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Trudeau's Covid Election: Anticipating Vax Failure

A democratic Government's prime function is to protect the people. In response to the supposedly existential threat of Covid, the Government of Canada has staked its reputation on the Vax — masks, lockdowns and vax passports, the Government of Canada has declared, are necessary until we achieve fully vaxed status.

The problem for the Trudeau Government is that the data from Israel, the first mostly vaxed nation, are conclusive: The vax has failed. Yesterday's seven-day average daily case count for Israel was 7,947, almost exactly the same as the all-time January 17 peak (8,190), when only 3.7 percent of the population was fully vaxed.

At the same time, the media are now admitting that infection-based immunity is greatly superior to the immunity of the vaxed. And whereas vax-induced immunity fades within months, infection-based immunity likely persists for life.

So what now?