Trump Says Big Tech Is Out Of Luck | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Says Big Tech Is Out Of Luck

Former President Donald Trump warned on Sunday the while Big Tech has the power to censor people’s speech in violation of the Constitution, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are not “immune” from the class-action lawsuit he filed against them last week.

“They’re taking away your freedom of speech. They are taking away your right to speak. They’re taking away everything. And they get powers. They have a Section 230, it’s called, and that gives them immunity. That gives them protection,” Trump insisted on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“They’re immune from so many different things. But they’re not immune from this lawsuit, because what they have done is such a violation of the Constitution, a violation like we have never seen before. … They take me down. They take all conservative voices down, or most of them,” the former commander-in-chief