Five reasons not to fear coronavirus variants | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Five reasons not to fear coronavirus variants

It was predictable that soon after the mass COVID-19 vaccine campaign rolled out, if the shots began failing, the media would turn into scapegoats people who didn’t rush into line-ups for the fast-tracked, experimental pharmaceutical injections.

The latest COVID narrative is well underway. Thousands of fully vaccinated people are testing positive for the disease – so many, the government has stopped counting cases of “breakthrough COVID,” a blatant attempt to hide the problem of vaccine failure.

Rather, governments have directed attention to a Greek alphabet of new “variants” – supposedly deadlier and even more “contagious” mutations of the original Wuhan virus that causes the disease.

The media are dutifully providing an endless barrage of doomsday reportage, warning people that they are “more at risk than ever before” and that a “dangerous fall” lies ahead amidst clouds of inescapable Delta, Lambda, or Epsilon virus mutations. They have already begun further dividing the population already riven by division between those who see injecting children with experimental drugs and smothering their respiratory passages with masks as criminal and the millions who do not want lockdown ever to end. Medical Apartheid media have begun dehumanizing children and half of America’s “unvaccinated” adult population, calling them “variant factories” and “incubators” of disease.