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Risk of riots in UK 'higher than ever', Labour warns

The risk of a repeat of riots that scarred London and other major cities ten years ago is “higher than ever”, as the government has failed to tackle the causes of the violence, Labour party has said.

The party issued a report on Thursday, warning that the country remained a “tinderbox”, and that the amount of "forgotten families" which many of the young people involved came from could have doubled within the decade.

In 2012, the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel found 500,000 families of this type. It said they needed support. However, they did not reach the threshold for help due to a lack of funding.

The Labour party claimed that the government had implemented only 11 of the 63 recommendations made by the panel at the time.

The unrest, which erupted in the capital city of London on August 6, 2011, before spreading to 66 other areas, followed on the heels of fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by police in Tottenham.