Sep 01 13:23

Pregnant American Woman Trapped In Afghanistan Brutally Kicked In Stomach By Taliban — Forced Into Hiding

A pregnant American woman from California was severely stomped and kicked in the stomach by Taliban terrorists and driven into hiding after being stranded in Afghanistan by President Biden.

The woman, who goes by the name ‘Nasria,’ was forced to flee to Kabul after being stopped by the Taliban at one of their checkpoints en route to the airport, where she was attempting to flee with her husband. After being prevented, she was repeatedly and violently kicked in the stomach in front of her husband.

Sep 01 13:14

Families Of Troops Killed In Afghanistan Tell Biden ‘I Hope You Burn In Hell’ Straight To His Face

Families of the 13 US Marines killed in Afghanistan didn’t hold back their contempt for Joe Biden and expressed their outrage to his face on Sunday.

“I hope you burn in hell!” one woman screamed across the airport runway to a surprised Biden. Mark Schmitz, the father of Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, 20, who was murdered in the suicide explosion at Kabul Airport, told the Washington Post, “That was my brother.”

Sep 01 13:05

Democrats Heartlessly BLOCK A Bill To Rescue Thousands of Americans Stranded in Afghanistan

The Democrats have now proven that they care little about Americans and are willing to let them die simply for cheap political wins.

On Tuesday, House Democrats blocked legislation that would have rescued thousands of Americans left in Afghanistan as a result of President Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal.

Sep 01 12:59

Bombshell Transcript Reveals Biden Had Pressured Afghan President to create ‘Perception’ Taliban Wasn’t Winning In July

A new report is out based on a newly disclosed transcript of a phone discussion between Biden and the former Afghan president in July, in which Biden pressed the former Afghan president to help change the narrative about how they were losing to the Taliban “whether it’s true or not”:

Sep 01 11:43

Biden left hundreds of US-funded journalists behind in Afghanistan

The Biden administration left behind in Afghanistan hundreds of US-sponsored journalists and their families in the chaotic withdrawal from the Taliban-controlled country.

Despite President Biden promising to get every journalist out, the reporters employed by the US Agency for Global Media were left stranded.

Fox News confirmed that Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) journalists were unable to get aboard the last flights from Afghanistan on Monday.

News of the journalists being left behind comes after national security adviser Jake Sullivan told CNN on Sunday that groups prioritized by the Biden administration had made it to evacuation planes.

Lawmakers had raised the alarm about the individuals affiliated with USAGM, an independent federal agency funded by Congress that oversees several news organizations, including Voice of America and RFE/RL.

Sep 01 10:21

Forever Wars: Just Days After Withdrawal, UK Ready to Bomb Afghanistan… Again

Now Britain is apparently at peace with the Taliban, attention has rapidly shifted to Afghan Taliban splinter group ‘ISIS-K’, which claimed responsibility for last week’s massive suicide bombing at Kabul airport.

The professional head of Britain’s Royal Air Force — the world’s first air force, founded in 1918 — has warned of the apparent inevitability of more civilian casualties to come with continuing Western airstrikes in Afghanistan as he vowed his force was ready to attack the nation again.

The comments, which come less than three days after Royal Air Force transport planes airlifted the final British military and government personnel out of Kabul come in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, where Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston outlined what his service could contribute to a new war in Afghanistan, this time against the Islamic State.

Sep 01 10:21

Watch: Blinken Touts ‘New Diplomatic Mission’ After Abandoning Afghan Allies to the Taliban

During his press conference on Monday following the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said America will now lead the region “with diplomacy,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Biden administration just abandoned hundreds if not thousands of Afghan allies to the Taliban.

On Monday, the Biden administration completed its evacuation of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, leaving the country under the complete control of the Taliban while an unknown number of Americans and Afghan allies remain stranded in the region.

Echoing the words of Gen. McKenzie, Blinken announced that the next mission in Afghanistan will be one of diplomacy despite the fact that the U.S. has no diplomatic presence in the region and has left its few remaining allies to fend for themselves:

Sep 01 10:20

21 Times Joe Biden Promised to Leave ‘No One Behind’

President Joe Biden ordered a hasty, chaotic, and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving hundreds of Americans stranded there on August 31. Ironically, Biden had promised — repeatedly — to leave “no one behind” there, or anywhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 10:19

Exclusive—Michael Savage: Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Is ‘Terror’s Greatest Victory in My Lifetime’

Conservative radio legend and New York Times best-selling author Michael Savage offered his insights on President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Monday.

Sep 01 08:15

Britain confirms it did NOT leave any service dogs behind as soldiers evacuated Kabul after US military abandoned dozens of K-9s

All eight of Britain's military working dogs in Afghanistan have been returned to the UK by the armed forces during the evacuation from Kabul with none left behind, MailOnline can reveal today.

The animals will all now continue as military service dogs in the UK - and none were left behind, a source said.

The UK's approach is in contrast to that of America, which has abandoned dozens of contracted working dogs in Afghanistan along with up to 200 civilians and military equipment, according to an animal charity.

Sep 01 08:11

Japan Planned to Evacuate 500 From Afghanistan. It Evacuated 1

Japan is unlikely to be able to evacuate several hundred Afghans who assisted at Tokyo’s embassy in Kabul, and with a number of Japanese NGOs, ahead of Taliban’s Tuesday deadline for foreign forces to leave the country.

The Japanese government has been criticised for failing to act more swiftly when it became clear the Taliban was sweeping into the Afghan capital, and that the United States and other nations would be withdrawing their troops.

Analysts also said it was shocking that more was not being done to rescue people who had served Japanese interests faithfully for many years, along with their families, or to assist the tens of thousands of people looking to escape the country.

Some observers said the delay in sending evacuation aircraft was due to debate in Tokyo as to what the Japanese military could do overseas under the terms of its constitution. [Which did not prevent them from taking part in occupation of Iraq in a “reconstruction” capacity.]

Sep 01 08:11

350 Americans Still in Afghanistan, State Department Says

The U.S. State Department has been in touch with around 350 “self-identified” Americans who still wish to be evacuated from Afghanistan ahead of Tuesday’s red line deadline to leave the country. Of those, many are “nearly or already out of the country” an official told NBC News. But a further 280 Americans in Afghanistan on the State Department roster say they do not plan to leave after the last U.S. flight out of Kabul. It is unclear what happens if they change their mind or if the U.S. will have any capability to continue evacuations once the Taliban take full control of the Kabul airport.

Sep 01 07:13

Always Another War

Afghanistan is not exactly history quite yet as there still will be a lot final adjustments on the ground as well as the usual Vietnam-syndrome war of words that inevitably follows on yet another American-engineered foreign catastrophe. But the recriminations will go nowhere as there is certainly enough mud to stick on both major political parties that make Washington their home, and neither wants to be embarrassed to such an extent that anyone will actually demand change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 06:42

China Insists The US "Pay Its Share" In Afghan Reconstruction While "Reflecting On Failure"

China is pledging support to the Taliban government now in charge of Afghanistan for reconstruction of the country, but is continuing to add insult to injury in the wake of the disastrous US evacuation and pullout from Kabul of the last two weeks.

"China has pledged to help reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan after American troops have completely withdrawn, but demands that Washington also pay its share," The South China Morning Post writes in a Tuesday report. China's foreign ministry went so far as to demand that Washington "reflect on its failure" after closing down its longest running war in history.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin issued scathing criticism during a press briefing Tuesday, saying the United States' starting the war in Afghanistan in the first place is ultimately "the reason for public livelihood and economic difficulty in the nation."

Sep 01 06:41

24 Students, 3-Year-Old California Boy Among Americans Stranded In Afghanistan

If the Biden administration's estimate of 'close to 100' people stranded in Afghanistan is even remotely accurate, around 25% of them are students, along with a three-year-old boy from Sacramento, California.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, San Juan Unified school district staff confirmed that 24 students are stranded in Afghanistan.

"Our office has been in close contact with the San Juan Unified School District, and have urgently flagged the students’ information with the State Department and Department of Defense," said staffers from Sacramento Congressman Ami Bera's office, adding "We have not received an update from the State Department or the DOD."

It’s unclear when more Sacramento-area residents will board flights to return from Kabul. It’s been more than two weeks since Taliban leaders took control of country’s capital.

Sep 01 06:35


President Biden in June waived a congressional mandate that would have required the Pentagon to provide members of Congress with a detailed report about the risks of leaving Afghanistan.

The Biden administration under the federal statute was barred from reducing troops in Afghanistan to less than 2,000 without first briefing Congress about the expected impact on U.S. counterterrorism operations and the risk to American personnel.

However, Biden waived the mandate, arguing that providing this information to Congress could undermine "the national security interests of the United States," according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The administration reportedly assured Congress for months that U.S.-trained Afghan forces could forestall a Taliban takeover when U.S. troops left. However, the Taliban overran the Afghan National Army and took control of Kabul on Aug. 15, as the last troops were leaving, resulting in the chaotic and deadly evacuation of U.S. personnel and allies.

Sep 01 06:21


Over the past two weeks, the world has looked on in ominous horror at emotive scenes of Afghans desperately clinging to departing US warplanes in a bid to escape incoming Taliban rule, as the Washington-led occupation of the Middle Eastern nation draws to a close after 20 years; a situation exacerbated even further by Thursday’s suicide attack on Kabul airport, resulting in the deaths of 169 Afghan civilians and 13 members of US occupation forces, and subsequently claimed by the hitherto little-known ISIS-K (Khorasan) group, the Afghanistan branch of the wider Salafist network based mainly in Iraq and Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I agree with those who say Harris should be impeached as well, but the Democratic majority in Congress won't allow it. They don't care what the voters think anymore because they have become masters of stolen elections!

Sep 01 06:18

‘We are Not Done With You Yet,’ Biden Threatens More Airstrikes Against ISIS-K in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, President Biden delivered a speech on the Afghanistan withdrawal that was completed on Monday and threatened more airstrikes against the country’s ISIS affiliate, known as ISIS-K.

Since the US closed down its major bases in Afghanistan, it has been flying airstrikes from outside of the country, what the Pentagon is calling “over the horizon capabilities.”

“We have what’s called over the horizon capabilities, which means we can strike terrorists and targets without American boots on the ground, or very few if needed. We’ve shown that capacity just in the last week. We struck ISIS-K remotely,” Biden said. “And to ISIS-K, we are not done with you yet.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I'm not done with you yet!" -- Captain E.J. Smith right after the Titanic was killed by the iceburg.

Sep 01 06:17

Biden Cites ‘Serious Competition With China’ as a Reason to Leave Afghanistan

Defending his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan on Tuesday, President Biden said the “world is changing” and that the US is now “engaged in a serious competition with China.”

Since coming into office, President Biden has frequently framed China as an ideological competitor, and his Pentagon has identified Beijing as the top “pacing threat” facing the US military.

While the priority appears to be China, the US is also focused on confronting Russia. This reflects the 2018 National Defense Strategy, which outlined the shift away from “counterterrorism” towards so-called “great power competition” with China and Russia. Biden said the US was facing “challenges” from Russia on “multiple fronts.”

“There’s nothing China or Russia would rather have, would want more in this competition than the United States to be bogged down another decade in Afghanistan,” Biden said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Want to compete with China? BRING BACK MANUFACTURING!!!

Sep 01 06:14

Barely Out of Afghanistan, Now America Is Supposed To Save Tigray From Ethiopia and Eritrea?

To most Americans the collapse of Afghanistan called into question Washington’s ability to manage the world. After devoting 20 years, thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars to creating a stable, democratic, and liberal Afghanistan, the entire Potemkin structure collapsed in 11 days.

Hundreds of thousands fled as the Taliban successively captured provincial capitals. Tens of thousands thronged the Kabul airport in a desperate effort to escape the newly proclaimed Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. If only a few of them had joined the security forces that were supposed to sustain their country, instead of leaving the fight to those who decided the regime was not worth defending, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

Sep 01 06:13

Afghanistan Collapse Reveals Beltway Media’s Loyalty to Permanent War State

In the wake of a remarkably successful Taliban offensive capped by the takeover of Kabul, the responses of corporate media provided what may have been the most dramatic demonstration ever of its fealty to the Pentagon and military leadership. The media did so by mounting a full-throated political attack on President Joe Biden’s final withdrawal from Afghanistan and a defense of the military’s desire for an indefinite presence in the country.

Biden’s failure to establish a plan for evacuating tens of thousands of Afghans seeking to the flee the new Taliban regime made him a soft target for the Beltway media’s furious assault. However, it was Biden’s refusal last Spring to keep 4,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan on an indefinite basis – flouting an aggressive Pentagon lobbying campaign – that initially triggered the rage of the military brass.

Sep 01 06:03

Always Another War: America and Israel Together Against Iran

Afghanistan is not exactly history quite yet as there still will be a lot final adjustments on the ground as well as the usual Vietnam-syndrome war of words that inevitably follows on yet another American-engineered foreign catastrophe. But the recriminations will go nowhere as there is certainly enough mud to stick on both major political parties that make Washington their home, and neither wants to be embarrassed to such an extent that anyone will actually demand change.

Sep 01 06:00

Exodus: Biblical scene as thousands flee Taliban-held Afghanistan walking miles through the desert across the Pakistani border and into Iran

Remarkable footage shows the truly epic scale of the exodus of Afghans fleeing their country to head west.

The almost-biblical scenes of the mass migration across the desert where the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran all meet shows an endless river of people flowing between the mountains.

And for British politicians concerned about an influx of migrants to Europe, these images will confirm their worst fears.

Sep 01 06:00

As Biden repeats claim that ‘nobody could have known’ Afghan Army would collapse, bombshell transcript from July reveals he pressured Afghan President Ghani to create 'perception' Taliban wasn't winning ‘WHETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT’

President Joe Biden wanted the now-departed Afghan president to create the 'perception' that his government was capable of holding off the Taliban - an indication he knew it was only a matter of time before the US ally fell to the Islamic group even while reassuring Americans at home that it would not happen.

In the last phone call between Biden and his Afghan then-counterpart Ashraf Ghani, the American president said they needed to change perceptions of the Taliban's rapid advance 'whether it is true or not,' according to excerpts published on Tuesday.

The call took place on July 23 - weeks before the fall of Kabul - but Biden on Tuesday repeated his assertion that his team was caught flat-footed by the rapid Taliban takeover of the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 05:57

‘BURN IN HELL’: Families of slain troops RAGE at Biden as Facebook suspends grieving mother after angry posts aimed at president

Several parents of the US Marines killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul have vented their anger at President Joe Biden, with Facebook intervening to censor one mother’s rant.
Biden traveled to Dover Air Force Base in his home state of Delaware on Sunday to pay respect to the 13 slain American service members arriving back from Afghanistan in flag-draped coffins. The reception from some parents, however, was hostile.

The meeting “didn’t go well,” Mark Schmitz, father of 20-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday. Biden “talked a bit more about his own son than he did my son, and that didn't sit well with me,” Schmitz added, referring to Biden's well-reported habit of bringing up his own late son while empathizing with the families of fallen veterans.

Sep 01 05:53

Is the defeat in Afghanistan aimed at embarrassing Russia and China?

The mainstream media are divided between two ways of interpreting the fall of Kabul. For some, the Democrats are cowards and the departure from Afghanistan discourages the allies. For others, they have played well and placed a thorn in the side of the Russians and the Chinese. These two views correspond to the traditional paradigm of the American Empire. But for Thierry Meyssan, Washington is, since September 11, 2001, in the hands of the followers of the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine. The United States is now behaving like a racketeer. The chaos will continue in Afghanistan for a long time. Russian, Chinese and European companies who wish to do so will be able to mine in Afghanistan, but only if they entrust their security to the US forces. Those who refuse this protection will be eliminated.

Sep 01 05:49

‘Over-the-horizon’ is just the newest buzz phrase for American incompetence – as proven by recent drone strikes in Afghanistan

Following the Kabul airport attack, the US military conducted two “over-the-horizon” air strikes against suspected ISIS-K targets. The results inspire zero confidence in the efficacy of this approach toward counterterrorism.
The August 26 suicide bombing outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in the Afghan capital killed more than 150 people, including 13 American troops. The Islamic State-Khorasan, or ISIS-K, claimed responsibility for the attack.

That night, in a televised address to the American people, President Joe Biden declared “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” adding that the US “will respond with force and precision at our time, where we choose and when we choose.”

Sep 01 05:46

Watch: Boebert Calls to Impeach Biden, Harris, and Sec. of State Blinken ‘if You Can Get Him Back from Vacation’

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) delivered a blistering speech Tuesday in which she called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the disastrous U.S. exit from Afghanistan.

Boebert spoke alongside fellow members of the House Freedom Caucus at a press conference aimed at demanding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) call Congress back from recess to vote on impeachment and resignation resolutions.

“It is time for action,” Boebert said. “Impeach Biden, impeach Kamala Harris, and throw in the secretary of state if you can get him back from vacation,” she added in reference to the Washington Post timeline that revealed Blinken was away at the Hamptons the Friday before Afghanistan’s government collapsed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government may decide they can tamp down the public outrage over the stolen election by sacking Biden and Harris!

Sep 01 05:15

Pollak: We Heard About Khizr Khan for Years, but Biden’s the One Who Insults Gold Star Families

Several Gold Star families have expressed how furious they were with President Joe Biden at the dignified transfer of the remains of 13 service members on Sunday.

Not only did many feel his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan led to their loved ones’ deaths, but they also noted that Biden seemed aloof, and self-absorbed, repeating stories about the loss of his own son from brain cancer, or — shockingly — checking his watch, as if he could not wait for these encounters to end.

Bidens appalling treatment of families whose loved ones had just died in the service of the country — and on a mission that would not have been necessary had he managed the withdrawal competently– stands in stark contrast to how President Donald Trump comforted the families of the fallen.

Sep 01 05:12

Afghan interpreter who ‘helped save Biden’ in 2008 pleads for rescue after being left behind

The Afghan interpreter who helped retrieve then-senator Joe Biden from the mountains of Afghanistan in 2008 has been left behind after the US withdrew from Kabul, and is reportedly now begging the White House to be rescued.

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,” the Wall Street Journal quoted the man, whose name was given only as Mohammed, in an exclusive report on Tuesday. “Don’t forget me here.”

Now 36, Mohammed was the interpreter for the 82nd Airborne force that was deployed from Bagram Air Field to rescue Biden and his colleagues John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) in February 2008, when their helicopter made an emergency landing in Afghanistan during a bad snowstorm.

Sep 01 05:11

Taliban Celebrates NATO's Departure by Parading US, UK, French Flag-Draped Coffins in Main Cities

The insurgent group had seized all but few of the country's regions by 15 August, when the capital Kabul fell without a fight. But the last American servicemen only left the country on 30 August, thereby concluding the NATO withdrawal.

Taliban* fighters and those who support them took to the streets of several Afghan cities to celebrate the departure of the NATO troops just a week after many of these places witnessed protests against the insurgents' control.

Sep 01 05:11

Biden Cites ‘Serious Competition With China’ as a Reason to Leave Afghanistan

Defending his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan on Tuesday, President Biden said the “world is changing” and that the US is now “engaged in a serious competition with China.”

Since coming into office, President Biden has frequently framed China as an ideological competitor, and his Pentagon has identified Beijing as the top “pacing threat” facing the US military.

While the priority appears to be China, the US is also focused on confronting Russia. This reflects the 2018 National Defense Strategy, which outlined the shift away from “counterterrorism” towards so-called “great power competition” with China and Russia. Biden said the US was facing “challenges” from Russia on “multiple fronts.”

“There’s nothing China or Russia would rather have, would want more in this competition than the United States to be bogged down another decade in Afghanistan,” Biden said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Joe...

Sep 01 05:10

EU Backs Helping Afghanistan's Neighbors Cope With Refugees

European Union justice and home affairs ministers pledged Tuesday to support Afghanistan's neighbors to help them host people fleeing the new Taliban regime and prevent a new wave of migrants heading to Europe.

In a closing statement following a meeting in Brussels, the ministers said the EU and its 27 nations “stand determined to act jointly to prevent the recurrence of uncontrolled large-scale illegal migration movements faced in the past, by preparing a coordinated and orderly response.”

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson said there has not been a big exodus of Afghans out of the war-torn country so far but insisted there is a huge risk of a humanitarian crisis “if the Taliban turns out to be the same Taliban that we have seen in the past."

Johansson added that the EU is “quite far from recognizing the Taliban regime."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 01 05:04

'Where Is Nancy Pelosi?': Jim Banks Calls Out Dems For Not Evacuating All Americans From Afghanistan

Sep 01 05:04

Dan Crenshaw: 'There's Gonna Be A Reckoning' After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Sep 01 05:03

GOP Lawmaker Issues 'Dare' To Pelosi Over Afghanistan

Sep 01 05:03

'You Need To Do Your Jobs': GOP Rep Says Busloads Are Stuck In Afghanistan Because Of Bureaucracy

Sep 01 05:01

Taliban and UK officials open talks over allowing people to leave Afghanistan

UK officials and the Taliban are in talks over how to secure “safe passage” out of Afghanistan for British nationals and Afghan allies.

Downing Street confirmed Sir Simon Gass, the Prime Minister’s special representative for Afghan transition, has travelled to Qatar and is meeting with “senior Taliban representatives” to stress the importance of allowing people to leave Afghanistan.

The news emerged as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) announced 15 crisis response specialists are being deployed to Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to assist British diplomats in their work to allow people to escape Afghanistan over land borders and reach the UK.

The officials are expected to arrive within the next 48 hours, with the focus on helping UK nationals, interpreters and other Afghans who were employed by the UK, and those Afghans judged most at risk.

Sep 01 04:59

Tucker: White House arming the Taliban as it disarms Americans

Sep 01 04:58

Retired military officials demand resignations from Austin, Milley

Sep 01 04:44

View of Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Crossing as Afghans Trying to Flee After Taliban Takeover

In July, the Taliban* claimed they captured a crossing connecting the Spin Boldak district to the Chaman sector in Pakistan, a strategically important link in cross-border trade with its neighbour.

Sputnik is live from the Chaman border crossing, as people have gathered near checkpoints in order to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in the country. Along with the Tokham crossing near Peshawar, Chaman is one of the main trade routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan has reportedly ramped up security at the site, making the process of crossing the border more stringent.

Follow Sputnik's live feed to find out more!

Sep 01 04:37

Biden Declares End To 'Forever Wars' In Afghan Exit

President Joe Biden made a forceful defense Tuesday of his "wise" decision to leave Afghanistan, telling Americans he refuses to send another generation to fight in a "forever war."

The traumatic departure from Afghanistan, completed Monday after 20 years of war against the Taliban, was "a wise decision and the best decision for America," Biden said in an address to the nation.

After coming under fire from Republican opponents over the chaotic nature of the rush to the exits in Afghanistan, Biden said he did what should have been done years ago.

"I was not going to extend this forever war and I was not extending a forever exit," he said.

The evacuation, he said, was an "extraordinary success."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's like when the government described Marines dangling under a helicopter over Saigon as an "Orderly withdrawal!"

Aug 31 14:52

Trump Calls For Reinvading Afghanistan to Save Our 'Equipment'

Donald Trump on Monday suggested reinvading Afghanistan "with unequivocal military force" to save our abandoned Black Hawk helicopters and Humvees from the Taliban.

Aug 31 13:22

Biden's latest speech on Afghanistan is delayed by over 4 hours

President Biden's remarks on Afghanistan were pushed back a second time Tuesday afternoon until 4:30 p.m. ET, more than a four-hour delay from the original 12 p.m. ET start time.

Aug 31 11:21

Hirono: Some Americans ‘Will Not Be Able to Get out’ of Afghanistan in Time, Admin. Promised ‘More Information’ on How They’ll Get out

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated that there will be Americans in Afghanistan “who will not be able to get out in time.” And Secretary of State Tony Blinken has promised “he will give us more information” on how Americans who are in the country after August 31 will be able to get out.

Hirono said that Blinken told her at one of the briefings the Senate had “that our goal of getting as many U.S. — the rest of the U.S. citizens, as well as our Afghan partners and their families and Afghans at risk out of Afghanistan does not end on August 31. So, we will continue to use everything in our means in order to enable these people to get out.”

Host Kate Bolduan later asked, “Are you, at this moment, kind of working under the impression that Americans who want to get out, there are some that are not going to be able to get out in time?”

Aug 31 11:06


Aug 31 10:54

Did Biden Just Hand Terrorists a Free Pass Into The U.S.?

A former FBI special agent who tracked counterterrorism cases warned that terrorists in Afghanistan stand a high chance of being able to walk right onto the U.S.-bound planes as a result of the Biden administration's dissemination of blank visa papers.

“The threat of having Islamic State or al Qaeda come into the country is not increased through the southwest border,” warned Kenneth Gray, a senior lecturer in the Fire Science and Emergency Management Department at the University of New Haven in Connecticut.

“It’s the entry of al Qaeda and Islamic State in the groups of refugees that are being taken out of Afghanistan and possibly to the United States because of the lack of vetting procedures that would normally go on to expedite getting all of these people out of Afghanistan," he stressed.

Aug 31 10:51

Been hearing from friends on active duty.

Total loss of confidence in top brass.

“I think after this whole incident I’m just gonna spend the rest of my time at [redacted] and get out”

“Don’t have it in me to commit to these fucking people’s leadership and guidance”

Aug 31 10:44

Poland to introduce state of emergency to stop migrant flows

The Polish government has asked the president to introduce a state of emergency in parts of two regions next to the border with Belarus, the prime minister said today, as the country faces a spike in illegal border crossings, Reuters reports.

The state of emergency will last for 30 days, Mateusz Morawiecki said.

Poland — like Lithuania — has seen a surge of migrants arriving across its border with Belarus in recent weeks. The government in Warsaw accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of sending migrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere across the border in a "hybrid war" to create instability in the 27-nation EU. The borders that Lithuania and Poland have with Belarus form part of the EU's eastern border, according to Euronews.

Poland has begun building a barbed-wire fence along the border.

Aug 31 10:35

The I-word looms: McCarthy faces internal pressure to go harder at Biden on Afghanistan

As hard as Kevin McCarthy has hammered the White House over the chaotic and deadly U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, he’s under rising pressure from his right to go further.

The House minority leader has repeatedly pushed back on rank-and-file Republicans who want to make a high-stakes call for impeaching Biden over his handling of Afghanistan — a vow that would come due should the GOP take back the chamber next November. But multiple House Republican sources said that even before Tuesday’s fraught end to the U.S. military mission, their offices were being bombarded with calls from base voters for a future Biden impeachment or another more forceful response against the administration.

Aug 31 10:29

Trump says Taliban should return US equipment or pay for it

Former US President Donald Trump says Taliban should return the equipment it has confiscated from Americans in Afghanistan or pay for it.

The Republican president, whose administration clinched a deal with Taliban last year, has joined the garage of criticism towards President Joe Biden, who is blamed for the chaotic withdrawal of American forces and takeover of Afghanistan by the group.

"Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost," Trump said in a statement.

Aug 31 10:12

Trump Has An Idea For The $85 Billion In Weapons Biden Left For The Taliban

Donald Trump has an idea for how to deal with the $85 billion worth of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan that has fallen into Taliban hands.

First, demand that every piece be returned – and, if they don’t, “bomb the hell out of it.”

“All equipment should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost,” Trump said.

The former President also provided a suggestion as to what America should do if the Taliban fails to return the equipment.

“If it is not handed back,” he writes, “We should either go in with unequivocal Military force and get it or at least bomb the hell out of it.”

Aug 31 10:04

Mom of slain Marine protests as Facebook temporarily removes her Instagram

The mother of a Marine killed in the suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, last week had her account removed from Instagram and “incorrectly deleted” from Facebook following her fierce criticism of President Biden in the wake of her son’s death.

Shana Chappell, the mother of Kareem Nikoui, 20, took to Facebook on Monday to slam Instagram for removing her account after she started posting about what happened to her son and her belief that Biden is to blame.

Chappell claimed the social media platform started to flag several of her “posts from months ago,” and began to send her warnings that she could have her account disabled.

Aug 31 05:37

90 Retired Generals & Admirals Call for Immediate Resignation of Gen. Milley & Def Sec. Austin

Nearly 90 retired generals and admirals signed a letter demanding the immediate resignations of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin over their roles in the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The retired Flag Officers signing this letter are calling for the resignation and retirement of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) based on negligence in performing their duties primarily involving events surrounding the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the letter states.

“The hasty retreat has left initial estimates at ~15,000 Americans stranded in dangerous areas controlled by a brutal enemy along with ~25,000 Afghan citizens who supported American forces.”

The letter claimed resignations from Milley and Austin were the only proper responses to a hasty and dangerous withdrawal operation.

Aug 31 05:27

China, our ‘great neighbour’, will help Afghanistan forge peace: Taliban

The Taliban hopes to work with China to forge peace in Afghanistan and will make good on its pledge to keep the country from being a staging ground for terrorists, its spokesman Suhail Shaheen has told This Week in Asia.

“We are ready to exchange views with China on how to forge ahead in terms of boosting our mutual relations, establishing peace in the region, and its assistance in the reconstruction of Afghanistan,” said Suhail.

Suhail’s comments on Monday came on the eve of the August 31 deadline for US forces to leave Afghanistan after 20 years and just days after an Islamic State suicide bombing killed at least 92 people, including 13 US military personnel.

Aug 31 05:26

Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End

Sunday’s news reports that the Biden Administration mistakenly killed nine members of one Afghan family, including six children, in “retaliation” for last week’s suicide attack which killed 13 US servicemembers, is a sad and sick epitaph on the 20 year Afghanistan war.

Promising to “get tough” on ISIS, which suddenly re-emerged to take responsibility for the suicide attack, the most expensive military and intelligence apparatus on earth appears to have gotten it wrong. Again.

Interventionists love to pretend they care about girls and women in Afghanistan, but it is in reality a desperate attempt to continue the 20-year US occupation. If we leave, they say, girls and women will be discriminated against by the Taliban.

It’s hard to imagine a discrimination worse than being incinerated by a drone strike, but these “collateral damage” attacks over the past 20 years have killed scores of civilians. Just like on Sunday.

Aug 31 05:24

Looser rules, more civilian deaths, a Taliban takeover: Inside America’s failed Afghan drone campaign

An investigation by Connecting Vets reveals how a loosening of the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan during the Trump administration designed to put pressure on the Taliban resulted in far more civilian casualties. The following article is based on over two dozen interviews with drone pilots, military lawyers, Air Force Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), as well as journal entries and footage from drones in 2019 obtained by Connecting Vets.

In the skies above Helmand, Afghanistan, an unblinking eye watched as an Afghan man wearing blue sat by a creek, propped up against a tree speaking into a two-way radio. For years, the Taliban had been destroying cell phone towers in the region, forcing locals to communicate with handheld radios.

It wasn't unusual to own one, but finding the man down by the creek with a two-way radio was considered to be a big win by the U.S. military strike cell watching from above.

Aug 31 05:23

Fear and anticipation on the streets of Kabul as Afghans adapt to Taliban rule

The woman had never seen a Taliban fighter before. An artist and former social media influencer based here in the Afghan capital, she had spent most of her adult life in the city’s liberal circles. Taliban rule felt foreign and frightening.

The city’s swift fall to the militants this month was “terrifying,” she said, and she spent days locked inside her apartment. She feared a knock on the door and a swift death sentence.

When it didn’t come, she ventured downstairs. In place of the guards who ordinarily sat outside her building were Taliban fighters. She froze — but then said hello.

“I was shocked: They were respectful,” she said. They exchanged pleasantries. “It made me think: Maybe these people are not who we thought they were.”

Aug 31 05:22

Factbox: Evacuations From Afghanistan by Country

The United States and allies are hurrying to evacuate as many people from Afghanistan as possible before an Aug. 31 deadline. The combined effort has evacuated more than 114,000 people since Aug. 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul, the White House has said.

Here are some more details of the evacuation effort by country:

Aug 31 05:22

‘Hundreds’ of Americans Still in Afghanistan After Last Military Flight: CENTCOM

The Pentagon has admitted that “hundreds” of Americans seeking evacuation have been left in Afghanistan, after the last U.S. military plane departed Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai International Airport a few hours before dawn.

In announcing that the United States has officially ended its military presence in Afghanistan, hours before President Joe Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) head Gen. Frank McKenzie said that there are still Americans who remain in Afghanistan “in the low hundreds.”

He made the remarks during a televised address in response to a reporter’s question, adding that the military and State Department will work to evacuate those individuals.

“There’s a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” said McKenzie, adding that it is a “tough situation.”

Aug 31 05:20

Taliban Cuts Telecom Service to Panjshir: Locals

Local residents in Panjsir province, the only province that has not fallen to the Taliban, say that the Taliban has cut telecommunication networks in the province.

Panjshir residents say that the lack of phone and internet networks is causing serious challenges.

“They have cut off telecommunication services in Panjshir for the last two days. Panjshir people are facing challenges in this regard and cannot get in touch with their relatives living in other parts of the country,” said Gul Haidar, a Panjshir resident.

Mustafa, a Kabul resident, says that his relatives and friends live in Panjshir but he cannot contact them. “All my relatives and friends are in Panjshir. Unfortunately, on one hand the road to Panjshir is closed and on the other hand the communication networks are not working,” he said.

Aug 31 05:19

France, Britain to Propose ‘Safe Zone’ in Kabul at UNSC Meeting

France and Britain are expected to propose a resolution for the establishment of a safe zone in Kabul at an emergency meeting on Afghanistan of the United Nations Security Council which will be held on Monday.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said the proposal for the creation of a safe zone is aimed to allow humanitarian assistance and safe passage for people trying to leave Afghanistan.

According to Macron, the safe zone will operate under the oversight of the United Nations.

“It can mobilize the whole international community, and it also puts pressure on the Taliban,” Macron said.

The Taliban has responded to France and Britain, saying the creation of a safe zone in Kabul is unnecessary.

“When you create a safe zone in a time of peace, it means the country is not secure. In the past, around 300 to 400 people were killed daily, but today no one is being killed in the entire country,” said Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander.

Aug 31 05:18

Will China’s demands on US block cooperation on Afghanistan?

Cooperation between China and the US on Afghanistan and moves to improve ties between Beijing and Washington may be complicated by Beijing’s list of demands on Washington, analysts say.

In a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the United States to “stop blindly smearing and attacking China” and to repair relations between the two countries, the Chinese foreign ministry said.

“The Chinese side will consider how to engage with the United States based on its attitude towards China,” Wang was quoted as saying. “The US side should take seriously the two lists China has put forward to the United States, as well as the three basic demands as bottom lines that China firmly upholds.”

Aug 31 05:18

Military Contractor CACI Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Hurting Its Profits. It’s Funding a Pro-War Think Tank.

On August 12, the military contractor CACI International Inc. told its investors that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is hurting its profits. The same contractor is also funding a think tank that is concurrently arguing against the withdrawal. This case is worth examining both because it is routine, and because it highlights the venality of our ?“expert”-military contractor feedback loop, in which private companies use think tanks to rally support for wars they’ll profit from.

The contractor is notorious to those who have followed the scandal of U.S.-led torture in Iraq. CACI International was sued by three Iraqis formerly detained in Abu Ghraib prison who charge that the company’s employees are responsible for directing their torture, including sexual assault and electric shocks. (The suit was brought in 2008 and the case is still ongoing.)

Aug 31 05:14

Taliban Victory May Strengthen Pakistan in Dispute for Kashmir

In recent weeks, several debates have been held about Afghanistan. The security crisis, the rise of the Taliban and the defeat of the US are issues that have caught the attention of experts. However, some aspects have been ignored, such as the effects of the Afghan crisis in other parts of the Asian continent. In New Delhi, the government has been increasingly concerned about the possibility of escalating violence and tensions in the Kashmir region, considering that the Taliban and Pakistan could act together against Indian interests in the disputed territories.

Aug 31 05:13

U.S. officials prep cargo building at JFK Airport to process, house Afghan refugees: sources

A cargo building at JFK Airport on Monday was converted into a processing center for refugees fleeing Afghanistan — and many may end up temporarily living in the building, sources told the Daily News.

The airport’s massive Building 87, which normally houses cargo operations and is where Port Authority K-9 cops train with their dogs, will be the first glimpse of America for many of the Afghans arriving at the international airport after fleeing the Taliban in the wake of its takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the U.S. military there.

Aug 31 05:12

LEAKED INTEL: Pentagon Knew IN ADVANCE Specifics of Kabul Airport Attack at Abbey Gate that Killed 13 Servicemen and Women — Did Nothing

Now we know.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chief’s Chariman Mark Milley, and CentCom Commander General Kenneth McKenzie all knew about the Kabul Airport terrorist bombing hours in advance at the Abbey Gate.

The top US Military leaders knew that the Abbey Gate Soldiers were at the greatest risk.

Aug 31 05:12

The fatal failure of Gen. Mark A. Milley over closing Bagram Air Base

Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, must go.

President Biden claims that the military advised him to close Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and instead use Kabul’s airport to evacuate Americans. They were the ones who said the Afghan army would hold, that the pullout would go smoothly.

If Biden is telling the truth, this disaster is on Milley’s watch. Or Biden is lying (the more likely scenario, based on what sources inside the administration are saying) and Milley failed to do his duty and push back against a commander-in-chief who is making deadly decisions. Either way, he is derelict in his duty — and must either take responsibility for what went wrong or tell Americans the truth about their president.

Aug 31 05:03

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Talk to the Taliban? Don't waste your breath... whichever way you cut it, this was a humiliating defeat for the NATO alliance. Militarily, the game is up

The last American troops are on their way home, confirming that the war in Afghanistan is all over bar the shouting.

Whichever way you cut it, this was a humiliating defeat for the U.S.-led NATO alliance, Britain included.

Militarily, the game's up.

Yet the shouting goes on, as Western politicians try to salvage some face from the rubble.

Last night, an emergency session of the G7 was taking place, wondering how the West can still put pressure on the Taliban.

Incredibly, Boris Johnson has dangled the possibility of establishing formal diplomatic relations with the new regime in Kabul.

There's even talk of unfreezing billions of dollars in seized Afghan assets and increasing foreign aid in exchange for the Taliban guaranteeing safe passage to all those who want to leave.

Aug 31 04:52

Video Allegedly Shows Bin Laden's Security Chief Returning to Afghanistan Hours Before US Troop Exit

Under the 2020 US-Taliban* peace deal, the militant group pledged that they would not "allow any of its members, other individuals, or groups, including al-Qaeda*, to use the soil of Afghanistan to threaten the security of the United States and its allies".

Amin ul-Haq, a former security chief of slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden reportedly reemerged in Afghanistan hours before the completion of the US troop withdrawal from the nation.

A video surfaced on Monday purportedly showing Amin ul-Haq, a top al-Qaeda arms supplier, returning to his hometown in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province. Neither the Pentagon nor the State Department has commented on the matter yet.

Aug 31 04:51

Watch Taliban Fighters Flaunt US Uniforms as They Celebrate Troop Pullout at Kabul Airport - Reports

Media reported earlier that the airport in Kabul had come under the full control of the Taliban* just after US CENTCOM announced that the withdrawal of American forces from the country was complete, putting an end to an almost 20-year-long war.

Taliban fighters were seen celebrating the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, a Los Angeles Times reporter tweeted late Monday, generously sharing pictures of the events.

In the photos, the militants were seen flaunting US-made weapons while in American uniforms after the last US flight took off from the airport. Gunfire and cheers were also reported.

Aug 31 04:51

China Says US Pullout From Afghanistan Shows Military Interventions Are Doomed to Fail

Washington earlier said it was disappointed by Russia and China's abstentions during a UN Security Council vote on a resolution calling on the Taliban* to ensure a safe departure from Afghanistan.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan shows that military interventions as well as a policy of imposing one's values are doomed to fail.

"The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan indicates that arbitrary military intervention in other countries, as well as the policy of imposing their own values and social system on other states, are doomed to failure", Chinese diplomat Wang Wenbin said at a briefing of China's Foreign Ministry.

Aug 31 04:50

'A Mark of the Taliban': Western-Allied Afghans Reportedly Receive 'Surrender or Die Night Letters'

Earlier in August, the Taliban* pledged they wouldn't seek revenge against government officials or those Afghan soldiers the militant group has fought over the past two decades.

Taliban militants are pinning so-called "night letters" on the doors of those accused by the group of "working for the crusaders" in Afghanistan, urging them to surrender or die, the Daily Mail has cited several sources as saying.

One of the sources, only identified as Naz, told the newspaper that the letter he received "was official and stamped by the Taliban".

"It is a clear message that they want to kill me. If I attend the [Taliban-convened] court, I will be punished with my life", the 34-year-old father of six added.

Aug 31 04:49

Americans have long claimed Afghanistan helped end ‘Soviet empire’ – now it’s their turn?

Wise men in Washington have claimed for years that defeat in Afghanistan is what pushed the Soviet Union to collapse. Now that the US has done much worse, the world is about to see whether their theories hold water.

The last US military flight out of the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA) took off on Monday, a minute before the clocks struck midnight in Kabul. The 20-year war had come to an end, and the Taliban lit up the night skies with celebratory gunfire.

To hear President Joe Biden tell it, “the largest airlift in US history” was an “unparalleled” success, executed by the US military, diplomats, veterans and volunteers “with unmatched courage, professionalism, and resolve.”

Aug 31 04:47

Psaki says deaths of 13 US troops don’t ‘take place of all the PROGRESS’ made in Kabul as Biden takes flak for Afghan nightmare

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has set off online outrage by suggesting the killing of 13 US troops in last week’s Kabul airport bombing was an acceptable price to pay for the Biden administration’s evacuation ‘successes.’

“The men and women who gave their lives... that doesn’t take the place of all of the progress, all of the work that’s been done to evacuate people,” Psaki said on Sunday in a press briefing. She added that the 13 fallen service members sacrificed their lives to save thousands of people, “and that is something that should be honored, should be valued, and we will continue to look for ways to do that.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 31 04:46

Biden praises US military for success of Afghanistan airlift, says diplomacy will rescue those left behind

Thanking the US military for ending the withdrawal from Afghanistan “with no further loss of American lives,” President Joe Biden asked the country to pray for everyone involved, including refugees, until his address tomorrow.

“I want to thank our commanders and the men and women serving under them for their execution of the dangerous retrograde from Afghanistan as scheduled – in the early morning hours of August 31, Kabul time – with no further loss of American lives,” Biden said in a statement the White House released on Monday evening, after the Pentagon confirmed the last US planes had left Kabul.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Channeling Jimmy Carter?

Aug 31 04:43

US reputation is in tatters, it’s time to bring those responsible for Afghanistan disaster to account

Twenty years of US war in Afghanistan draws to a close at the stroke of midnight on August 31. There will be plenty of time to dissect the root causes of failure. What is needed now is accountability for the disastrous endgame.

A video of active duty Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller demanding accountability for the humanitarian disaster that had come to define the US-led evacuation from Kabul, Afghanistan, quickly went viral.

Aug 31 04:28

Last US flights slip out of Afghanistan 24 hours before deadline: Up to 200 citizens and thousands of allies are left facing nightmare under Taliban, who celebrate America's retreat from 20-year war with gunfire and by inspecting their new Chinooks

The Army released an image Monday of the last U.S. soldier to leave Afghanistan as the Pentagon announced the last American forces left Kabul airport 24 hours ahead of schedule.

The XVIII Airborne Corps, whose forces go by the Sky Dragons, were among the last to step off Afghan soil as the total withdrawal of U.S. forces concluded Monday ahead of the August 31 deadline.

'In awe of our Sky Dragon Soldiers,' the XVIII Airborne Corps tweeted along with an nightvision image of Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, stepping foot onto the aircraft en route out of Kabul.

Aug 31 04:27

'I can’t believe no one told me this was the last flight': American citizen who worked as interpreter for US military says she's now STRANDED in Afghanistan after forces complete Kabul withdrawal 24 hours early

An American citizen who worked as an interpreter for the US military during the war in Afghanistan says she is now stranded in the country after the last military plane departed Kabul airport on Monday.

The woman spoke to CNN's Chris Cuomo under the pseudonym 'Sara' to protect her identity.

She told how she was sheltering 37 women and children in her home as she tried to organize them safe passage out of the country.

Aug 31 04:27

US Military Completes Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The US military has completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan to end a brutal 20-year war -- one that started and ended with the hardline Islamist Taliban in power, despite billions of dollars spent trying to rebuild the conflict-wracked country.

Celebratory gunfire rang out in Kabul in the early hours of Tuesday, and elated senior Taliban officials hailed the event as a watershed moment.

Aug 31 04:26

More bad polls for Biden: More than a third of voters believe Biden will leave at least 500 Americans behind in Afghanistan and HALF say sticking to Aug. 31 deadline was a poor decision

Voters have turned against President Joe Biden on his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, according to a poll published on Monday, with more than a third believing that more than 500 Americans will be left behind after the August 31 deadline.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that only 32 per cent of likely voters rated the Biden administration’s handling of the current situation in Afghanistan to be good or excellent. Some 52% said it was poor.

The numbers come after Biden's worst week in office.

Aug 31 04:25

Kevin McCarthy accuses Biden of leaving Americans in Kabul to become hostages, making America less safe on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and 'giving the Taliban more Blackhawks than Australia'

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused President Joe Biden of abandoning Americans in Kabul to be hostages and arming the Taliban with more Blackhawk helicopters than Australia owns in a Sunday interview.

He shared a clip of his Fox interview on Twitter the next day and warned abandoning military equipment to the insurgent group makes the United States 'less safe now than before 9/11.'

'President Biden handed over billions of dollars in American military weaponry to the Taliban. They now have more Blackhawk helicopters than Australia, and they have released thousands of ISIS terrorists from prison,' McCarthy wrote Monday morning.

Aug 30 20:02

WATCH: Taliban Now Using America’s Black Hawk Helicopters For Public Executions In The Skies Over Afghanistan

The Taliban is seemingly parading their new air force gifts from Biden in the skies over Afghanistan, with video online purporting to show US-made Black Hawk helicopters flying over the streets of Kandahar.

A video posted by the Taliban shows a man hanging from a Black Hawk helicopter as the Taliban flies over Kandahar:

Aug 30 13:35

Biden Botches Meeting with Pregnant Widow of Dead Marine, Talks About Son Beau In 2-Minute Convo

Joe Biden met with the families of the fallen U.S. military members over the weekend, and the meeting was reportedly an unsurprising disaster.

13 U.S. service members were killed last Thursday in a suicide blast at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul due to Biden’s catastrophic handling of the military withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Biden’s meeting with the pregnant widow of 20-year-old Marine Rylee McCollum went particularly bad.

Aug 30 13:19

Why the loss of Afghanistan ultimately ends the Empire

Former Fed Chairman Arthur Burns said that, “A subtle understanding of economic change comes from a knowledge of history and large affairs, not from statistics or their processing alone.” So far as large affairs go, the recent events in Afghanistan could hardly be any larger.

On Sunday, 15 August Taliban fighters entered Kabul unopposed and Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Two days later the acting Afghan central bank chief, Ajmal Ahmady did the same. The events took almost everyone by surprise and the foreign policy establishments in the U.S. and UK were extremely vexed about it all. The loss of Afghanistan was not just a small setback: the Empire’s ability to hang onto Afghanistan was the centerpiece of its Eurasia policy and the events we just witnessed will have very far-reaching repercussions. How important was Afghanistan? It was pivotal.

Aug 30 13:02

Tucker: This is how to humiliate the US

Aug 30 12:35

UNICEF says SEVEN children were killed in Kabul drone strike that US said targeted ISIS-K terrorists

At least seven children were killed in a Kabul drone strike, the UNICEF representative in Afghanistan told reporters. The Pentagon had said the strike eliminated an “imminent threat” by ISIS-K terrorists to the ongoing airlift.

“We have confirmation from open sources that seven children were killed” in the incident, Herve De Lys, UNICEF’s envoy to Afghanistan, told reporters on Monday. “We don’t know who is behind the strike,” he added.

The apparent ignorance from De Lys was puzzling, since the same open sources that reported the deaths clearly attributed the strike to the US – the New York Times, for example.

Aug 30 12:26

LISTEN: Mother of U.S. Marine Killed in Afghanistan TRASHES Joe Biden In Interview: ‘He’s a Treasonous, Feckless, Dementia-Ridden Scumbag!’

President Biden has been slammed by the mother of a US Marine who was killed at Kabul airport last Thursday, describing him as a “treasonous, feckless, dementia-ridden” scumbag.

Kathy McCollum, the mother of 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, went into SiriusXM Patriot radio’s “Wilkow Majority” show on Saturday and revealed that she had just received word at her house that her son had been killed in the bombing that killed at least 13 US soldiers.

“That feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap just sent my son to die,” she said, speaking about POTUS.

Aug 30 10:09

Photos And Video: Biden’s Disgraceful “Welcome” Of Our Fallen Heroes Who Were Returned On American Soil And Dover AFB This Morning

The 13 U.S. service personnel killed during a suicide bombing at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport on Thursday represent a cross-section of Americans, all with compelling stories.

The remains of the 13 US troops killed in an ISIS-K suicide blast are currently the Dover Air Force Base for dignified transfer, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon declined to confirm whether President Joe Biden would attend the dignified transfer at the base in Delaware, his home state, which is the domestic intake point for US military fatalities abroad.

Aug 30 10:09

WATCH Black Smoke Rising Into Sky After 'US Rocket' Hits Residential Building in Kabul

Afghanistan's capital came under a terrorist attack on Thursday that was claimed by Daesh-Khorasan* militants. The US warned on Saturday that the threat of a new terrorist attack hitting Kabul was “highly likely” in the next day or so.

Kabul was rocked by another explosion on Sunday – this time it was reportedly from a US military airstrike.

The Taliban's* spokesman said that the blast was caused by a US airstrike targeting a suicide bomber who planned to attack Kabul's airport.

Videos from the scene shared online show black smoke rising above residential buildings, as loud bangs are heard nearby.

Aug 30 09:56

Neocon Senator Lindsey Graham Warns US Afghan Pullout Multiplies Risk of ‘Another 9/11’

Earlier this week, the South Carolina Republican demanded that President Biden be impeached over his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan, even though Biden’s GOP predecessor, Donald Trump, planned to do the same thing.

Senior Senate Republican leader Lindsey Graham has expressed fears that a “parade of horribles is about to unfold” in Afghanistan as US forces wrap up their pullout from the war-torn country, and warned that new 9/11-style attacks may be in the offing for the United States.

“I wouldn’t have withdrawn. I would have kept the counterterrorism forces on the ground…When we have people on the ground working with indigenous forces, that’s the best insurance policy against another 9/11,” Graham said, speaking to CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I smell a false flag coming!

Aug 30 09:53

‘Clear attack on Afghan territory’: Taliban condemns US strike allegedly targeting ISIS ‘planner’ behind deadly Kabul blast

The Taliban has strongly condemned a US drone strike in retaliation for the Kabul airport suicide bombing, calling it a “clear attack” on Afghan soil. The US claimed an ISIS-K “planner” behind the blast was killed in the strike.

The US carried out the drone strike early Saturday, targeting a hideout said to be used by Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), a regional offshoot of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The strike was conducted in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.

The Taliban, which has recently seized control of most of Afghanistan’s territory and the capital city of Kabul, has strongly condemned the US strike. The drone attack constituted a “clear attack on Afghan territory,” the group’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Saturday.

Aug 30 09:53

Turkey poised to recognize Taliban as Afghanistan's govt, expected to sign deal to operate Kabul airport after US exit - reports

NATO member Turkey is reportedly nearing a deal to recognize Afghanistan’s Taliban government and operate the Kabul airport in partnership with Qatar, paving the way for the Islamist group to attract foreign aid and investment.

The agreement is awaiting approval by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and will be finalized once Washington’s exit is completed, the Middle East Eye (MEE) reported on Saturday, citing two unidentified people familiar with the negotiations.

Aug 30 09:42

Taliban Redux: Opportunities and Challenges for China in Afghanistan

US withdrawal from Afghanistan has engendered a new reality in the region. Their hasty departure, followed by the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan, presents both opportunities and challenges to Eurasia’s regional powers, especially for China.

Aug 30 09:41

Taliban Vows to Wean Country Off Opium Trade, Reportedly Tells Farmers Poppy Growing is Banned

After the Taliban takeover, the Islamic group’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid vowed to crack down on the production of narcotics, saying “nobody can be involved” in the heroin trade, which has been a key source of funding for the group.

Afghanistan’s new rulers, the Taliban, while ostensibly seeking to portray a more moderate image by Western standards has vowed to police poppy cultivation more heavily.

Leaders of the Islamist group, which took control of the country in the wake of US and NATO forces pulling out, have been telling farmers in the southern province of Kandahar to stop cultivating opium poppies, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing local residents. Farmers are unhappy but have no choice but to comply should the Taliban begin to enforce the ban, the outlet cites a Kandahar grower as saying.

“We can’t oppose the Taliban’s decision. They are the government," said the farmer.

Aug 30 09:40

Pentagon Says Threat to Kabul Airport Remains 'Real' and 'Specific' as Evacuations Wrap Up

According to media reports, the US plans to finish the withdrawal from Afghanistan on 31 August despite earlier mulling to stay as long as needed to evacuate all eligible persons. The same report suggested that Washington had already evacuated all Afghan employees of the now closed embassy in Kabul.

The Pentagon has stated that the threat of attacks on Kabul International Airport remains "real and specific".

"We're in a particularly dangerous time right now. The threat stream is still real, it's still active, and in many cases it's still specific", Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said.

Aug 30 09:33

"We now have the opportunity to give the USSR its own Vietnam War." — Zbigniew Brzezi?ski

First, let’s begin with this reference to the architect of our empire graveyard inclusion. Mrs. Scarborough's, Meager's old man. Pay attention.

Brzezi?ski: According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the mujahideen began during 1980, that is, after the Soviet army had invaded Afghanistan on December 24, 1979. But the truth, kept secret up to now, is quite different: it was in fact on July 3, 1979, that President Carter signed the first directive on clandestine aid to opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And on that very day I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my view aid was going to bring about a Soviet military intervention.

Nouvel Observateur: When the Soviets justified their intervention by claiming that they meant to counter a secret intervention by the United States in Afghanistan, no one believed them. However there was some truth in that.... You don't regret anything today?