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Biden eyes tougher vaccine rules without provoking backlash

When the pace of vaccinations in the U.S. first began to slow, President Joe Biden backed incentives like million-dollar cash lotteries if that's what it took to get shots in arms. But as new coronavirus infections soar, he's testing a tougher approach.

In just the past two weeks, Biden has forced millions of federal workers to attest to their vaccination status or face onerous new requirements. He's met with business leaders at the White House to press them to do the same.

Meanwhile, the administration has taken steps toward mandating shots for people traveling into the U.S. from overseas. And the White House is weighing options to be more assertive at the state and local level, including potential support for school districts imposing rules to prevent spread of the virus over the objection of Republican leaders.


Biden's pushing of vaccine mandates on businesses...


...doesn't seem to be just vaccine peddling, but also the stacking of businesses with only Democratic-Party faithful who believe the Party line about Covid and the vaccines - and everything.

This is a lovely ruse to move towards 1-party rule, but if vaxx technology works as well as I think it does, once the vax-hires start collapsing one after the other, business continuity requirements might invert the mandate to its exact opposite. And then, how you un-vaxx yourself?

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