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Conflicts of Interest: Biden Puts Israel First

On COI #157, Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – returns to the show to discuss Biden’s Israel policy. Biden entered office with a prime opportunity to revive the Iran nuclear deal, but has instead caved to the demands of Tel Aviv. Now the deal is nearly dead and Israel is plotting more actions against Iran with US support. Returning to the deal could help Washington disengage from the Middle East, but Biden is sticking with an ‘Israel First’ policy.

In the occupied territories, the Palestinians continue to suffer under a brutal military regime. In recent weeks, Palestinians – including children – were gunned down and others had their homes destroyed by the Israeli forces. The behavior of the occupying forces is unsurprising as Human Rights Watch recently reported Israel likely committed war crimes by bombing apartment buildings in Gaza.

Connor updates recent news from Afghanistan. With the American exit, the Taliban now control nearly the entire country, including all of Kabul. While the militant Islamist movement is now the government of Afghanistan, the US is refusing to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate state. The US denying recognition to the new ‘Islamic Emirate’ could have negative consequences for ordinary Afghans.