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Google My Business Post | All You Need to Know

The Google My Business Posts feature helps you collaborate with current and potential customers via your Google Search Business Profile and Maps via posts. You can create and share directly with your customer's updates, deals, new or popular products in stock, or event information.

Advantages of Google My Business Post

When clients have more access to your business information and news, they then make better choices while browsing.

It enables you to:

  • Communicate with your regular consumers directly.
  • Enhance customer experience with timely and accurate information.
  • Promote sales, offers, events, news, and deals for you.
  • Engage your customers via videos and photos.
  • How does it work?

    For the promotion of business profiles, posts often include text, photographs, or videos.

    They're visible for users by:

  • "Updates" or "Overview" tabs for the Business Profile on mobile Search and Maps depending on multiple signals.
  • "From the Owner" segment of your computer's Business Website on Search and Maps.
  • Note: When you attach photographs to your Business profile, they automatically appear as posts on your profile. Such posts cannot be edited and will only be shown to clients. If you delete a picture, it will not be displayed as a post anymore.

    Post Types

    Each post offers detailed information for your audience and allows you to add an action button to your post.

    What's New?

    Offer available details concerning your business. You can include a picture, a video, a synopsis, and an action button in your post.

    Google My Business also automatically recommends posts in specific countries; based on your 4- or 5-star customer ratings. When you log in to Google My Business or via email notifications, you will see these recommendations.


    Advertising an event at your business. Events include a title, dates for the start and end, and a time. If there are no start or end times, the device will set it to 24 hours on the date it is published. The posts can also incorporate a photo, video, description, and action. Events that fulfill the requirements may also show in the “Overview” tab of the Business Profile to make them more recognizable to users.


    It includes exclusive sales or the business's offers. Offers include a title as well as dates and times for the start and end. An action button for "View offer" is added automatically to the post. You can add a photo, video, summary, coupon code, links, and terms and conditions with the post. On Google Search and Maps, it offers a display near the top of the Business Profile. They also occur in the "Updates" tab with all other posts.


    To include products that appear in your "Product tab”, you can use product posts and handle the product entries in the Product Editor.

    Update Hour

    Customers who visit your Business Profile will find a message verifying your latest update when you update your hours or re-open your business. The update also generates a post that states that you've made changes in your hours. This post will display on the Updates tab of your profile on your mobile device. To provide more details about your changed hours, you may edit the post. Delete the associated post from Google My Business to remove the hourly update message and the post.