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In Gaza, Childhoods Lost to the Trauma of War

“I want to make them feel safe because I have never felt safe.”

Like many kids, Maram Faraj grew up wanting to be a superhero. She loved their brightly colored costumes, their grandiose capes and the way they always managed to swoop in at just the right time. Her dream didn’t fade when she shelved the bedtime stories – it just had an outfit change.

Now, at 23, Maram still envisions herself flying over her hometown and protecting civilians from harm. Trading the unitard for a tailored blazer and the superhuman flying powers for a jet plane, Maram has set her sights on becoming a flight attendant. After a particularly warm encounter with a flight attendant on a plane ride to visit family in Saudi Arabia, Maram realized the innate power the job holds: making others feel safe and protected.

Maram is a Palestinian woman living in Gaza: a 140-square mile strip of land densely populated by upwards of 2 million people. For her, safety has never been a given.