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Facebook and Fake Political News Scandal; What You Need To Know

Facebook’s motto is to connect people; however, the event of 2016 has led us to believe otherwise. The election year in the United States is a highly divisive one with loyalties tested along party lines. In these highly bipartisan times, came a surge of fake news peddled from different social media avenues. These avenues were mostly social media platforms, and especially in focus was Facebook.

These divisions became amplifies since the tech giant came fist-bumping into the latest political news arena without any SOP’s or guidelines to curb the malaise of fake news. Facebook’s model relied on clickbait headlined news articles and viewers reach trumped integrity of the content found on the site. It quickly evolved into a giant cabal of lies, deceit, and propaganda served to the public along party lines.

As is evident by the subsequent confessions of a whistleblower from the company that caused the data breach in Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook was found complicit in this breach of user data. Cambridge Analytica, led by Alexander Kogan, developed an app by the name of “This is your digital life” by which they could harvest the data of Facebook users and sell it to the highest bidders.

The problems mounted up as was indicated by news outlets that this data had been used in a political campaign to spew fake latest political news target certain demographics. The first to take notice of this data breach was by a The Guardian newspaper journalist as early as December 2015. Subsequent hinting of this same phenomenon and the eventual rise of Donald Trump to the White House increased the hue and cry surrounding this data breach.

Many newspapers reported the same breach after 2015, but the matter gained real public outcry when a whistleblower and an ex-employee of the company came out in the open with the revealing facts. These were subsequently published in the UK and US’s top newspapers and dented Facebook’s market capitalization by a good measure. The two countries were also united in asking the CEO of Facebook, some tough questions as inquiries began.

Mark Zuckerberg, in his testimony in front of Congress, characterized the data breach a mistake. Facebook vowed to increase regulations on data privacy and to introduce rules to safeguard this data. Zuckerberg also vowed to stamp down on hate speech, fake news, and foreign interference in elections of other nations.

The use of data by Cambridge Analytica in the Trump campaign as well as the Brexit showdown caused some serious issues. Governments looked towards Facebook and other social media platforms with suspicions. These platforms so far, have been left to operate on their own. There are no external rules and regulations or checks to control the dissemination of information.

We live in a world where getting the latest political news on your fingertips is not the problem. It is the time of hybrid warfare which means blow your enemies by information or more correctly misinformation. Partisan groups have seized the moment and used these platforms to show their prowess in spreading chaos through lies and fake news.

The governments of top countries, including the United Nations, should come up with a comprehensive plan to curb the flow of this misinformation to avoid more chaos from spreading.


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