Sep 21 12:06

The Canadian Election’s Lesson for Americans

Canada had an election yesterday, and the results weren’t very interesting. The Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, called the election in the hopes of turning their minority government into a majority government. In the last election, they won 157 seats in the House of Commons. They currently have won or lead in . . . 158 seats. Canadian writer Ben Woodfinden called it “the Seinfeld election,” since it wound up being about nothing.

Sep 21 10:40

Undercover Trucker: Hauling Half-Ton Of Pot For Feds In Sting

The case provides a window into the murky world of marijuana smuggling from Canada to the U.S. While the illicit trade has been active for years, seizures from commercial vehicles have soared after the border closed to nonessential travel in March 2020. That December marijuana seizure was one of 131 reported by CBP that month. Seizures in the Buffalo area accounted for more than half of that pot by weight.

The truck driver, who was not named, does not appear to have been charged. Court documents do not make any suggestion that he knew about the marijuana in the load or made any agreements with U.S. authorities in exchange for cooperation. Drivers caught with loads of drugs at the border aren’t necessarily charged, typically either due to lack of evidence or investigators or prosecutors concluding they weren’t involved.

Sep 20 07:59

VIDEO: Trudeau Says Vaccine Passports Are ‘All About’ Rewarding People Who Do ‘The Right Things,’ Hurting Those Who ‘Hesitate’ or ‘Resist’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed this week that vaccine mandates and passports are “all about” rewarding government subjects who have “done the right things,” and making sure that those who “hesitate” or “still resist” don’t “get to enjoy the same things that [sic] those who have done their part for others.”

“We’re paying for the provincial vaccine passports to make sure that when someone comes into a restaurant, they’ll know they won’t be sitting beside a table of people who are unvaccinated,” Trudeau said. “When you go into a gym, when you go into a movie theater, you need to know that if you’ve done the right things, you get to be safe. You get to be rewarded for having done the right things.”

Sep 19 06:03

Canadian PM Trudeau Vows to Criminalize ‘Anti-Vax’ Hospital Protests

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed Monday to criminalize protests outside hospitals in Canada if reelected in an upcoming parliamentary vote after hundreds of citizens opposed to Trudeau’s latest Chinese coronavirus vaccine mandates staged peaceful demonstrations and candlelight vigils outside health centers nationwide in recent days.

Speaking in Vancouver on September 13, Trudeau proposed “criminal sanctions for anyone blocking access to hospitals, vaccine clinics, testing centers, pharmacies and abortion clinics, and those intimidating or harassing health-care workers,” the Canadian Press reported.

Trudeau threatened to clamp down on Canadians’ freedom of expression on September 13 in response to continued protests against his liberal government’s Chinese coronavirus policies in recent weeks, including the implementation of a mandatory vaccine requirement for travelers across Canada.

Sep 16 07:58

British Columbia Health Professionals Challenge B.C. Government Regarding Covid-19 Restrictions

We are a group of extremely concerned health professionals in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. We have some critical questions regarding COVID-19, specifically about the current reporting of case numbers, statistics, and testing, and the restrictions imposed by your health orders. While discussion of adjunctive and alternative safe and effective treatments is being stifled, the policies of mandatory experimental vaccines and vaccine passports are being forced upon our province, our country, and many other countries worldwide.

Sep 13 12:33

Canada Adopts Chinese Social Credit System

Sep 11 07:11

Why Canada's War on Covid Is a Disaster That We Are Certain to Lose

Lockdowns, business closures, ballooning public debt and deficits, interrupted schooling, adverse vaccine events including death — over 12, 000 in the Province of Ontario alone: these are among the many costs of the war on Covid.

What have been the benefits?

No doubt in the early stages of the epidemic some Covid infections, and hence deaths, were avoided by measures to "flatten the curve." Because of the costs, however, such draconian measures could not be maintained indefinitely. Rather, they were imposed to limit viral spread until the many novel so-called vaccines for Covid then under development became available for use, albeit without the usual multi-year-long human and animal safety testing.

Sep 10 08:35

‘Flame purification’? I fear the burning of books in Canada is the first step towards something sinister and evil

Books featuring so-called ‘outdated content’ are being burned as a goodwill gesture to Indigenous people in Ontario. This fills me with dread, as history has shown us that the torching of ideas usually has disastrous consequences.

First, a confession. I get really emotional and upset when I encounter ritual book-burning. So when I read that in Canada, more than 4,700 books have been removed from the library shelves of schools and burned, I cannot help but feel depressed.

The book burning ceremony organised by an Ontario francophone school board was promoted as a “gesture of reconciliation” to Indigenous peoples. This barbaric act against enlightened cultural norms was labelled as a “flame purification ceremony.”

Sep 09 06:10

Quebec Orders All Health-Care Workers To Get Vaccinated Or Be Suspended Without Pay

The province of Quebec has become the latest local government (and the first in Canada) to decree that all nurses working in the province will need to get vaccinated by Oct. 15, or they will be suspended without pay, according to the province's health minister, Christian Dubé, who made the announcement on Tuesday.

The decision isn't exactly a surprise. Dubé and Quebec Premier François Legault have said in recent weeks that they intended to make vaccination mandatory for health-care workers, but they didn't specify a deadline or consequences for workers who didn't follow the mandate until Tuesday, when Dubé made the announcement during a provincial update.

For weeks, such events have been led by Dubé, accompanied by Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda. But given the gravity of the announcement, Legault returned to lead the news conference himself for the first time in weeks.

Sep 08 09:56

100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows

A report released last week by Public Health Ontario (PHO) showed the incidence of heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination was significantly more prevalent in young people.

As of Aug. 7, there were 106 incidents of myocarditis and pericarditis in people under the age of 25 in Ontario — slightly more than half of the total of all such incidents, the Toronto Sun reported.

There were 31 cases in the 12- to 17-year age group and 75 cases in 18- to 24-year-olds. Eighty percent of all cases were in males.

“The reporting rate of myocarditis/pericarditis was higher following the second dose of mRNA vaccine than after the first, particularly for those receiving the Moderna vaccine as the second dose of the series (regardless of the product for the first dose),” the report stated.

Sep 08 09:18

Vaccine Passports for Canada…

Sep 08 06:34

Canada’s Trudeau Doubles Down On Gun Control

Your average Canadian is a whole lot more trusting of their government than I am, that’s for sure. Not everyone, mind you, but enough that there’s a chance Trudeau will continue his personal war against gun rights in the nation.

Sep 07 08:46

Justin Trudeau Pelted By Rocks At Campaign Event 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been pelted by rocks while on a campaign stop Monday ahead of Canada’s general election. The incident took place in London, Ontario - with the Canadian leader later confirming he believes he was hit on the shoulder. The inbound objects were widely described as "small rocks".

Video shows him being pushed onto a bus by his aides to escape a large and unruly group of protesters angry at his vaccine mandate policies, which include required Covid vaccines for all workers in federally regulated industries, as well as for any citizen to travel by rail, public bus, or commercial flight.

Though there were no injuries reported from the stone throwing incident, at least two others traveling on a media bus were hit by the rocks as well.

Sep 06 07:05

Canada’s Conservative leader now says he will keep firearms ban

Amid days of pressure to clarify his party’s stance on gun control legislation in Canada, the leader of the country’s Conservative Party has pledged to maintain a 2020 ban on some firearms if elected later this month.

Speaking during a news conference in Vancouver on Sunday, Erin O’Toole said the Conservatives would keep in place a prohibition on some “assault-style” weapons that was imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in March of last year.

Sep 06 06:50

Breaking — Justin Trudeau unveils radical new approach to gun grabbing…

Canadian elections September 20th — Conservatives have the momentum and Trudeau is panicked

Sep 04 19:31

Chris Sky 2nd September 2021

Excellent rally speech.

Sep 02 15:03


Sep 02 05:25

Canadian police ‘divided’ over enforcing authoritarian Trudeau policies: law enforcement veteran

Are you worried about all these tyrannical and unconstitutional laws coming out in many countries surrounding COVID and parental rights? Or about the prospect of having the police show up at your door to take your kids away or force you to be vaccinated?

For this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I spoke with Rob Stocki, a former police officer from Ottawa, Canada, who shared his unique look into what’s happening inside law enforcement groups in the country. Prior to retiring in 2010 to volunteer and work in the private sector, he was an officer for 13 years, and now speaks openly in support of freedom for Canadians.

Sep 02 05:25

Ontario COVID ‘vaccine’ passport on hold after Premier rejects proposal: reports

Ontario’s province-wide COVID-19 passport has been put on hold for now.

According to media reports this morning, Premier of Ontario Doug Ford allegedly said “no” to what was proposed to him and his cabinet regarding the proof of vaccination system late Monday.

Multiple media outlets over the past few days have reported that Ford was scheduled to unveil an Ontario-based vaccine certificate system today.

Globe and Mail reporter Laura Stone wrote this morning that, according to sources, the vaccine passport was deemed “so far-reaching” that Ford said “no” to the proposed plans.

Aug 27 07:35

Canada will pay funeral expenses of those killed by COVID-19 vaccines 

The Canadian government has allocated $75 million to ‘provide death benefits’ for those killed by COVID-19 jabs, even as PM Trudeau orders 68 million Pfizer ‘booster shots’.

Aug 26 11:55

Trudeau's Covid Election: Anticipating Vax Failure

A democratic Government's prime function is to protect the people. In response to the supposedly existential threat of Covid, the Government of Canada has staked its reputation on the Vax — masks, lockdowns and vax passports, the Government of Canada has declared, are necessary until we achieve fully vaxed status.

The problem for the Trudeau Government is that the data from Israel, the first mostly vaxed nation, are conclusive: The vax has failed. Yesterday's seven-day average daily case count for Israel was 7,947, almost exactly the same as the all-time January 17 peak (8,190), when only 3.7 percent of the population was fully vaxed.

At the same time, the media are now admitting that infection-based immunity is greatly superior to the immunity of the vaxed. And whereas vax-induced immunity fades within months, infection-based immunity likely persists for life.

So what now?

Aug 25 10:16

Exclusive: Samples From Early Wuhan COVID Patients Had Genetically Modified Henipah, One of Two Types of Viruses Sent From Canadian Lab

Samples from early Wuhan COVID-19 patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipah virus, an American scientist has found.

Henipah was one of the two types of viruses sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory at the centre of a controversy over the firing of the scientists and collaboration with Chinese military researchers. It is not clear whether the virus found in the Chinese samples is related to the samples sent by the Canadian lab, which were shipped in late March 2019.

The finding was confirmed for The Epoch Times by another qualified scientist.

The evidence was first found by Dr. Steven Quay, a Seattle-based physician-scientist and former faculty member at the Stanford University School of Medicine, who looked at early COVID-19 samples uploaded by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) shortly after China informed the World Health Organization about the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

Aug 24 09:36

Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For ‘Inciting’ Church Warns Americans: ‘The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore’

The Polish-Canadian pastor who faces a potential four-year jail sentence for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, is warning Americans that the tyranny he saw growing up in communist Poland has spread to Western countries.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, 48, recently spoke to The Daily Wire as he lingered in the Portland, Oregon, area following an attack on a prayer rally he arranged on the banks of the Willamette River. The event, which he organized with local churches, made headlines when black-clad members of Antifa rushed in to deploy tear gas, destroy sound equipment, assault worshipers, and scoff that God had abandoned them.

Pawlowski, who was maced in the face, claimed that Portland police watched the incident from their cars and did nothing.

Aug 23 10:55

Large-scale protests take place in Canada against mandatory vaccine passports but the media blacks it out

Most Americans think of our neighbors to the north as a mostly benevolent people not prone to excitability or bucking authority, but all of that is changing in the age of COVID-19.

The most recent evidence is trickling out on various social media platforms: Video and photographs of massive protests against the increasingly authoritarian mandates imposed on Canadians by their elected leaders, to include mandatory vaccine passports and other documentation showing they have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, lest they be barred from being full participants in their own country.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians have risen up to reject the “Great Reset” by demanding their freedom and an end to government-imposed restrictions,” the news site Neon Nettle reported this week.

Aug 23 09:08

Canadian women face sexual abuse & violence from ‘trans’ biological males in prison, former inmate tells RT

Female inmates in Canadian prisons are at risk of violence from biologically male convicts who identify as women, but no one is willing to discuss the issue out of fear of being labeled transphobic, an activist has told RT.

Heather Mason, who served time in Canada’s prison system, said that she experienced firsthand the dangers that come with placing biological men in female jails.

Canada allows men to choose to serve their sentence in a female prison if they say they identify as women – regardless of whether or not they have undergone surgery or hormone therapy.

Speaking to RT, Mason recounted an incident in which a sex offender had attempted to “peek” into her cell while officers were strip-searching her. Mason claimed that the biological male was “fully intact” and hadn’t had any procedures done. She said that the sexual harassment from trans inmates continued after she was transferred to a federal facility.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You mean, nobody knew this was going to be a problem?!?

Aug 23 06:46

Canada collapsing...

Aug 23 05:25

HSBC is the 800-pound Gorilla in the Canadian Courtroom that No One is Talking About—the Judicial Incubus Weighing on Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s Shoulders

The prosecution of telecommunications giant Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou on charges of violating U.S. sanctions policies with Iran has been very politicized from the outset and a bellwether in the decline of U.S.-Sino relations in an era of renewed cold war.

Now as the trial is going forward, an 800-pound gorilla in the room is the importance of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, better known by its abbreviation, HSBC, to the case.

Aug 19 05:57

‘The people of China have spoken’: Beijing urges release of Huawei executive as 6 million petition Canada to drop extradition case

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged Ottawa to release Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou as her detention nears 1,000 days, and six million netizens petition Canada to drop an extradition case that would see her sent to the US.

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reiterated Beijing’s demand that Canada release Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and the US drop its fabricated charges against the tech executive.

The spokeswoman, citing a Global Times petition, said that in less than 24 hours, 3.5 million people have put their name to an open letter to the Canadian ambassador to China, demanding Meng’s release. The number of signatories has now reached six million.

“The people of China have spoken. I hope Canada can hear it,” Hua stated, adding that she hoped Ottawa would “listen carefully to these calls for justice, show the courage of independence and release Meng.”

Aug 19 05:35

Justin Trudeau — I spoke with Hillary about Afghanistan… Not Biden…

Aug 18 10:33

First flight bringing Afghans who helped military arrives in Canada, with more still to come

A government flight carrying dozens of Afghan workers who assisted the Canadian military during the war in Afghanistan has landed in Toronto, the federal government confirmed Wednesday evening.

It's the first flight to arrive under a special immigration program to bring in Afghans as government-assisted refugees.

"Today, the Government of Canada is welcoming the first of a number of flights carrying Afghan refugees who provided crucial support to Canadian Armed Forces members in Afghanistan," said a statement issued by several federal ministers involved in the resettlement program.

Aug 18 10:32

Thousands of Afghan contractors, family members could be eligible to resettle in Canada, says minister

The federal government is promising to resettle more Afghan interpreters and other workers who helped the Canadian Armed Forces during the war — people now in danger of being killed by a resurgent Taliban.

Today, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and his cabinet colleagues announced the launch of a new resettlement program for interpreters who worked with the Canadian Armed Forces, cooks, drivers, cleaners, construction workers, security guards and locally engaged staff employed at the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan, and their family members.

During the war, Afghan interpreters worked with Canadian troops to connect them with local leaders, translate conversations and help them build trust on the ground.

Aug 18 06:44

What? Say it ain't snow August!!!

After months of hot, dry and smoky weather right across the province, Albertans were happy to see today's much-needed rainfall.

Snow on the other hand? Well, I think it's safe to say we're not quite ready for that just yet, but that is just what the ski cam captured over at Nakiska Ski Area in Kananaskis.

According to a photo taken at 9:30 this morning, it was snowing on the top of the gold chair express at an elevation of 7,408 feet.

Aug 18 06:40


Stew Peters interview Patrick King that following a trial for a $200 fine related to an alleged COVID restrictions violation, force Alberta health authorities to prove the existence of COVID demonstrating the virus has been fully isolated. Alberta health authorities joint with the highest Canadian authorities, had to admit in written on the records, that the virus has not been fully isolated and that there isn't any prove that we are into a pandemic

Aug 16 11:31

Tens of Thousands of Canadians Rise Up to Reject the 'Great Reset' – Media Blackout

Tens of thousands of Canadians have risen up to reject the "Great Reset" by demanding their freedom and an end to government-imposed restrictions.Angry citizens flooded the streets of Montreal, Canada, over the weekend to protest the coming implementation of new restrictions due to rollout on September 1. The changes will force Canadians to carry mandatory papers that will control individual access to ordinary activities, such as events, bars, restaurants, and gyms.

Aug 15 07:08

Canada Buys More SpikeVax Vaccines

The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced on August 13, 2021, that Canada has entered into an agreement with Moderna for an additional supply of its SpikeVax COVID-19 vaccine for 2022 2023, with an option to extend into 2024.

The agreement guarantees 40 million mRNA vaccine doses, with access to up to 65 million more if all options are exercised.

Moreover, this agreement empowers access to new COVID-19 vaccine adaptations (coronavirus variants) based on the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Canada.

Aug 14 05:45

Lima Group Loses Lima

The Canadian instigated Lima Group has been dealt a probably fatal blow that ought to elicit serious discussion about this country’s foreign policy. But, don’t expect the media or politicians to even mention it.

In a likely death knell for a coalition seeking to overthrow the Venezuelan government, Peru’s new Foreign Affairs Minister called the Lima Group the country’s “most disastrous” ever foreign policy initiative. Héctor Béjar said, “the Lima Group must be the most disastrous thing we have done in international politics in the history of Perú.”

Two days after Béjar’s statement St Lucia’s external affairs minister, Alva Baptiste, declared: “With immediate effect, we are going to get out of the Lima Group arrangement – that morally bankrupt, mongoose gang, we are going to get out of it because this group has imposed needless hardship on the children, men and women of Venezuela.”

Aug 13 07:22

Moderna signs deal to build COVID-19 vaccine factory in Canada

American pharmaceutical company Moderna, known for creating an experimental and side effect-riddled Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, has reached a deal with the Canadian government to build what it claims will be a “state of the art” COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing plant.

The creation of this plant will not only provide Canada with an endless supply of Moderna-made vaccines, but it will also pave the way for the pharmaceutical company to transform the Canadian economy into what is essentially a big pharma-controlled pandemic economy. A major part of the country’s economic activity will be diverted to pay pharmaceutical companies billions for vaccines.

Aug 13 05:44

Official: Canada sending forces to close Afghan embassy

Canadian special forces will deploy to Afghanistan where staff in Canada's embassy in Kabul will be evacuated before it closes, a source familiar with the plan told The Associated Press.

The official, who was not authorized to talk publicly about the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity, did not say how many special forces would be sent.

Just weeks before the U.S. is scheduled to end its war in Afghanistan, the Biden administration is also rushing 3,000 fresh troops to the Kabul airport to help with a partial evacuation of the U.S. Embassy.

Aug 12 10:44

Secret Liberal Government Payments To Media Subvert Democracy

How can a country still be considered a democracy when our tax dollars are given – without our knowledge or consent – to media organizations that will then report on the election campaign and shape public perception?

It has been clear for some time that Canada is not really a fully democratic country, particularly within our political parties.

There is very little room for debate or disagreement within our centralized political institutions, where party leaders have the power to remove anyone they disagree with and basically end the careers of those who don’t ‘fall in line’ by refusing to sign nomination papers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to our world, Canada!

Aug 12 06:00

Canada Says No Unvaxxed Entry “For Years”

If you’re planning on traveling to British Columbia, you’ll need to be vaccinated.

“They’re going to have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the foreseeable future. I don’t mean weeks or months, I mean years,” British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix said during an interview with KING 5.

We already have countries like Israel and Iceland which basically admitted the vaccine does not work, and that means every other country will soon follow these rules, but with a twist: the rules are not only going to apply to the unvaxxed.

The jig is up, as the elites hate the idea of travel for the peasants. There was this short period when the average plebe could travel cheaply wherever he wanted, and that is now over forever.

Aug 11 14:07

Canada Says No Unvaxxed Entry “For Years”

Aug 11 13:22

‘Immediately and unconditionally’: Washington demands China release Canadian sentenced to 11 years in prison for spying

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has demanded Canadian businessman Michael Spavor, arrested in China for alleged spying, be released “immediately and unconditionally” after he was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Wednesday.

In a Wednesday statement, Blinken accused China of “arbitrarily” arresting Spavor to “exercise leverage over foreign governments.”

“People should never be used as bargaining chips,” the secretary of state said.

Spavor was sentenced to 11 years in prison over charges of espionage. In a statement on the ruling, the court said Spavor was “illegally providing state secrets.”

Aug 11 07:46

Canadian Farmers Cull 130,000 Pigs After Pork Plant Strike Closes Processor

Bloomberg reports a labor strike at a Quebec pork-processing plant may have resulted in more than 130,000 culled pigs in eastern Canada.

A dangerous backlog of pigs ready for slaughter has built up after Olymel's processing facility in Vallee-Jonction, Quebec, experienced a labor strike and the resulting closure of the plant since April 28.

The company slaughters on average 36,000 hogs each week. But since the plant closed, backlogs are increasing, and pigs are being diverted to other U.S. and western Canada processors. About 15,000 pigs each week are being left behind, according to David Duval, the president of the Eleveurs de porcs du Quebec, which represents the province's farmers.

"Animals struggle through heat waves like this. If on top of that they're crammed, it's becoming extremely difficult," Duval said. "I heard several producers who told me 'I don't know where to put them next week."

Aug 11 06:04

Pro-lockdown protesters assault & assail Rebel News reporter & demand that Alberta bring back public health restrictions

Over the last year, we’ve seen our fair share of anti-lockdown protests.

These protests have taken place across Canada and around the world and are often attended by friendly freedom-minded individuals who are fed up with government overreach.

Protesters at these events typically share a similar sentiment; they just want to be left alone by our well-meaning and safety-conscious public officials.

Lockdown restrictions have taken a massive toll on small businesses, families, friends, and communities. And the longer they’ve gone on, the more damage they have caused.

But for a few lucky provinces, including my home province of Alberta, those restrictions have finally ended once and for all — or so we’re told.

Aug 10 18:21

O (no!) Canada: Fast-moving Proposal Creates Filtering, Blocking and Reporting Rules—And Speech Police to Enforce Them

By Corynne McSherry and Katitza Rodriguez

Policymakers around the world are contemplating a wide variety of proposals to address “harmful” online expression. Many of these proposals are dangerously misguided and will inevitably result in the censorship of all kinds of lawful and valuable expression. And one of the most dangerous proposals may be adopted in Canada. How bad is it? As Stanford’s Daphne Keller observes, “It’s like a list of the worst ideas around the world.” She’s right.

These ideas include:

- broad “harmful content” categories that explicitly include speech that is legal but potentially upsetting or hurtful
- a hair-trigger 24-hour takedown requirement (far too short for reasonable consideration of context and nuance)
- an effective filtering requirement (the proposal says service providers must take reasonable measures which “may include” filters, but, in practice, compliance will require them)

Aug 10 09:59

Ottawa condemns Beijing after court upholds death penalty for Canadian drug trafficker

The Canadian government has blasted China over the “cruel and inhumane” capital punishment faced by a Canadian citizen, whose death sentence for drug trafficking was upheld by a Chinese court.

Robert Schellenberg’s defense team has lost an appeal against his death sentence, marking the latest turn in a protracted court battle over the 2014 drug charges. The Higher People’s Court of Liaoning Province ruled on Tuesday that his “conviction was accurate, the sentence was appropriate, and the trial procedures were legal.”

The decision was criticized by senior Canadian officials. Foreign Minister Marc Garneau condemned Beijing, saying in a statement that his country opposes death penalty “in any case,” calling Schellenberg’s sentence “arbitrary.”

Aug 09 05:55

Health Canada issues advisory for disposable masks with graphene

Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use disposable face masks that contain graphene.

Health Canada issued the notice on Friday and said wearers could inhale graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms.

Masks containing the toxic particles may have been distributed in some health-care facilities.

The recall comes after the Quebec government warned against wearing those masks last week. They had previously been distributed in schools and daycares in that province.

Aug 05 09:39

Video: Canadian Court Victory Proves COVID-19 Is a Hoax and All Restrictions Have Now Been Dropped

Patriot Patrick King represented himself in court after being fined $1200 dollars for protesting against the Covid-Hoax, he slew the beast and emerged VICTORIOUS.

He issued a subpoena to the Provincial Health Minister for proof that the so-called Covid-19 Virus exists, and they were forced to admit that they had no evidence whatsoever. The virus has never been isolated, and thus the government had no legal grounds to impose any of the punishing restrictions they have inflicted on society.

Since this shocking confession came to light, the Province has since rescinded all Covid-Restrictions and now officially treats Covid-19 as nothing more than a mild flu! WE WON!

King has shown the template to be followed WORLDWIDE. This is what can happen when you are not re-presented by a BAR (British Accredited Registry) Lawyer who’s first obligation is to the Corrupted Courts and not their client.

Aug 05 07:44

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

Aug 04 06:10

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

Aug 03 10:43

My own country of Canada just kicked me out because my Covid immunity was acquired naturally and not from a vaccine

I went home to visit my mother. Canada tried to force me into a Covid detention facility threatening fines and police action as they don’t recognize my natural immunity. I had no choice but to immediately fly back to Europe.

Aug 02 07:04

American Couple Fined $50,000 For Traveling To Canada With Fake Vaccination Documents

Canada has for more than the past year become known as having arguably the most stringent and far-reaching travel screening and lockdown/quarantine polices of any country. For example the US-Canada border is still closed, but is set to open August 9th - only for the fully vaccinated.

Throughout what's essentially been more or less a 'permanent' state of lockdown since the start of the pandemic, even Canadians re-entering the country from outside have had to quarantine for at least two weeks if they can't show proof of vaccination. This policy has been in effect in other countries as well, especially in Europe, which has perhaps made it inevitable that foreign travelers have sought to find ways around the restrictions. Authorities have worried about fake vaccination certificates popping up globally as the concept of 'COVID passports' has remained under discussion and is already fast becoming a reality at least in practice.

Aug 01 10:56


Looks like Justin Castro-Trudeau is setting up the Gulags.....

Jul 29 07:08


Jul 29 05:07

Canada Border Officers Vote To Strike, Warn Of Supply Chain Disruption

Thousands of Canada Border Services Agency personnel have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike – something that could throw a wrench into port, cross-border trucking, airfreight and international parcel operations.

The strike could happen as early as Aug. 6, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and its Customs and Immigration Union said on Tuesday. The union represents some 8,500 CBSA employees, including officers serving at ports of entry across the country.

The threat of a strike comes as Canada prepares to reopen its land border to nonessential travel for the first time since March 2020. The timing wasn’t lost on the union, which warned that a strike could lead to “significant disruption to the flow of goods.”

The impacts could bring delays to commercial vehicle traffic and impact parcel deliveries and duties collection, the union said.

Jul 28 06:11

Ancient Romanian gold mine awarded UNESCO world heritage status, complicating ongoing legal battle with Canadian company

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has awarded Romania’s Rosia Montana gold mine world heritage status. However, the move may complicate an ongoing lawsuit with a Canadian company.

During the latest session of the UN body’s World Heritage Committee, the Rosia Montana mine was awarded the special UNESCO status because of its historical significance, dating back to the second century.

According to the International Council on Monuments and Sites, the historical mine “contains the most significant, extensive and technically diverse underground Roman gold mining complex currently known in the world.”

Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, praised UNESCO’s listing of the site in a Facebook post on Tuesday, and proposed that Rosia Montana “should become a model for enhancing the value of heritage through the sustainable development of the area.”

Jul 23 07:03

‘I had never seen deaths happen so quickly’: Quebec nursing home gave COVID patients morphine instead of virus treatments

A Quebec nurse has testified that in accordance with provincial health department directives, her long-term care home administered morphine to coronavirus patients instead of caring for them to prolong their lives.

“I had never seen deaths happen so quickly,” Sylvie Morin told the Globe and Mail. Morin was an assistant chief nurse at Sainte-Dorothée, a long-term care (LTC) home where more than 100 residents died last year during the “first wave” of COVID-19.

She explained that the nursing home staff were instructed to give the residents thought to have COVID-19 a “respiratory distress protocol” that included morphine, the sedative Ativan, and the anti-nausea drug scopolamine. The Mayo Clinic notes that common side effects of injected morphine are “difficult or troubled breathing,” “irregular, fast or slow, or shallow breathing,” “shortness of breath,” and “very slow breathing.”

Jul 20 15:45

As a Parent, The Speed That Western Society And Culture Is Descending Into Hysterical Self-Hatred Makes Me Worry For My Children

These pressures manifest as a cultural self-hate which (amazingly) enjoys unanimous support from the American state, the education system, the media and global big business. Thus, we have the riots and statue removals related to Black Lives Matter, a somehow global movement based on events from a specific corner of one nation. -- Not satisfied with just that, we now have critical race theory (CRT) being implemented in many American schools, where it seems they will raise their children to celebrate an endemic, incurable guilt. Educating on a basis of blame or penance cannot be a good thing, for anyone.

Jul 16 05:56

Ontario's Grade 9 Will Be Taught That "Mathematics Has Been Used To Normalize Racism"

It looks like the post-modern lot has finally reached what many would think to be a sacred science that usurps the boundaries of racism, equality or wokeness: mathematics.

In Ontario, students in Grade 9 are now being taught about the "subjective" nature of math, including the historical use of math to "normalize racism", according to the Toronto Sun.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced last year that changes in Ontario's curriculum are inclusive of a ‘subjective’ and ‘decolonial’ approach to mathematics, the report says.

The Ontario Ministry's website says "an equitable mathematics curriculum recognizes that mathematics can be subjective". The post goes on to state:

"Mathematics is often positioned as an objective and pure discipline. However, the content and the context in which it is taught, the mathematicians who are celebrated, and the importance that is placed upon mathematics by society are subjective."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It almost seems like they are saying math is racist because certain races are simply better at it!

Jul 16 05:23

Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage

We have previously covered the story of Dr. Charles Hoffe, the brave doctor who has been practicing medicine for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada.

After he had administered about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA COVID-19 injections, he sounded the alarm over the severe reactions he was observing in his patients who chose to get the shot (he chose NOT to get it himself), which included death.

The result of him sounding the alarm was a gag order issued against him by the medical authorities in his community. He defied this gag order and was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson on her show where he sounded the alarm. See: Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

Jul 13 07:09

Joni Patry: What Is the Future of Canada?

Jul 08 17:37

Canada is turning into a “COVID Police State,” warns constitutional lawyer

Canadian constitutional lawyer and president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms John Carpay is warning the public that Canada is at risk of becoming a totalitarian COVID police state.

In a video he released in early May titled “Canada: The COVID Police State,” Carpay warned about how the Canadian government is turning into a police state. It is doing this through the accumulation of more and more power for itself under the pretext of keeping society safe from the coronavirus.

“Very basic, fundamental freedoms have been taken away from us,” said Carpay.