US Military “Interventions” and “Withdrawals” | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US Military “Interventions” and “Withdrawals”

What we are witnessing nowadays proves that the US withdrawal from the countries they intervened in may be just as dangerous as the invasion itself, because it was designed to ensure that the country continues, yet in the form mapped out for it.

It is essential for our ailing countries and our peoples who are paying high prices to conduct fact-based and realistic assessments of each and every US intervention in the Arab countries, not to mention the disasters that these interventions have brought down, all the blood they spilled and all the destruction they caused to what we have built in our countries. We should also study the motives and consequences of their crimes and withdrawals when those happen. It is no longer acceptable at any rate to go through the daily events with a day-to-day mentality and move from one day to another without actually learning and drawing lessons from them so as to use them efficiently in the formation of our vision for the present-day and the future, as well as in the materialization of our decisions.

The situation is best described in the words of the late Ramsey Clark, who said, “Nobody knows, when the World Trade Center in New York was blown up, why the US chose to invade Afghanistan first and then Iraq in a plan that included invading seven countries in five years.”