Aug 27 12:57

Active-duty Marine officer posts viral video attacking military leadership for Kabul disaster

In a now-viral video, an active-duty U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel called out senior military leadership for their handling of the U.S. withdrawal and evacuation operations from Afghanistan on the day that 13 U.S. service members were killed in an attack on the Kabul airport.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, in a video he shared to his personal LinkedIn page, said he was willing to risk his own military career to demand accountability from military leadership after the attack on the Kabul airport.

Aug 27 12:56

WATCH: Heartless Joe Biden Laughs At Reporter Who Asked About Stranded Americans in Afghanistan

Joe Biden once against displayed is utter heartlessness at the situation he created in Afghanistan when he laughed at a reporter who confronted him about the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

NBC’s White House Correspondent Peter Alexander questioned Biden during a Wednesday press briefing at the White House what he plans to do if Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan after the Taliban terrorists’ August 31 deadline.

Biden grinned widely and told Alexander “you’ll be the first person I’ll call”:

Aug 27 12:17

Biden Grants Commanders 'Full Authority' to Target Daesh-Khorasan in Wake of Kabul Airport Attacks

At least 170 people were killed and over 1,330 more wounded in Thursday's twin bombing and gun attacks outside Kabul's airport. 13 US service members were among the fatalities, with 15 others receiving injuries of varying severity. Over two dozen Taliban fighters were also killed in the attacks.

President Joe Biden has granted US military commanders full authority to target Daesh-Khorasan*, the Afghanistan affiliate of the Daesh (ISIS)* terrorist group, the White House said in a statement Friday.

Aug 27 10:39

UK govt says ‘every effort was made’ to destroy papers naming Afghan embassy workers, amid anger over 'data protection blunder'

In a frantic rush to abandon their embassy, British diplomatic staff in Kabul left papers strewn around, some of which detailed the names and contacts of local embassy staff still in Afghanistan, the Times has reported.

On Thursday evening, the Times claimed that its journalists had found papers identifying Afghan staff at the British diplomatic mission, as well as job applicants, inside the now-abandoned Kabul embassy. The papers were found by the reporters as Taliban troops patrolled the building and posed with abandoned treasures.

According to the Times, documents found in the embassy on Tuesday identified seven Afghans. Phone calls to the numbers detailed on the papers revealed that some of them and their families remained in the war-torn country, on the wrong side of the Kabul airport fence.

The story has shocked many, with some asking how incompetent the Foreign Office must be to put its own Afghan staff at risk of reprisals from the Taliban regime.

Aug 27 07:52

Living With Brzezinski’s Mess

If you walk down the road of many of today’s worst crises, you will find, far up ahead of you, the foot prints of President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Some of the key cold war moves that Brzezinski made triggered events that still make the world worse today.


Brzezinski, according to Russian expert and Professor of Russian and European Politics at University of Kent Richard Sakwa, was the architect of the strategy to lure "the Soviet Union into the Afghan quagmire." If the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 was the catalyst for the mujahedeen who would then introduce to the world al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Brzezinski was the catalyst for the Soviet invasion.

Aug 27 07:51

WATCH Russian military planes evacuate hundreds from Afghanistan

Russia's Defense Ministry has launched its operation to evacuate over 500 people from Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban takeover. Footage shows dozens of men, women and children disembarking from planes at safe destinations.

The Russian Defense Ministry's military transport Il-76 planes arrived at the Kabul airport on Wednesday to take citizens of Russia and other former Soviet republics home.

Videos obtained by RT show people, many of them families with children, getting on board the giant Russian transport aircraft that were turned into double-deck passenger planes to accommodate as many people as possible.

Aug 27 07:35

Taliban Secures World's Largest Lithium Deposits After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

It's been more than a decade since we penned "The US "Discovers" Nearly $1 Trillion In Mineral Deposits In Afghanistan" in which we highlighted the colossal untapped mineral deposits that reside in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden's decision to rapidly and completely withdraw from Afghanistan makes even less strategic sense if readers go back to our 2010 post where we quoted "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: Part 2, the 21st Century paradigm"? Which said,

"Yet the American officials also recognize that the mineral discoveries will almost certainly have a double-edged impact. Instead of bringing peace, the newfound mineral wealth could lead the Taliban to battle even more fiercely to regain control of the country."

Aug 27 07:34

Taliban Ask Turkey For Help To Run Chaotic Kabul Airport

The chaotic airport is currently the locus of unprecedented chaos (not to mention a makeshift, and temporary, US embassy), but Afghanistan's new rulers, the Taliban, are already looking beyond Aug 31 when the US is scheduled to evacuate its domestic presence, and according to Reuters they have asked Turkey for "technical help" to run the Kabul airport even as they demand that Ankara's military also withdraw fully by the end-August deadline.

The conditional request by the Islamist Taliban leaves Ankara - a current NATO member - with a difficult decision over whether to accept a hazardous job, a Reuters source said.

Aug 27 07:33

In Massive Propaganda Onslaught, Media Ignores The Real "Catastrophe" Of Afghanistan

In September of 2017, an obscure government official stood before a small audience at an obscure think tank and described a catastrophe that was unfolding. “Obscure” to the average citizen, that is — but not at all obscure to the “insiders” and journalists who attend these sorts of gatherings in DC, or sign up for the pertinent email lists, or read acronym-filled trade publications.

It was only a few weeks earlier that a president, his first year in office, had been persuaded by “the adults in the room” — those sagely Generals again — to authorize yet another escalation in a war these “insiders” largely knew was unwinnable. Curiously, the “adult” decision always seems to entail prolonging fatally doomed military interventions, as though that were the obviously sober and mature course of action. This same ritual had also occurred with the previous president his first year in office, albeit with even more catastrophic consequences.

Aug 27 07:31

White House to US lawmakers: 'This is not the time to travel to Afghanistan'

The White House chided two House lawmakers who secretly traveled to Afghanistan to see the conditions on the ground in Kabul, saying Americans should not be traveling to the country amid evacuation efforts.

“Our guidance continues to be to all American citizens, including elected officials, this is not the time to travel to Afghanistan,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

“Our focus, our objectives, our resources, need to be laser-focused on evacuating Afghan partners, evacuating American citizens, and that’s best done in the hands of the Department of Defense and State Department professionals who are on the ground,” she added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Biden doesn't want any more members of Congress seeing what a mess he made in Afghanistan.

Aug 27 07:23

Top Republicans Plan Joint Investigation into Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Fiasco’

The top Republicans on the House Intelligence, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees announced in a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday they plan to investigate his withdrawal from Afghanistan, and his administration should preserve all records on the issue.

Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (CA); Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Mike Rogers (AL); and Michael McCaul (TX) sent a letter to Biden on Wednesday that said:

The ongoing chaos in Afghanistan profoundly concerns the American people. The horrifying scenes on the ground and the resulting erosion of America’s worldwide geostrategic position raise troubling questions about your administration’s ability to competently manage a major foreign crisis.

As elected officials, our primary duty is to protect the American people. Thus, we were shocked to hear White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declare that no Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.

Aug 27 07:22

Make a run for the border... if you think you can make it there alive: UK tells stranded Afghans NOT to come to the airport as troops begin to pack up and leave thousands behind after Joe Biden's betrayal

The UK last night told its Afghan allies who are still trying to get out of Afghanistan to head for the border rather than attempt to get into Kabul airport where US and British forces are winding down their operations.

As evacuation efforts entered their final hours, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace appeared to signal in a briefing to MPs that there are few places left on British planes.

There are also warnings of an increased terror risk from jihadists ISIS-K, with US officials last night saying there was a 'very real risk' of an attack by the terror group who are the Taliban's rivals. .

Aug 27 07:20

US citizens are told to STOP coming to Kabul airport due to terror threat leaving up to 1.5K including 23 California students stranded: Blinken BLAMES them for not leaving earlier as CIA start helicopter rescue missions

American citizens trying to get in to Kabul airport and leave the country were told on Wednesday night to immediately leave the area, due to a new and sudden terror threat.

'Due to threats outside the Kabul airport, US citizens should avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates unless you receive instructions to do so,' the State Department tweeted on Wednesday night.

'Those at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate now should leave immediately.'

The order to leave the gates was issued at 3:30am local time in Kabul on Thursday morning.

Aug 27 07:17

Report: 4,100 Americans Remain Stranded, Many ‘Not in or Around Kabul’

A Senate aid revealed Wednesday 4,100 Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan, many “not in or around Kabul,” CNN reported.

About 4,400 Americans have been extracted in President Joe Biden’s deadly evacuation, “but the remaining 4,100 will be more challenging, the source said,” before the Taliban-enforced deadline in five days. The State Department has denied 4,100 is the exact number stranded.

Aug 27 07:11

‘Disaster… bigger than Saigon’: US Afghan war veteran who lost both legs slams Biden’s ‘horrendous’ exit strategy in RT interview

The US pullout from Afghanistan has been “completely botched” and demonstrates Washington’s lack of political will to do things right, a US Afghan war veteran told RT, adding that the war lasted for too long in the first place.

The way the American troops withdrew from Afghanistan was “a blunder on a worldwide scale” that made many Afghan war veterans feel “let down” and “angry,” Gabriel E. Martinez, a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps and lost both of his legs to a mine blast in Afghanistan, told RT.

This is a disaster. This is bigger than Saigon.

The chaotic withdrawal, which saw the US troops abandoning their military equipment and munitions at their Afghan bases and virtually leaving thousands of civilians who worked with the US and its allies to their fate was a wrong move on all accounts, Martinez believes.

Aug 27 07:10

While troops die, Nancy Pelosi tweets about 'Women's Equality Day'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired off a series of tweets Thursday reminding everyone it’s Women’s Equality Day – her first posts on the platform after explosions outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, left four U.S. Marines dead.

"Today, and every day, let us summon the suffragists’ spirit of hope and strive to lift up the voices of women across the nation – because we know this truth: when women succeed, America succeeds," Pelosi, D-Calif., tweeted about noon Thursday.

"Despite progress, women across the nation still face barriers to full equality: from shameful pay disparities to the unfair economic impacts of the pandemic to the brazen assault on the right to vote. At this moment, Democrats are committed to Building Back Better with Women."

Aug 27 07:01

Additional explosions heard in Kabul were controlled demolition of ammo by US forces, not further attacks – Taliban

The Taliban has belatedly reached out to calm the nerves of Kabul residents after the terrorist attacks at the airport, explaining the most recent explosions are only the US military destroying ammunition ahead of their departure.

A statement from the Taliban acknowledged “several explosions” that had been heard in Kabul on Thursday, attributing them to “US troops who are destroying their assets at Kabul airport.”

Aug 27 06:45

Grooming the Taliban .. Update ..How to smash a country.

“In August, 1979, the US Embassy in Kabul reported that “the United States’ larger interests … would be served by the demise of the PDPA government, despite whatever setbacks this might mean for future social and economic reforms in Afghanistan.” Read again the words above I have italicised. It is not often that such cynical intent is spelt out as clearly. The US was saying that a genuinely progressive Afghan government and the rights of Afghan women could go to hell. Six months later, the Soviets made their fatal move into Afghanistan in response to the American-created jihadist threat on their doorstep. Armed with CIA-supplied Stinger missiles and celebrated as “freedom fighters” by Margaret Thatcher, the mujahedin eventually drove the Red Army out of Afghanistan.”

Aug 27 06:26

Western media ‘complicit in hiding truth’ of Afghan war, allowing ‘extraordinary lie’ to last two decades – WikiLeaks' Hrafnsson

The abrupt US withdrawal from Afghanistan should not surprise anyone, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson told RT, saying the fact that Washington was able to deceive the world for two decades is more shocking.

Washington’s 19-year-long war campaign in Afghanistan was one “big lie” that only benefited America’s military industrial complex and private contractors, Hrafnsson said. The WikiLeaks editor-in-chief said it was not the ongoing chaotic withdrawal of the US and its allies that was now a surprise, but the fact that mainstream media did not catch on to the lies which prolonged the war long ago.

WikiLeaks published a trove of documents that “all painted a true picture of what was going on in Afghanistan 11 years ago,” Hrafnsson said, referring to the so-called Afghan War Diary – a collection of internal US military logs, diplomatic cables and CIA documents covering the period between 2004 and 2010.

Aug 27 06:12

A Look at Afghanistan's Military Bases After the Hasty US Pullout

On Sunday, as the US forces move close to finishing their withdrawal, the Taliban* completed their takeover of Afghanistan by entering Kabul, which led to the collapse of the US-backed civilian government.

The Taliban have swept over Afghanistan in the past months and seized the capital Kabul on Sunday, taking NATO members by surprise.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country to prevent "bloodshed." Thousands have been trying to flee the country on NATO planes from the Kabul airport, which is under US military control.

Most countries have reduced or evacuated their diplomatic missions in Kabul.

Take a look at Afghanistan in Sputnik's gallery.

Aug 27 06:00

Putin Reportedly Rebuffed Biden’s Push to Put US Troops in Central Asia Amid Afghan Withdrawal

After announcing plans to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by September this spring, the Biden administration sent out diplomatic feelers to the nations of Central Asia to discuss whether the latter might be interested in hosting American soldiers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told US President Joe Biden flat out at their Geneva summit in June that Moscow would be opposed to the deployment of US forces in Central Asia, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing senior US and Russian officials said to be familiar with the matter.

According to the paper’s sources, Putin told Biden at their 16 June meeting that Russia would reject "any US military role" in Central Asia and that China would also oppose any such plans. One official said that Putin "emphasised the point" of keeping US forces out of the region even though Biden "didn’t seek Mr. Putin’s support" on the matter.

Aug 27 05:58

Lara Logan: Afghanistan a result of Biden's 'political decisions'

Aug 27 05:58

Biden leaves stacks and stacks (pallets) of U.S. $100 dollar bills for the Taliban…

Check out the stacks of freshly minted U.S. dollars starting at the 30-second mark.

Aug 27 05:46

Here Come the Terrorists. Again

President Joe Biden is being praised in some circles because he finally ended the war in Afghanistan that in all likelihood should never have begun. President George W. Bush initiated the conflict on a series of lies about 9/11 and the Taliban role in that attack and what followed. After bringing about regime change, he decided to remake the country into a western style democracy. President Barack Obama subsequently allowed a “surge” which actually increased the militarization of the conflict and made things worse. The joint effort produced no free elections but delivered instead tens of thousands of deaths and a huge hole in the US Treasury. Bush and Obama were followed by President Donald Trump who actually promised to end the war but lacked the conviction and political support to do so, handing the problem over to Biden, who has bungled the end game but finally done the right thing by ending the fiasco.

Aug 27 05:46

In Afghanistan, the Worst Is Yet to Come

Say what you will about President Joe Biden, he has stuck to his guns on ending America’s 20-year involvement in Afghanistan’s forever war.

His decision not to delay our departure after Aug. 31 was fortified by hard intel that the terrorist ISIS-K was preparing attacks at Kabul airport.

Thursday evening, the two bomb attacks occurred.

It now seems inevitable that the withdrawal will be completed by Aug. 31, with all U.S. military forces following the last civilians out.

Aug 27 05:35

Taliban Double The Threat Biden Admin Thought

During a July 8 press conference, President Joe Biden predicted Taliban forces at around 75,000 and compared them to the 300,000 soldiers in the US-trained Afghan army. It now seems that those numbers were completely off, by as much as double the evaluation.

According to Biden, Afghanistan has "300,000 well-equipped [troops], as well-equipped as any army in the world, and an air force against something like 75,000 Taliban," and said at the time that a Taliban takeover was "not inevitable."

Aug 27 05:33

Joey Jones: Americans in 'full retreat in desperation' in Afghanistan

Aug 27 05:22

Disgrace: Weak Biden Struggles Through Remarks After 13 Americans Killed

The day 13 American service members and an unknown number of Afghans were killed by suicide bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan, President Joe Biden was 25 minutes late to address the nation in a roaming speech marked with labored breathing and a few choked-up moments.

Biden said he's "outraged as well as heartbroken" after "ISIS-K took the lives of service members standing guard at the airport" in Kabul Thursday.

"These American service members who gave their lives" in Kabul "were heroes," Biden said. "Heroes who've been engaged in the dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others." The dangerous mission is, of course, the result of the Biden administration's misreading of intelligence that led the world to watch Afghanistan fall to the Taliban in a matter of days.

Aug 27 05:22

CNN Reporting Only 36 Hours Left to Evacuate Americans and Afghan Allies (UPDATE: Pentagon Denies)

Even though the Biden administration has 5 days left until August 31st, CNN is reporting that the Biden administration will conclude evacuations from the country in 36 hours.

John Berman and Brianna Keilar said Thursday on New Day that government sources have told the network that the Afghan evacuation effort will wrap up in another day and a half. The news comes just after Secretary of State Antony Blinken insisted that 1,500 Americans at the most are still in Afghanistan and need help escaping the country.

“Overnight, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned all Americans do not travel to the airport. And for people already gathered at certain airport Gates, the message was even more urgent, it was leave immediately,” Keilar reported. “One defense official told CNN there’s a very specific threat stream from ISIS-K about planned attacks against crowds there. And this warning specifically names three airport gates.”

Aug 27 05:21

Gen. Kenneth Mckenzie: ‘We Share a Common Purpose’ with the Taliban, ‘Useful to Work With’

During a press conference, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie said that the United States “shares a common purpose” with the Taliban terrorists, admitting they are “useful to work with.”

McKenzie was asked about staying after the August 31 deadline, the date agreed upon to withdraw all the troops, American civilians, and U.S. Afghan allies. He was concerned about threats since the military and the Taliban have been coordinating on various things.

The Marine Corps General said, “As to whether or not I trust them, that’s not necessarily a word I’d use very carefully,” adding “it’s not what they say. It’s what they do.” He went on:

[The jihadist organization] have a practical reason for wanting us to get out of here by the 31st of August. They want to reclaim the airfield. We want to get out by then, too, if it’s possible to do so. So, we share a common purpose. As long as we kept that common purpose aligned, they’ve been useful to work with.

Aug 27 05:21

CENTCOM Commander Reveals U.S. Intelligence-Sharing Operation with Taliban

General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the United States Central Command, revealed an intelligence-sharing operation between the U.S. and Taliban on Thursday at a Department of Defense briefing, just hours after attacks at Hamid Karzai International Airport killed at least twelve U.S. service members and 60 Afghan civilians.

According to McKenzie, the Taliban and U.S. share a “common purpose” of finishing the ongoing evacuation mission by August 31.

“As long as we’ve kept that common purpose aligned, they’ve been useful to work with,” said the general.

McKenzie said he didn’t believe the Taliban intentionally allowed Thursday’s attacks to occur, but conceded he didn’t know for sure.

Aug 26 19:59

WATCH: Jennifer Griffin Embarrasses Biden Over His Claim That He Will ‘Hunt Down’ ISIS-K Terrorists Who Killed Americans

Jennifer Griffin appeared on Special Report tonight and completely demolished Biden’s assertion that he will track down the ISIS terrorists who murdered 11 US Marines and one Navy medic.

Griffin wondered how Biden planned to “hunt down” these terrorists given the facts on the ground:

Aug 26 19:56

UNBELIEAVABLE: Biden Admin Actually Gave Taliban List Of American Citizens And Afghan Allies Still Trapped To ‘Expedite Evacuation Process’ — They Now Have A Kill List

We have found out today that Biden officials, unbelievably and inexplicably, handed the Taliban a list of American citizens and Afghan allies who are still trapped in Afghanistan in order to, supposedly, ‘speed up the evacuation process’. Legislators and defense officials have expressed their displeasure and opposition to this.

According to POLITICO, U.S. officials in Kabul offered the Taliban a list of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan allies in order to grant admission into the militant-controlled outer perimeter of the city’s airport, a decision that has sparked uproar among politicians and military officials behind the scenes.


But the decision to provide specific names to the Taliban, which has a history of brutally murdering Afghans who collaborated with the U.S. and other coalition forces during the conflict, has angered lawmakers and military officials.

Aug 26 14:26

WATCH: White House Cuts Biden’s Audio Feed So He Couldn’t Answer Questions About Afghanistan Debacle

Apparently, President Biden forgot to walk away from the podium during a press conference on Wednesday and allowed the press pool to lob questions at him. The White House, however, was quick to react and abruptly cut off his audio feed before he could answer any questions.

Aug 26 14:25

WATCH: Afghanistan Situation Worsens —Second Explosion Near Kabul Airport at Baron Hotel

A series of explosions rocked the city of Kabul today and initial reports confirm at least four American deaths.

A second explosion near the Kabul airport at the Baron Hotel was confirmed by the Pentagon...

Aug 26 13:22

BREAKING: At Least 12 US Service Members Killed By Terrorist Attack At Kabul Airport

Aug 26 12:16

80% of Afghanistan’s budget has disappeared overnight

For governing a country, $1.6 billion in cash can’t be stretched too far. That’s how much comes in the coffers of the Taliban, which has now taken over Afghanistan. Now, banks and international organizations are cutting the cord.

For the past two decades, some 80% of Afghanistan's budget has been financed by the US and other international donors. Now, it’s all gone.

Last week, the IMF decided that Afghanistan would no longer be able to access its resources, including the over $370 million set to arrive later this month.

The Biden administration also announced that Afghanistan’s central bank assets in the US would not be made available to the Taliban, who have been on the Treasury Department’s sanctions designation list since 9/11.

According to the media and former Afghan officials, the US has frozen nearly $9.5 billion in assets belonging to the country’s central bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's almost as if someone wants the Taliban to keep growing those opium poppies!

Aug 26 12:15

Private flight leaves Kabul with nearly 300 EMPTY seats after passengers turned away by US & Taliban security – reports

At least one private charter flight set to evacuate hundreds of Afghans from the Kabul airport was forced to take off with just 50 of its 345 seats filled, amid reports that US and Taliban forces prevented them from boarding.

The flight – one of three intended to carry 1,000 Afghans to Uganda chartered by businessman George Abi-Habib – was seen virtually empty as it took off from the Kabul airport on Tuesday night. The barren cabin was seen in a photo shared online by CNN’s Alexander Marquardt, who noted that many of the would-be passengers were “blocked by the US and Taliban” and not allowed to board.

Aug 26 12:13

Schrödinger’s terrorists: Washington warmongers suddenly worried about Al-Qaeda and ISIS, amid Afghanistan agony

The US political establishment has suddenly rediscovered an interest in terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS-K, either as a cudgel to beat the White House with over the escape from Kabul, or an excuse to stay in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration can’t seem to decide whether Al-Qaeda has been effectively eliminated – as President Joe Biden himself argued – or may still be in Afghanistan but not in numbers “significant enough to merit a threat to our homeland,” as the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby put it recently.

Either way, the White House says, it’s time for the US to leave Afghanistan – something most Americans don’t actually disagree with, but have many questions about the way it’s being done.

Aug 26 12:13

THIRD EXPLOSION heard from direction of Kabul airport – RT correspondent

Breaking news.

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Aug 26 12:12

Report: White House Officials Say Afghanistan Withdrawal Good for Israel

The withdrawal from Afghanistan will ultimately benefit Israel because it frees up resources that can be used to support the Jewish state, White House officials said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my delight!

Aug 26 12:00

Kabul Airport Explosions Kill Four U.S. Troops, at Least 60 Afghans

Two explosions ripped through crowds of Afghans trying to enter Kabul airport on Thursday, killing at least 60 Afghans and 4 U.S. troops, and disrupting the final push of the U.S.-led evacuation effort.

While no group claimed immediate responsibility, Western governments warned earlier Thursday of an imminent attack by Islamic State’s regional affiliate. The U.S. envoy in Kabul told staff that four Marines were killed and three injured in the attacks, said an American official familiar with the briefing.

A senior Afghan health official put the death toll among local civilians at 60, with many more fighting for their lives.

Aug 26 12:00

Flight Tracker not showing any flights out of Kabul at this time.

Aug 26 11:54

Former White House Doctor: Biden's cognitive 'issues' worsening Afghanistan chaos

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), the former White House doctor for Presidents Obama and Trump, told Just the News that President Biden has cognitive "issues" that are worsening the situation in Afghanistan during the evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies and "impacting our safety and our national security."

Jackson previously called for Biden to take the same cognitive exam that he administered to former President Donald Trump. Given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan as the U.S. military withdraws from the country, Jackson argued that Biden's cognitive issues are now clear.

"I still believe that needs to happen, but the reality is I don't even think it's to the point where he needs a test anymore," Jackson said on Wednesday after criticizing Biden for claiming Al-Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan. "I think he's proven to the entire country right now that he has issues and these issues are impacting our safety and our national security.

Aug 26 09:44

'Suicide bomb' kills 13 at Kabul airport: Multiple casualties, including children – with three US Marines wounded - as explosion tears through crowd hours after ISIS attack warning

A suicide bomber has killed 13 people, including children, and injured at least three US troops at Kabul airport just hours after intelligence officials warned of an imminent threat to the crowd gathered there trying to escape the Taliban.

The blast was outside The Baron Hotel, at the Abbey Gate of Kabul airport. Westerners were staying in the hotel before their evacuation flights.

At least three US troops were injured and it remains unclear if any Americans were killed. The nationalities of all of the victims are not yet known.

Aug 26 09:22

What Can We Learn About Covid Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?

Op-Ed by Brandon Smith

Despotic people tend to telegraph their future actions like inexperienced fighters tend to telegraph their punches; it’s not as if the intentions of totalitarians are obscured or hard to predict. In some cases they may even believe that they can be as obvious as they wish because they assume no one will ever try to stop them. They’ve been destroying lives for so long they adopt a sense of superiority, as if they are untouchable.

Aug 26 09:07

Now it makes sense: Biden wanted out of Afghanistan so his Chinese masters could take control of lithium deposits ahead of electric car push

Afghanistan has some of the world’s largest lithium deposits if not the biggest, and now the country that owns the Bidens — China — is moving in to take control over those resources so Beijing will retain veto power over future American economic and power growth, as if China didn’t already have control over much of our power grid.

According to a new report in

The immediate consequences of U.S. President Joe Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan may be just political but its economic impact will ripple across several advanced industries in the years to come. Biden may have just gifted China an opportunity to grab Afghanistan’s considerable reserves of rare earth metals, including the world’s largest lithium deposits, and cement its domination of the market for these crucial minerals.

Aug 26 08:10

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Biden Must Resettle At Least 200K Afghans in U.S.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says President Joe Biden’s administration must resettle at least 200,000 Afghans across the United States as part of its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In an interview with The Independent, Ocasio-Cortez urged Biden to set a floor of 200,000 visas for Afghans to be evacuated from Afghanistan and brought to the U.S. for permanent resettlement and eventual naturalized American citizenship.

Should Biden implement such a plan, resettling 200,000 Afghans would be the equivalent of bringing 4.5 percent of the total number of Afghans residing in Kabul, Afghanistan, to the U.S.

Aug 26 07:49

No Americans Have Been Rescued Outside of Kabul: Pentagon

U.S. troops have not rescued any Americans in Afghanistan outside of Kabul, though they have the capability to do so, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Only three rescue missions have been conducted by American soldiers since the Taliban took over the country, according to military officials. But all three took place within Kabul, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters in Washington.

“Could it be done outside Kabul, if needed? We have the capability,” he said.

“I’m not suggesting that it would be well outside of Kabul. I’m not suggesting that it would be throughout the whole countryside,” he added later. “When I said ‘outside Kabul,’ I’m talking about relatively close by. I don’t want to set the expectation that we’re going to be able to fly all over the country to pick up people.”

Aug 26 07:49

ISIS, Taliban Found Among Afghan ‘Refugees’, Reports Say

And Biden Democrats evacuated these murdering jihadis and left Americans at the hands of the brutal Islamic terror group.

And when they slaughter Americans, the Democrats will blame “islamophobia.”

Aug 26 07:46

Will Afghanistan Turn Out to be US Imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”?

In October of last year I wrote a column entitled “When Exactly Did The AngloZionist Empire Collapse” in which I presented my thesis that the Empire died on 8 January 2020 when the Iranians attacked US bases with missiles and the US did absolutely nothing. Yes, this was the correct decision, but also one which, at least to me, marked the death of the Empire as we knew it.

In that article I made reference to a brilliant book by J.M. Greer’s “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” which I later reviewed here. The main plot of the book is that the US will collapse following a completely unpredictable external military defeat (read the book, it is very well written!).

So my question today is whether the debacle in Afghanistan (not only Kabul!) is such an event or not. Afghanistan is often called the graveyard of empires, but might it even become the graveyard of the last empire?

Aug 26 07:26

New Report Finds US Has Spent Over $2.3 Trillion on Afghanistan War

Brown University’s Costs of War project released an updated report Wednesday on US spending for the war in Afghanistan. The report found that since the 2001 invasion, Washington has sunk over $2.3 trillion into the war.

The spending includes operations in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and is broken down into five categories. The biggest chunk is the Defense Department’s budget for the war, which is just over $1 trillion. The State Department’s war budget adds another $60 billion. War-related Increases to the Pentagon budget account for $433 billion.

Estimated interest payments on war borrowing accounts for $532 billion, and spending on care for veterans of the war adds up to $233 billion. Costs of War did not account for future interest payments or future spending on lifelong care for veterans, so the total will still increase even after the US completes its military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Aug 26 07:25

The Government Spent Over $300 Million a Day for 20 Years on Unconstitutional Afghanistan War

James Madison warned that “of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded.”


Because it comprises and develops the germ of every other enemy of liberty.

“War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.”

Taxation not only steals our wealth; it limits our freedom. Access to fewer resources shrinks the number of options available to us. The more the government takes from us, the more limited our options become.

Aug 26 07:22

'He Needs to Resign': Biden's Joking Response to Afghanistan Evacuation Question Raises Eyebrows

Amid the chaotic evacuation of Americans and NATO states citizens – as well as their Afghan allies – Joe Biden's administration is under pressure to extend the deadline for getting people out of Afghanistan beyond 31 August. This date has been called a "red line" by the Taliban*.

US President Joe Biden has been branded “terrible” and a “callous human being” after he gave a sarcastic answer to an NBC reporter asking about the fate of Americans in Afghanistan.

NBC's Peter Alexander asked the POTUS during a cybersecurity summit on Wednesday what he would do if any US citizens remained in the country after the 31 August deadline to get them out expires.

“You'll be the first person I call,” Biden joked in response.

Aug 26 06:36

Kamala Harris talks climate change and LGBT rights in Vietnam - but yet again refuses to discuss Afghanistan

Vice President Kamala Harris held a roundtable discussion on LGBTQ and disabled rights with Vietnamese social advocacy organizations in Hanoi on Thursday.

Harris has been closing out her visit to Southeast Asia, which also saw her donate a million Pfizer vaccines to Vietnam, amid criticism of her reluctance to speak on the Afghanistan crisis.

A photo from the roundtable posted by a reporter for The New York Times show Nguyet Van Do, the founder and director Live & Learn for Environment and Community, was one of the attendees. It was not yet clear who else participated.

Aug 26 06:35

What about the time I rescued YOU? Erik Prince reminds Joe Biden of when he saved him from the Taliban as White House criticizes the Blackwater chief for charging $6,500 for seat on Afghanistan evacuation flight

The founder of controversial private military contractor Blackwater, who sparked a furious reaction on Wednesday with his $6,500 evacuation flights from Kabul, has told how his men helped to rescue Joe Biden from Afghanistan in 2008 when his helicopter made an emergency landing.

Erik Prince, 52, was described on Wednesday by White House press secretary Jen Psaki as having no soul, and of profiting from 'people's agony and pain'.

Yet Prince, who founded Blackwater in 1997, reminded that Tucker Carlson his team rescued Biden himself.

Aug 26 06:33

GOP Rep. Peter Meijer hits back at 'laughable' criticism of his secret Kabul trip by the Biden administration and Pentagon who have done 'everything they can to deny the reality and the facts from American people'

Representative Peter Meijer said on Wednesday that it's 'laughable' he would get criticism for secretly traveling to Afghanistan, claiming Joe Biden is trying to hide the reality of the situation from Americans.

'The opprobrium from the Defense Department, from the White House, from the State Department is, frankly, laughable,' the Republican congressman told Fox News of pushback over the secret trip from President Joe Biden's administration.

'Right now they have done everything they can to obstruct the situation, to deny this reality, and, frankly, to hide facts from the American people,' Meijer, who represents Michigan's 3rd district and Iraq War veteran, said.

Aug 26 06:26

Jen Psaki insists the US does NOT negotiate with terrorists - while Biden says he is 'depending' on the Taliban to let American civilians and Afghan allies out of Kabul before August 31

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that 'of course' the US policy is still not to negotiate with terrorists, as Biden administration officials say they are relying on the Taliban to allow safe passage of Americans and American allies to Kabul airport.

'Why haven't we heard the president say, 'The United States does not negotiate with terrorists?' Is that still U.S. policy?' Fox News' Peter Doocy asked the press secretary at a daily briefing.

'Well, of course it is, Peter,' Psaki replied. 'But I would also say that there's a reality that the Taliban is currently controlling large swaths of Afghanistan. That is the reality on the ground, and right now our focus and our priority is getting American citizens evacuated and our Afghan partners evacuated.'

Aug 26 06:25

US Allies Halt Evacuations From Kabul Airport Over Another "Imminent" ISIS Threat

Update (0745ET): A spokesman for the Taliban has just revealed to the Russian press that the Taliban warned the west about the supposedly "imminent" ISIS threat lurking outside the Kabul airport.

Here's more from RT, the outlet that broke the story.

Zabihullah Mujahid, who holds the office of Information Minister in the Taliban-installed government in Afghanistan, told the Russian media that his organization was the source of the information. The threat was not specific, he said in an interview, but the plan was to provoke chaos and violence at the airport and hurt the Taliban’s reputation.

“Over the last 20 years we have learned things and changed,” the official said in the interview. “We want to prove that we are not what anti-Taliban propaganda has portrayed us to be. We want to show that to the world.”

Aug 26 06:24

Afghanistan the crescendo of US military fiascos

The parameters of the tumultuous Afghan exodus are becoming both clearer and more muddled at the same time. Most American and Western citizens will get out on evacuation flights.

Many Afghans, if they have proof they worked with the US and European countries, will also get away.

The total numbers could reach 200,000 or more. Some 88,000, mostly Afghans, along with several thousand foreigners, have been ferried from the country since August 14.

As the clock ticks down to the August 31 deadline for US and other foreign forces to leave Afghanistan, the complications are mounting up.

Aug 26 06:23

China to cushion Taliban from Western sanctions

This week will stand out as a pivotal moment in Joe Biden’s presidency. It has been a humble moment yet bold and decisive, farsighted but tactical, and focused on America’s self-interests.

It underscores that the United States’ capacity to force its will on other countries – or even non-state actors – has dramatically diminished.

To Biden’s detractors and critics, this might seem a moment of weakness – that CIA director William Burns had to travel to Kabul to seek a concession from the Taliban leadership to extend the August 31 deadline for the evacuations at Kabul Airport, which Taliban political chief Mullah Ghani Baradar plainly refused.

Nonetheless, Biden belongs to the pantheon of world statesmen who have shown the ability to make difficult decisions and hold the line. He is utterly convinced that continuing the war in Afghanistan would damage America’s priorities of national regeneration.

Aug 26 06:07

EXCLUSIVE: Military expert says General Scott Miller gets the lion's share of blame for Afghanistan debacle, claiming by abandoning Bagram he prioritized politics instead of questioning Biden's flawed decision to reduce US troops to just 700

Retiring General Scott Miller is to blame for the bungled US exit from Afghanistan, a military expert who predicted the fall of the nation's capital months ago has claimed.

Bill Roggio, a senior fellow at think tank the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, slammed military leadership, telling he tried to warn the Pentagon of the swift advance of the Taliban towards Kabul in the weeks before they took the city but was 'ignored'.

Roggio said President Joe Biden insisted on a reduced force of just 700 troops to both keep the US embassy in Kabul open and secure an airport to evacuate the rest of the 3,500 US soldiers, thousands of other Americans and Afghan allies.

Aug 26 06:06

‘This Is a Lie’: Marco Rubio Blasts State Department for Claiming Some Americans Want to Stay in Afghanistan

On Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called out Secretary of State Antony Blinken for the “lie” that some stranded Americans actually want to stay in Afghanistan.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Blinken said as many as 1,500 Americans are awaiting evacuation in Afghanistan following the 4,500 Americans who have been airlifted out of the country so far.

Aug 26 06:05

Questionable if Taliban Can Actually Use High-Tech Equipment Biden Left Behind

Following the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban has been flaunting the spoils of its conquest all over social media, from its newfound “special forces” unit to its armada of American black hawk helicopters. With all this equipment that President Biden has left behind, the question on everyone’s mind is: can they actually use it?

While the Taliban’s much-trumpeted upgrade has its share of shock (possibly even comedic) value, Americans would do better to remember that all those propaganda blitzes are just that: propaganda.

Speaking to The Washington Post, experts noted that while the Taliban’s new arsenal certainly carries heavy symbolic weight, it comes with a load of practical hurdles that its members are just not equipped to handle:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm sure they'll figure it out. I mean they are already flying those helicopters around!

Aug 26 06:04

Cotton: Biden Will Blame Americans Stranded in Afghanistan by Saying They Didn’t Want to Leave

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) predicted that the Biden administration will blame Americans who end up stranded in Afghanistan when the deadline for withdrawing U.S. forces comes on August 31 by saying those Americans “didn’t want to leave, they wanted to stay there.”

Cotton said, “I think they’re spinning these numbers, and come Tuesday night, when there are hundreds or thousands of Americans left, they’re going to say, well, they didn’t want to leave, they wanted to stay there. I guess that’s their decision, too bad for them and we’re out of here. Because I think Joe Biden knows that there are going to be Americans there and he, once again, is not taking responsibility for his disastrous miscalculation.”

Aug 26 06:03

Vladimir Putin Rejects Military Mission into Afghanistan: ‘We Learned Our Lesson’

Russia will not attempt a military intervention in Afghanistan, as the country has “learned the lesson” from its previous failed attempts to invade it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

“You know how difficult and alarming the situation in Afghanistan currently is,” President Putin said at a congress of the ruling United Russia party on August 24. He referred to the Taliban terror group’s takeover of the country August 15, when it deposed Kabul’s U.S.-backed government.

“We are keeping a close eye on this situation, actively cooperating with our allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO),” Putin assured. The CSTO is a regional military alliance of former Soviet republics led by Moscow.

Aug 26 06:02

White House Kills Video Feed as Reporters Ask Questions About Afghanistan

White House staff abruptly cut off their video feed of President Joe Biden as he spoke at the White House at a meeting on cybersecurity Wednesday.

Biden spoke for only about four minutes at a table before asking reporters to leave.

Aug 26 06:02

Report: Up to 100 Afghans Seeking Resettlement in U.S. ‘Flagged’ by Terrorism Watch Lists

Up to 100 Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan and seeking to resettle in the United States have been “flagged” by Defense Department terrorism watch lists, according to a new report.

As President Joe Biden’s administration looks to fast-track tens of thousands of Afghans into the U.S. interior over the next few weeks, Defense Department officials are reportedly sounding the alarm over the potential for fraud.

An official, involved with the vetting and screening process taking place in third safe countries for Afghans seeking resettlement in the U.S., told Defense One that “up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated as prospective recipients” of

Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs have been “flagged” as “potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.”

Another official said that in “most cases” the Afghans were “cleared by follow-on screening” for resettlement in the U.S.

Aug 26 06:00

GOP Rep. Meijer on Afghanistan Trip: Biden Administration ‘Has Done Everything They Can’ to Obstruct, Deny Reality, Hide Facts

Wednesday on FNC’s “Special Report,” Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), fresh off of what has been labeled an unauthorized trip with Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) to Afghanistan, explained why he and his Democrat colleague determined such a trip was warranted.

Meijer was dismissive of the edicts from the Biden administration and said he and Moulton were on their own fact-finding mission.

“Both Seth and myself have been actively engaged on what’s called the Special Immigrant Visa issue,” he said. “Those were visas in a program for individuals who had loyally served the United States in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. There had been a tremendous backlog of these cases.”

Aug 26 05:52

Afghanistan: China Warns America Not to Sanction the Taliban

Multiple senior Chinese officials warned on Tuesday against any proposed “wanton sanctions” on the Taliban, a jihadist terrorist organization, by the United States in the aftermath of the group’s takeover of Afghanistan.

The warning comes as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), among other international institutions, freeze funding to Afghanistan in light of the Taliban’s return to power – expressing both human rights concerns and confusion regarding who is currently serving as head of state of the country. The Taliban leadership has not appointed a head of state or announced the installation of any individuals as actual leaders of the country at press time.

Aug 26 05:52

Politico: White House Wants Applause for Afghan Evacuation but Created the Deadly Crisis

The White House sought congratulations this week for a deadly Afghanistan evacuation they told Americans would not be necessary and which nobody can verify.

The Biden administration, focusing on the specifics of the chaotic evacuation effort that encompasses flying thousands of evacuees out of the country on short notice, is framing the operation as “over performing” historic standards and “defying expectations.”

The White House even compared the evacuation to the Berlin airlift post-World War II.

Aug 26 05:51

NBC News: Afghans Using Fraudulent American Passports to Try to Get to U.S.

Some Afghans at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, are using American passports that do not belong to them in an attempt to be approved for resettlement in the United States, NBC News reports.

At the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, NBC News reports that State Department officials have detailed five cases where Afghans attempted to use fraudulent American passports to try to get on flights bound for the U.S.

In addition, NBC News reports that vital biometric screening of Afghans looking to come to the U.S. is not being conducted at the airport in Kabul.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why bother? Just fly to Mexico, put on a sombrero, and walk across the border!

Aug 26 05:50

White House Closes Puppy Bill Signing to the Press as Afghanistan Debacle Continues

The White House plans to keep Joe Biden away from the cameras on Wednesday as he signs a bill about puppies.

Biden plans to sign the “Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers (PAWS) for Veterans Therapy Act” in the afternoon but the White House has closed the event to the press.

The PAWS bill creates a pilot program for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to train service dogs and allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide service dogs to veterans with mental health problems.

The president will also sign the “Harlem Hellfighters Congressional Gold Medal Act” on Wednesday, but that event is also closed to the press.

The White House limited press access to the president as he has struggled with criticism while walking away from questions about Afghanistan, turning his back to reporters after delivering a speech, and leaving the room.

Aug 25 15:00

Pentagon Reveals New Rescue Operation Beyond Airport Confines: 'Less Than 20 Americans' Saved

Since things in Kabul quickly unraveled last week, the Pentagon has confirmed that American forces have sent a handful of 'rescue operations' into the capital city, outside the secure confines of the airport, such as a recent mission to rescue 169 Americans from a hotel.

On Wednesday the Pentagon has confirmed another helicopter rescue mission that took troops significantly outside the airport and into the city, this in order to rescue "less than 20 Americans," as the latest military press briefing indicated.

Aug 25 14:29

Damage Control Mode: How White House is Struggling to Fix Narrative of Botched Afghan Withdrawal

The Biden administration is struggling to take back control of the narrative on the Afghanistan pull-out, The Hill reported on Wednesday, referring to the increasing number of public appearances of President Joe Biden and other White House officials in the last several days.

The Hill noted that as of 24 August, Biden had delivered a whopping three speeches in five days on the evacuation efforts and twice took questions from reporters, as his Cabinet is seeking to fix the damage of the botched evacuation. White House press briefings also restarted this week, with spokeswoman Jen Psaki taking questions on Monday after her notable absence from 15 August to 22 August.

White House Failed to Send a Clear Message

These efforts come in sharp contrast with the president's unsettling silence when the Taliban* took over Kabul, prompting a hasty evacuation of the embassy staff and outright panic at Kabul Airport.

Aug 25 14:14

Nearly 100 Of The Afghans Evacuated From Kabul Are Known Terrorists, Including ISIS Member — Thousands Of Americans Still Stranded

Several countries have conducted evacuation flights for their residents and passport holders since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan. While the world applauds this humanitarian assistance, some individuals may be taking advantage of the opportunity to spread terrorism.

Now, US officials have issued a warning that almost 100 Afghan evacuees are on intelligence agency watch lists and may be linked to terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State.

A US official verified to Defense One that security screeners at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar discovered that at least one of the Afghans evacuated from Kabul Airport has ties to ISIS.

Furthermore, according to a second official, the Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System has recognized up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated as potential Special Immigration Visa holders as potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.

Aug 25 13:24

Taliban Finally Showing Its True Colors

The Taliban has forbidden all Afghan citizens from trying to escape the country from Kabul airport effective immediately and directed women to stay at home after again suggesting Western forces leave by the August 31 deadline.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Islamists' chief spokesman, said in a press conference today the group will "not accept" any addition to the deadline, and from now on only stranded strangers will be ready to reach the airport in the next week to leave Nato and Western planes. He said: "The road to Kabul airport is closed for locals and open to foreigners.

Aug 25 12:39

Trump Slams Biden After It’s Revealed He Only Evacuated 4,000 Americans From Afghanistan, But 21,000 Afghans

45th President Donald Trump has released a statement slamming Joe Biden for his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, noting that new reports suggest only 4,000 of the 37,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan are American citizens, with the rest being likely refugees who will now be settled throughout the West.

“Biden surrendered Afghanistan to terrorists and left thousands of Americans for dead by pulling out the Military before our citizens. Now we are learning that out of the 26,000 people who have been evacuated, only 4,000 are Americans,” wrote President Trump.

Aug 25 12:35

Afghan refugees begin arriving in Chicago

A local resettlement organization called “RefugeeOne” is working to relocate families to the Rogers Park and West Ridge neighborhoods.

Aug 25 12:32

Alert — Biden is bringing 50,000 Afghan illegals to USA without Visas…

Joe Biden’s administration is planning to bring 50,000 Afghans to the United States who do not have visas and who have not completed their immigration processing.

Biden will use the little-known “humanitarian parole” tool.

The plan is a last-minute effort to bring as many Afghans to the U.S. as possible, as this group does not have Special Immigrant Visas, P-2 visas, or refugee status.

Instead, Afghans on humanitarian parole will arrive in the U.S. without having first secured visas and completing their immigration processing. After having humanitarian parole for a year or so, the thousands of Afghans would be able to adjust their status. Many are likely to take advantage of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to remain in the U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hispanic, Afghan; who cares as long as they vote Democratic!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 25 11:18

Women’s rights have an uncertain future in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, after the Taliban takeover, is a waiting game. And for Afghan women, the waiting game is agonizing.

The last time the Taliban held power, in the late ’90s and early 2000s, repression was a feature of their rule. This was especially true for women. Girls could not attend school; women could not hold jobs or leave their homes without a male relative accompanying them. Those who defied the Taliban’s directives and their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam were punished, often brutally, with floggings or beatings.

Aug 25 11:16

US military helicopters only rescuing Americans trapped by Taliban on ‘case-by-case basis’

On Monday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said U.S. troop commanders have the authority to leave the Kabul airport in Afghanistan on a “case-by-case basis” to find and bring U.S. citizens back to the airport who are unable to get through the various crowds and Taliban checkpoints in the way.

Kirby acknowledged during a Pentagon press briefing that the U.S. military has used helicopters in at least two instances, to extract Americans and bring them to the airport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! Two!!!

Aug 25 11:15

Biden could leave thousands of Americans behind in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden could leave behind thousands of Americans in Afghanistan if he sticks to August 31 as his deadline to remove all U.S. troops in the country.

The Daily Caller reported on Tuesday, citing an official with direct knowledge of the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, that about 3,800 Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan since July 29, with an estimated 8,000 remaining in the country. The official told the Daily Caller that, based on the pace of the evacuation efforts, its “doubtful we are going to bring in 8,000 more Americans” between now and August 31.

Aug 25 10:43

Ingraham: 'Joe's secret Taliban deal' must be investigated

Aug 25 10:35

What Israel hopes to gain from America’s Afghan disaster

The rapid collapse of the US-installed puppet regime in Afghanistan will be remembered for decades as a defining moment in the decline of American imperial power.

The scenes of chaos and desperation at Kabul airport drew apt comparisons with the humiliating American withdrawal from Saigon in 1975, after more than a decade of American slaughter in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The hasty American retreat from Afghanistan also recalls Israel’s humiliating withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, after two decades of brutal Israeli occupation failed to crush local resistance.

Aug 25 10:27

BREAKING: US Military Has Started Withdrawing From Afghanistan – Biden Turns His Back on Thousands of Americans Stranded Behind Enemy Lines

The US military has started withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Thousands of Americans are now trapped in a potential hostage situation because of Joe Biden.

According to Fox News Pentagon reporter Lucas Tomlinson, the US is reducing troop presence, US officials said.

Aug 25 10:20

Mission Accomplished

It took America 15 years to airlift its whipped, arrogant ass out of Vietnam; in Afghanistan it took 20. All the young men and women our diseased, criminal “leaders” doomed to be killed, mangled, or commit suicide in or after those fake, bullshit “wars” were, in effect, shit-canned by them like rotten meat. Trillions that should have educated, inspired, and nurtured them were wasted and stolen by our rabid, raping Capitalist War Machine.

After 20 years of blustering, pious deception, colluded in by the hillbilly ninnies laughingly referred to as our government, led by four despicable Presidents—as contemptible a set of moral and spiritual monsters as could be dredged up from the foetid latrines of history—this hideous charade can be seen for what it was: a brazen scam to engorge our Death Merchants with blood money.

Aug 25 10:19

“Revelations of Carter’s Former Advisor : ‘Yes, the CIA entered Afghanistan before the Russians…’” (1998)

Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs that the American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahiddin in Afghanistan six months before the Soviet intervention. In this period, you were the national security advisor to President Carter. You therefore played a key role in this affair. Is this correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahiddin began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan on December 24, 1979. But the reality, closely guarded until now, is completely otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention [emphasis added throughout].

Aug 25 10:18

Biden could leave thousands of Americans behind in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden could leave behind thousands of Americans in Afghanistan if he sticks to August 31 as his deadline to remove all U.S. troops in the country.

The Daily Caller reported on Tuesday, citing an official with direct knowledge of the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, that about 3,800 Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan since July 29, with an estimated 8,000 remaining in the country. The official told the Daily Caller that, based on the pace of the evacuation efforts, its “doubtful we are going to bring in 8,000 more Americans” between now and August 31.

Aug 25 10:17

Biden: Taliban helping us get people out of Afghanistan

The US says evacuation efforts to help people get out of Afghanistan are 'on pace' to meet a 31 August deadline.

President Biden says keeping troops beyond that date increases the risk of attacks by IS militants.

Aug 25 10:08

NATO Knives Out for US

It was bound to end like this. The United States and its NATO partners went into Afghanistan in the first place to subjugate and plunder with imperial swagger.

Now that the whole criminal enterprise has collapsed 20 years later, the recriminations are intense and bitter.

There were extraordinary scenes in the British parliament this week and among other European capitals. Politicians across the board have been slamming US President Joe Biden’s administration for the disastrous failure in Afghanistan.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel who was recently referring to Biden as “dear Joe” has taken to blaming his administration for the mess that has hit the fan this week as Western states rush to evacuate embassies.

Aug 25 10:06

EXCLUSIVE: ‘This Is A Massive F*** Up’: Team Organizing Private Flights Out Of Afghanistan Says Biden Admin Has Been An ‘Impediment’ To Their Evacuations

The Biden administration has been an “impediment” to a private effort to get people out of Afghanistan, Robert Stryk, who is arranging privately chartered flights to get Americans and vulnerable Afghans out of the country, exclusively told the Daily Caller News Foundation Monday.

“The Brits and South Africans have been fucking awesome and heroic in getting people through the Mil Gate,” Stryk told the DCNF.

Stryk, whose Washington-based lobbying firm was in 2017 paid by the government of Afghanistan for “US Government affairs and commercial sector advice. Executive Branch and Legislative Branch Engagement; Defense consultation; strategic advice pertaining to extremism/terrorism; and promotion of democracy and foreign direct investment,” said he had reached out to the administration “dozens and dozens” of times and had yet to hear back.

Aug 25 10:06

Inside US Afghanistan pullout, CIA opium ratline, pipeline conflict, new cold war

In the first part of the interview, we talk about the geopolitics of the conflict, how the Taliban has changed, what the future Afghan government could look like, and the corruption of US puppet President Ashraf Ghani and other CIA assets.

In the second part, we discuss the 20-year US/NATO war in Afghanistan, the opium ratline the CIA used to fund dirty covert ops, the fight over pipelines, and the estimated $1 trillion worth of untapped mineral reserves in the country, as well as Washington’s “pivot to Asia” and how Afghanistan is central in the new cold war on China and Russia.

Aug 25 09:51

Pics/Videos: Taliban ‘special forces’ make videos in US tactical gear in new propaganda

Over the past week, the Taliban have been showing off members of their “special forces” unit known as the Badri 313 Battalion wearing U.S.-donated western-style tactical gear and heavily accessorized modern military rifles.

Badri 313 members already caught viral attention after they posed for a photo, raising the Taliban flag in the same pose as the U.S. Marines in the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima.

Aug 25 09:04

Five American small arms adopted by the Taliban - Disgusting!

Aug 25 08:53

These Are The Military's Options For Extending Evacuations In Afghanistan. None Of Them Are Good.

It is looking less and less plausible that the U.S. and its allies can get everyone out of Afghanistan they need to, as well as their own military personnel and assets, by the time the August 31st deadline strikes. This is becoming a massively contentious issue as parts of the international community, including close allies to the United States, and those in U.S. Congress, are demanding the timeline be left undefined in order to end the evacuation when it makes sense operationally, not based on previous promises to the Taliban. So what does a prolonged evacuation mission look like in what could be a fully contested environment—one in which the Taliban does not offer security assurances to the U.S., nor allows it to be in the country at all anymore, even possibly taking direct military action against American forces that remain there?

Aug 25 08:42

LISTEN: Heartbreaking Audio Of American Woman Stranded In Afghanistan, Crying And PLEADING For Help

Heartbreaking audio was released over the weekend of a woman in Afghanistan who has tried to get to the airport several times and is trapped. She’s scared, crying, and begging for Biden to send someone to help her:

Aug 25 08:37

Twitter Users Notice Tiny Detail On Airplane, Reveal Stunning Mistake Biden's DOD Made

The Biden administration has botched its response to the Afghanistan crisis in so many ways it has become hard to keep count.

The incompetence continued Tuesday with a tweet from Biden’s Department of Defense. The tweet included pictures that apparently showed “Afghan civilians board[ing] @usairforce C-17 Globemasters at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

At a quick glance, the tweet seems innocent enough. However, a closer investigation would reveal that the C-17s pictured do not appear to be American.

One Twitter user zoomed in on the pictures of the aircraft to show the words “UAE Air Force” on the side. This would seem to be a clear indication that they are not, in fact, U.S. Air Force C-17s.

Aug 25 08:35

WH Official Reveals Chilling Info That Jill Biden, Not Joe, Is In Charge Of Afghanistan Decisions

OANN reporter Jack Pesobiec has dropped a scoop from a highly reliable White House source that is quite chilling.

Joe Biden, according to the sauce, was unsure about keeping the August 31 timetable for leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban “red-lined” it and told him he had to leave, but Joe could have escalated things and brought in the big guns and told the Taliban what was up… and that’s exactly what our European allies wanted him to do, because we couldn’t possibly get all of these innocent people out of Afghanistan in seven days.

It’s simply not conceivable, and no one believes it is.

But Joe stunned the globe when he decided to follow the Taliban’s orders rather than call in the “US big guns,” and the world watched in terror.