If one has been following our present struggle for any length of time, it doesn't take much to convince the aware that we have entered the game-changing false flag zone with the goal of the removal of all resistance as well as the disarming of dangerous Americans who would dare to fight for their rights.

An Ominous Message With Serious Overtones

My relatives were recently driving the California desert when all 6 people received the same “Amber alert” style message on each individual cell phone.The message stated “Do not enter this area for another 12 hours… we will further advise.” Upon checking their Faces of Deathbook accounts, they discovered that this was NOT an isolated incident as many recieved the same clear and cryptic message just like what is described here. There is more to the message, however, the meaning is clear.