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Top 10 US Government Watchlists You Don’t Want To Be On

Many of the most powerful agencies and administrative bodies of the United States government keep watchlists. Although these lists are not without problems, criticisms, and legal challenges, they do aid federal intelligence and federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations in the apprehension of ruthless suspects, many of whom are fugitives. For example, James Earl Ray, Ted Bundy, and Osama bin Laden have appeared on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.Although the names on these U. S. government lists are not always familiar to many who are outside law enforcement, the less-known criminals named on these watchlists are just as dangerous as the more notorious ones, and they all become targets of agencies across the United States and, often, around the world. They can run, but they can’t hide. Sooner or later, they are likely to be caught. You definitely DON’T want to be on any of these lists!

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"The names of people who downloaded Tor privacy software in 2011 may have been added to the U. S. National Security Agency (NSA) watchlist."


Let me get this straight


We have an illegal administration that seized power in 2020 by overthrowing the election. It can't even release a vaccine that isn't defective, let alone run things well; anywhere it touched race relations, cities are burning. And *I* should worry whether it thinks I'm a foreign plant? Try the other way.

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