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That Viral 'Protest' Photo of Cuba Is Actually From May Day 2018

Protests against the Cuban government have been taking place this week, with many conservatives in the U.S. circulating photos and video of the demonstrations. But not everything that’s going viral out of Cuba is actually from this week. In fact, one photo isn’t even from this year.

Have you seen this photo of an enormous march in Havana, Cuba? It’s circulating on right-wing social media channels as proof that the Cuban people are sick and tired of the Communist government. But the photo is actually a few years old. And, ironically, it’s a rally where the participants are decidedly pro-Communism.

Matt Couch, a peddler of disinformation associated with a website called The DC Patriot, has helped spread the photo across his social media channels. Couch, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, has built a following of almost half a million Twitter followers since Trump came to office in 2017.