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Forget the Starving Children in Afghanistan and Intensify Anti-China Provocation

As the U.S.-Nato military alliance reluctantly acknowledged the catastrophe in Afghanistan and bungled its evacuation of desperate refugees trying to flee from the bigoted savages now ascendant in that shattered land, the journal Defense News published an interview with newly-appointed U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall who made it obvious that he is one of those Best and Brightest of the Pentagon who welcome the opportunity to forget Afghanistan and target China.

It is recorded that Kendall’s financial disclosure form indicated that in the period 2017-2021 he was employed by several defence and technology companies, in that “In addition to his work for Renaissance Strategic Advisors, for which he was paid $113,750, and Leidos, which paid him annual compensation of approximately $280,000 ($125,000 in cash and $155,000 in stock), Kendall was a paid board member of Leonardo Electronics U.S. and QuEST Defense, and he earned consulting fees of $702,319 (plus stock dividends) from Northrop Grumman and $12,575 from Mercury Systems…” In the 1990s he was also vice-president of engineering in the weapon’s manufacturing firm Raytheon which on July 1 signed a contract with the Air Force for some $2 billion “to develop and make a nuclear-armed cruise missile.”

Mr Kendall told Defense News that the Pentagon’s goal should be development of advanced technologies that “scare China” and declared “I’ve been obsessed, if you will, with China for quite a long time now — and its military modernization, what that implies for the U.S. and for security.” What it really implies is expansion of the U.S. military budget and vastly increased profits for such as Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin (which in 2020 was given U.S. government contracts worth $74.2 billion).