Jun 28 09:54

West Tries to ‘Lay Down the Law’ in International Relations: Lavrov

Western countries’ use of their rules to replace the existing instruments of international law shows that they are striving to "lay down the law" on the world stage, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"The beauty of these Western ‘rules’ lies precisely in the fact that they lack any specific content. When someone acts against the will of the West, it immediately responds with a groundless claim that ‘the rules have been broken’ (without bothering to present any evidence) and declares its ‘right to hold the perpetrators accountable’. The less specific they get, the freer their hand to carry on with the arbitrary practice of employing dirty tactics as a way to pressure competitors. During the so-called ‘wild 1990s’ in Russia, we used to refer to such practices as laying down the law," Lavrov wrote in an article published in Kommersant and Russia in Global Affairs on Monday.

Jun 28 06:57

Critics Warned the Largest Tax Increase in San Francisco History Would Be Ill-Spent. It's Now Funding $60,000 Tents for the Homeless.

When San Francisco voters were considering a 2018 ballot measure that would impose the largest tax increase in city history to fund homelessness services, critics warned that the initiative's spending plan was vague and unaccountable. Now, a chunk of that money is going to fund some very expensive tents.

On Wednesday, staff for the city's Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing went before the Board of Supervisors' Budget and Appropriations Committee to request $20 million over the next two fiscal years to continue operating six "safe sleeping" tent encampments.

This safe sleeping program was launched early in the pandemic as a way of getting people out of crowded shelters, and into open-air, socially distanced camping sites where the homeless had access to showers, meals, and around-the-clock security.

Jun 28 06:31

542 Percent Increase in Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested at Border

Border Patrol agents have arrested 353 illegal aliens with sex-related criminal convictions so far this fiscal year. A large number of the detainees had prior convictions for crimes involving a minor.

In all of fiscal 2020, agents apprehended 156 criminal sex offenders, and 58 total in fiscal 2019.

The number of criminals illegally crossing the southwest border has spiked in tandem with the border crossing surge this year. Convicted criminals are the most likely population of illegal aliens trying to avoid capture by Border Patrol.

Border Patrol has detected more than 250,000 illegal aliens who have evaded capture so far this year, according to the newly-appointed Acting Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz on June 24. It’s impossible to estimate how many have evaded Border Patrol without detection.

Jun 28 06:20

BREAKING: Radical Oregon Democrats Pass Bill to Give ILLEGALS Medicaid

On Saturday, Oregon’s State Senate passed bill HB 3352, which expanded eligibility for illegal aliens to receive Medicaid.

The Radical-left Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, is expected to sign the bill into law this week. She has been a flagrant supporter of the use of taxpayer funds to people who are here illegally. Her office has been pressuring the Oregon Legislature to pass the “cover all people” proposal since March.

Gov. Brown: “Everyone deserves access to health care. It’s the right thing to do, the just thing to do. And, it’s smart economic policy.”

Jun 25 12:41


I have intelligence from multiple sources that an invasion is planned through the southern border.

Jun 25 12:28

WATCH: Hispanic-Americans Greet Kamala At Border… Shouting “Viva Trump!”

Kamala Harris didn’t quite get the warm welcome from the Hispanic community that she expected during her visit (which actually wasn’t a real visit) to the border today.

As the missing border czar arrived in Texas today to “assess” the problem on our border, she was greeted by a huge throng of primarily Hispanic Trump supporters who yelled at her as they drove by. They cried, “Viva Trump!” and demanded answers about the staggering number of people who had died as a result of their cruel political game, which was aimed to lure new Democrat votes into America from other nations. “How many more?” they demanded.

Jun 25 04:11

Disease, Sexual Abuse, Unsafe Food Await Unaccompanied Children in Biden’s Migrant Camps, Says BBC

A BBC investigation into unaccompanied minor detention centers in Texas revealed alarming conditions under the Biden Administration. The BBC reports migrant children are exposed to disease, dangerous food, and sexual abuse while in confinement.

As the flood of unaccompanied migrant children mounted through the spring, the Biden Administration quickly put up detention centers in multiple locations. The BBC reports the migrant children, mostly from Central America, face “heartbreaking” living conditions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe if we make the illegal immigrants more miserable here than their own homes, they will stop coming!

Jun 23 06:43

Venezuelan Immigrant Says UK, US Share Same Destiny, Both Mortally Threatened By Great Replacement

Americans are not alone in their struggle to preserve their nation’s demographic character. The United Kingdom, the Mother civilization of this great country, is going through her own Great Replacement. White Britons have known since at least 2010 that they’ll become a minority by about 2060 if things don’t change. [White UK population could become a minority by the 2060s, says expert, Urban Kapital Blog, Sep 3, 2020]. But a report two years ago about England’s second largest city, Birmingham, sharpened the point: It predicted that more than half the city’s 1.2 million residents being non-white, meaning whites will become a minority this year. [British white people set to become a minority in Birmingham, says report, by Carl Jackson, Birmingham Live, June 27, 2018]. In 2017, the city’s Muslims posted a sign: “No whites allowed after 8 p.m.” Birmingham is no longer British.

Jun 23 06:03

Biden will allow at least 10,000 deported asylum seekers to RETURN to US: Migrants whose claims were dismissed under Trump will be allowed back in from Mexico

Thousands of asylum-seekers whose claims were dismissed or denied under a Trump administration policy that forced them to wait in Mexico for their court hearings will be allowed to return for another chance at humanitarian protection, the Homeland Security Department said Tuesday.

Registration begins Wednesday for asylum-seekers who were subject to the 'Remain in Mexico' policy and either had their cases dismissed or denied for failing to appear in court, The Associated Press reported.

Under that criteria, it is unclear how many people will be eligible to be released into the United States pending a decision on their cases, according to a senior Homeland Security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not been made public.

Jun 23 05:51

Report: Biden’s Migration Policies Breaking Up Central American Families

The Biden administration has created an incentive for many Central Americans to break up their families at the U.S. southern border by allowing migrants traveling with a minor to claim asylum, the Wall Street Journal learned from some of the victims of the policy.

“There are few paths for migrants to come legally to the U.S. One way that many use to get in, however, is to arrive with a minor in tow and claim asylum,” David Luhnow, the Latin America editor for the Journal, wrote on Twitter Friday, citing the article.

“That creates an incentive for many in Central America to break up their families,” he added.

Jun 22 14:29

John Coleman -- 4 Billion "Useless Eaters" to be Culled by 2050

(Published in 1993)

"At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races.

The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world's population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bump to the top

Jun 20 06:14

Multicultural Gang Turf Wars Getting ‘More Violent’, Admits Paris Police Major

Both fuming and bragging, the man told the police officers that he used his car as a weapon during the street battle in a northern suburb of Paris, ramming the vehicle into a fighter from a rival group.

“I destroyed him,” the man said. “For certain, he’s at the hospital. He’s got a cut on his skull, he’s got a cut on his mouth.”

For the veteran police major called out to deal with the aftermath of another bloody brawl, the eye-opener this time was the sheer brutality, the clear intent on both sides to gravely wound and perhaps permanently maim.

On a national level, such disorder is translating into polarized and politicized debate about violence ahead of France’s presidential elections next year and local elections this month. President Emmanuel Macron’s opponents are using the perennial hot-button issues of crime and policing to attract votes.

Jun 17 15:05

DOJ Warns Red States Can't Void Federal Gun Laws - Gives Blue States Grants to Void Federal Immigration Laws

The Department of Justice under Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday threatened Missouri that they cannot void federal gun laws -- just two months after changing DOJ policies to share $250 million in annual grants with states which void federal immigration laws.

Jun 17 05:10

Illegal Immigrants Intentionally Damaging Property, Says Texas Sheriff

This year’s illegal immigrants are unlike those from previous years, according to Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe, who was also a Border Patrol agent for 31 years.

“We’re starting to see more intentional damage,” Coe told The Epoch Times. “I’ve never seen it quite like this. Somebody’s making a statement.”

He said in the past six months, illegal aliens that get past Border Patrol in the Del Rio, Texas, area are walking through ranches, destroying fences and water pipes, leaving water faucets on, and breaking into homes.

“We’ve always had a fence cut here, fence cut there, because they’re hauling dope or small kids or something,” he said. “But we’ve never seen the intentional big four-by-four holes in the fence, or now, a 10-foot section just cut completely out. That’s really starting to bother me.”

The cost of replacing a mile of fencing can be up to $30,000, several ranchers told The Epoch Times.

“It’s all just out of spite, I think,” Coe said.

Jun 16 11:46

Even Establishment Media, Other Democrat Allies Blast VP Harris’ Latin America Visit

The hits keep coming, even a week after Vice President Kamala Harris returned from her disastrous trip to Guatemala.

Harris “can be notoriously difficult to prep,” multiple former aides declared on condition of anonymity, Axios indicated on Sunday.

The VP surrounded herself with a staff who did not always serve her well during her 2020 presidential campaign, prompting her to be the first prominent Democrat to exit the race, the news outlet noted.

However, as VP, Harris has not taken advantage of the “latitude and stature to tap some of the country’s best talent to work on her team,” Axios pointed out.

As a result, “her trip to Guatemala and Mexico still garnered a flurry of negative headlines,” Axios suggested.

Besides the establishment media, other Democrat allies such as immigration advocates, and party strategists gave VP Harris flak for her trip to Latin America early last week, echoing Republican critics.

Jun 16 04:56

Pentagon to redirect $2.2 billion in border wall funds back to military projects

The Pentagon says it will restore $2.2 billion to military projects that were cancelled by the Trump administration to pay for a wall along the US-Mexico border to prevent immigrants from coming to the United States.

The US Department of Defense announced on Friday that the money will go to 66 projects in 16 countries, 11 US states and three US territories in fiscal 2021.

Jun 15 08:39

FLASHBACK APRIL 2020 - California to give cash payments to immigrants hurt by virus

California will be the first state to give cash to immigrants living in the country illegally who are hurt by the coronavirus, offering $500 apiece to 150,000 adults who were left out of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress.

Many Americans began receiving $1,200 checks from the federal government this week, and others who are unemployed are getting an additional $600 a week from the government that has ordered them to stay home and disrupted what had been a roaring economy.

But people living in the country illegally are not eligible for any of that money, and advocates have been pushing for states to fill in the gap. Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he would spend $75 million of taxpayer money to create a Disaster Relief Fund for immigrants living in the country illegally.

Jun 15 08:39

How American Citizens Finance $18.5 Billion In Health Care For Unauthorized Immigrants

All told, Americans cross-subsidize health care for unauthorized immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year . Of this total, federal taxpayers provided $11.2 billion in subsidized care to unauthorized immigrants in 2016

Jun 15 06:03


Summits often feature grand statements and needless fripperies. In Cornwall, the leaders of the G7 countries were trying to position and promote their relevance as the vanguard of democratic good sense and values. They, the message went, remained relevant, valuable and essential to the order of the earth, despite challenges posed by the autocrats.

Jun 14 10:27

Biden's plan puts U.S. taxes under 'global control'

The Biden administration is pushing a misguided 21 percent global corporate minimum tax on American businesses. At the same time, the administration is pushing for a global agreement amongst foreign countries to set a foreign minimum tax rate of 15 percent.

This is a terrible idea that, if successful, will surrender U.S. sovereignty to foreign leaders in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union in order to bind the world into higher taxes and bigger government.

Jun 14 10:10

‘Like Hell Went to Hell,’ The Tragic Demise of Venice Beach 

LOS ANGELES—World-renowned Venice Beach has long been a place where visitors, residents, and business owners commingled with artists, musicians, and entertainers from all over the country. Over 10 million tourists visit the beach’s famous boardwalk each year, drawn in by the ocean view and the unconventional lifestyle of the city’s eccentric community.

But the famed destination no longer circulates in headlines for its wacky tourist attractions or local eateries. Instead, the beach town has become known worldwide for its flourishing homeless encampments, burgeoning filth, skyrocketing crime rate, and increasingly violent transients.

As city officials dawdle, the beachside town is falling to ruin, residents say, overwhelmed by the homeless that are making their lives a living hell.

Their cries for help have gone largely unheeded—until now. Earlier this week, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced a July 4th sweep that aims to clean up the mess.

Jun 14 09:47

Americans Last: Biden Closes Trump's Office for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, Opens Illegal Alien Support Office Instead

On Friday, as Joe Biden bumbled his way around the G7 Summit, his administration was hard at work disassembling more Trump-era immigration policies.

During his first week in office, President Trump created the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For the first time, victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens were given the acknowledgment and support they deserved.

That support has now come to a screeching halt with the closing of VOICE.

According to the AP, VOICE is to be replaced by the newly created Victims Engagement and Services Line (VESL). VESL’s focus is to provide “methods for people to report abuse and mistreatment in immigration detention centers and a notification system for lawyers and others with a vested interest in immigration cases.”

In other words, instead of VOICE focusing on support for the victims of illegal aliens, VESL will now support the illegal aliens themselves.

Jun 14 09:14

Arizona, Texas ask other states to send law enforcement to fill federal void at border

rizona Gov Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ask asking other states to send police officers to aid their law enforcement agencies and federal immigration officials in policing the nation's southern border.

In a letter last week, Ducey and Abbott wrote the surge in immigration from Mexico and Central American states is at a "crisis" level and they need more bodies to aid in patrolling.

"Texas and Arizona have stepped up to secure the border in the federal government's absence, and now the Emergency Management Assistance Compact gives your State a chance to stand strong with us," the letter read.

Ducey has criticized President Joe Biden for creating a crisis-level surge in immigration at the border. The White House has yet to release a statement in reaction to the letter.

Jun 14 08:22

"No Question" Cartel Activity Is Spilling Across US-Mexico Border: FBI Director

FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers at a hearing Friday that the agency has noted “quite a number” of instances of individuals deeply indebted to Mexican criminal organizations entering the United States, adding that there’s “no question” cartel activity is spilling over the border.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on "Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation," on Capitol Hill in Washington, on June 10, 2021. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

Wray made the remarks at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, in response to a question by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), who asked about the link between cartel activity and the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border.

Jun 14 05:43

Nation-building effort unlikely to stem Central American immigration tide, study finds

A Homeland Security-backed study has found that it’s unlikely Central American countries can boost their economies enough to stop people from trying to migrate to the U.S., undercutting President Biden’s plans to rely on nation-building to curb the border surge.

Incomes rise tenfold — an incomparable lure — for migrants from the key Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador by working in the U.S., according to the Borders, Trade and Immigration Institute.

“The potential economic gain following migration from the Northern Triangle to the U.S. is enormous,” the institute concluded. “In the presence of a wage gap this large, even significant percentage changes in home-country income will have relatively little quantitative impact on the gain that could be expected from migration.”

Jun 14 05:34

Kamala Harris Trashed by CNN Panel for 'Cringeworthy' and Conflicting Answers on the Migrant Crisis

The news comes as US Customs and Border Protection revealed that the number of illegal migrants crossing into the United States has reached its highest level since 2006. According to the agency, last month alone 180,000 people were detained on the southern border with Mexico.

US Vice President Kamala Harris has been criticised for unprepared responses to the migrant crisis. A CNN panel called her trip to Guatemala and Mexico a disappointment, pointing to her conflicting answers.

One of the biggest "failures" mentioned by the panel were Harris' answers to the question she has been asked for almost three months: "when are you going to visit the border?" And almost every time the official either laughed it off or dodged the question. During her recent interview with NBC's Lester Holt, Harris, whom Biden described as the "most qualified person" to deal with the migrant crisis, got defensive when the anchor pressed her on the issue.

"You haven't been to the border", Holt said.

Jun 11 10:23

Border Crisis Worsens As Cartels Take Over Southern Roads

The cartels accountable for smuggling migrants into the United States have grown more violent in run-ins with local law enforcement north of the border and are working in a more sophisticated fashion than sheriffs outside of Houston have seen.

The eastern Texas city of Houston is the first destination for most immigrants who make it across the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo regions. Sheriffs Justin Marr of Victoria County and A.J. Louderback of Jackson County are accustomed to having their deputies pull over vehicles on the highway that are crowded full of people being smuggled to Houston, but the transporters are becoming more vicious.

Jun 11 09:00

Gov Greg Abbott Says SCREW Biden, Texas Will Build Its Own Border Wall

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is completely fed up with the Biden administration’s inept border policy and is no longer going to wait for the feds to slow the influx of illegals by finishing Trump’s wall. Abbot will unveil a plan next week for his state to build their own wall along the Mexico border.

Abbott made the announcement to law enforcement officers, county judges, and mayors during a “border security summit” in the border city of Del Rio on Thursday.

“I will announce next week the plan for the state of Texas to begin building the border wall in the state of Texas,” Abbott said.

Jun 11 07:58

Time for Red States to Start Nullifying Federal Law: More alarming is the left’s goal to make its political power permanent by granting amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens

More alarming is the left’s goal to make its political power permanent by granting amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens, granting statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, expanding the Supreme Court, and normalizing the censorship of conservatives, not to mention the institutionalizing of election fraud, especially in key swing states.

There is little doubt, if history is our guide, that should the left achieve permanent political power, future elections will just become “show” elections, our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights will be diminished, if not gutted, and our economy will become permanently stagnant as with all other socialist economies in the world. It will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Jun 11 07:28

Kamala Harris Tells Spanish Media U.S. Is A 'Safe Haven' For Migrants After Staging 'Do Not Come' Stunt For Americans

Kamala Harris informed Spanish-language media outlet EFE on Thursday in so many words that all her tough talk telling migrants "do not come" was just to placate the American public.

Jun 10 10:08

Inside Tregenna Castle in Cornwall where G7 leaders are staying

WORLD leaders have headed to Cornwall this week for the G7 Summit, being hosted in the tiny village of Carbis Bay.

Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US are to discuss topics including Covid vaccines donations to developing countries and a 15 per cent global tax rate.

Jun 10 08:17

The Places That Rich People Are Leaving

Data shows that 16,000 Chinese and 7,000 Indian high net worth individuals moved out of their respective countries in 2019. The study by AfrAsia Bank covered only individuals with a net worth of $1 million to $9.9 million, who took up residency in a new country and spent at least half of the year there.

While these millionaires for China and India constituted only a loss of 2 percent of their HNWI population, Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes that the relative outflow from Russia and Turkey was higher at 6 and 8 percent, respectively.

According to the report, work opportunities, tax and financial concerns were among the reasons HNWI were deciding to make these moves. But the decision could also be of a personal nature. Better health care systems, better education systems, safety, a better standard of living and - last but not least - escaping an oppressive regime also led to HNWI picking a new home.

Jun 10 08:06

Kamala Spits Out A Bunch Of Lies Under Pressure

Vice President Kamala Harris falsely declared that "we've been to the border" when pressed on why she has not yet visited the southern border after being tasked by President Biden to handle the "root causes" of migration.

During an interview with NBC News Tuesday, Harris, who has been criticized by Republicans for not making the trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, was asked whether she had any plans to do so.

"I – at some point – you know – we are going to the border. We've been to the border," Harris stuttered. "So this whole – this whole – this whole thing about the border. We've been to the border. We've been to the border."

Harris was again pressed, with NBC’s Lester Holt reminding the vice president that she, herself, has not been to the border while in office.

Jun 10 06:23

Tucker Carlson's Monologue On The Democrats Using Open Borders To Change The Demographics Of America

"This is the most radical possible attack on the core premise of democracy, which is that citizens get to run their own countries. Not foreigners, citizens."

Jun 09 21:58

UK Govt Tells Social Media to Censor Videos of Illegal Migrant Crossings

Home Secretary Priti Patel under "conservative" PM Boris Johnson has been working to flood the UK with record migration and is now pressuring social media companies to censor videos of illegal migrant border crossings.

Big Tech already appear to be complying.

Jun 09 10:07

Denmark Will Fly All Unwanted Migrants To Africa Where Their Asylum Applications Will Be ‘Processed’

The Danish Parliament approved a bill that will fundamentally change how they deal with unwanted migrants — after being registered upon arrival in Denmark, “applicants” will then be put on planes and flown to Africa where “partner” countries will handle further “application proceedings“:

Among the states that could partner with Denmark are countries such as Rwanda, reports the AFP agency. Ethiopia and Eritrea are allegedly also negotiating with Copenhagen, with the Danes covering the cost of the whole process. The law also states that a migrant may be retained in that third country even if his or her asylum application is approved.

The European Commission has already expressed concerns about the new Danish law.

Jun 09 06:46

Denmark Cracks Down On Mass Migration

The Danish Parliament has passed a new law that will allow the government to deport asylum seekers to countries outside of the European Union to have their cases considered abroad. The legislation is widely seen as a first step toward moving the country's asylum screening process beyond Danish borders.

The law, proposed by the Social Democrat-led government, is aimed at discouraging frivolous asylum applications. It has been greeted with fury by those who favor mass migration, presumably out of fear that other EU countries may now follow Denmark's lead.

Denmark, which already has some of the most restrictive immigration policies in Europe, is at the vanguard of European efforts to preserve local traditions and values in the face of mass migration, runaway multiculturalism, and the systematic encroachment of political Islam.

Jun 09 06:42

Her Name Is Jupiter Paulsen: 14-Year-Old White Girl Murdered (Stabbed More Than 20 Times) by a Black Male in Fargo, ND: Was He a Refugee?

The ultimate question: was the black murderer in this heinous black-on-white murder in Fargo, North Dakota, a refugee resettled in one of America’s whitest major cities?

Was this murderer of an innocent white teenager brought to our nation by a refugee resettlement agency?

Her name is Jupiter Paulsen, a 14-year-old white girl stabbed more than 20 times by a black male in Fargo, ND: Was He a Refugee?. She would subsequently pass away after fighting for her life in a hospital.

Jun 09 06:10

Harris Says No Quick Fix To Root Causes Of Migration

US Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday that tackling the root causes of migration would take time, vowing to visit the US-Mexican border herself to see the situation firsthand.

Harris, on her first trip abroad as President Joe Biden's deputy, said that it was important to give people in violence-wracked Central American countries hope of a better future.

"Most people don't want to leave home and when they do it is usually for one of two reasons: either they are fleeing harm or to stay home means that they cannot satisfy their basic needs to sustain and take care of their families," she said.

"We know that if we give them a sense of hope that help is on the way that they will follow their first preference, which is to stay at home."

That would not happen overnight, she said.

"The issue of root causes is not going to be solved in one trip that took two days."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a quick fix. Stop giving free stuff to illegal immigrants. No more food, housing, driver's licenses, medical, etc. Make their lives more difficult here than at home and they will leave.

Jun 08 10:52

Survey: Protecting U.S. Jobs, Cutting Immigration Key to Winning Over Voters

United States voters remain overwhelmingly favorable to economic nationalist policy prescriptions, a survey reveals.

A survey from the liberal Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta, finds that voters’ top foreign policy priorities are protecting jobs for Americans, 47 percent, and reducing illegal immigration to the U.S., 42 percent.

The foreign policy issues are the highest-ranked among swing voters as well as Republicans, while Democrats, by a plurality of 44 percent, say combatting global warming is their top priority.

Meanwhile, promoting global trade and pushing democracy abroad rank as the lowest foreign policy priorities for voters. Among Republicans, the two issues rank as the least important.

Jun 08 10:48

Jorge Ramos: Sacrifice Americans’ Rights to Get an Amnesty for Illegals

Democrats should aid illegal migrants by taking the “radical” step of ending filibuster protections for political minorities in the United States, according to Jorge Ramos, the Mexican-born, pro-migration, Spanish-language TV anchor.

“Democrats still lack the votes to overturn the current Senate rules, which effectively require proponents of most bills to muster 60-vote supermajorities to advance them,” Ramos declared in the June 4 edition of the New York Times. The 60-vote rule in the 100-member Senate helps 330 million Americans preserve their rights by forcing compromises from powerful majorities in Congress.

Ramos demanded:

Jun 08 10:48

Swedish Populist Leader Claims Country Is In ‘War-Like State’

Leader of the populist Sweden Democrats (SD) Jimmie Åkesson has claimed Sweden is in a “war-like state” and that the socialist government has “imported” crime and unemployment.

Åkesson blames the Swedish government’s immigration policy for the surge in crime just over a week after a report was published by the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, which noted Sweden topped 22 other European countries for fatal gun violence.

“Parts of Sweden are currently in a war-like state. Streets and squares have been left in the hands of criminal gangs. Shootings, murders and revenge are dictated by clan leaders,” Åkesson said in an opinion article for news website Nyheter Idag.

Jun 07 08:36

Smugglers Openly Advertise Illegal Border Crossings On Facebook

Human smugglers along the southern border are openly advertising their services on Facebook and the social media company has fallen short on removing such content.

A plethora of user accounts have posted offers to facilitate illegal border crossings on the platform. Some even directly advertise how much they charge for the service. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), who took office in January, repeatedly alerted Facebook to the issue in general and to a number of specific posts of this kind, but most of them haven’t been removed, she said.

Facebook has so far failed to accommodate Cammack’s request for an in-person meeting to discuss the issue, she told The Epoch Times.

Given that some of the posts in question were paid advertisements, it raises the question of whether Facebook has been taking money, at least indirectly, from criminal cartels, which are known to control the human smuggling operations, Cammack said.

Jun 07 08:11

Report: Joe Biden May Allow Foreign Nationals to Secure U.S. Citizenship Without Standard FBI Vetting

President Joe Biden may soon allow legal immigrants with green cards to secure American citizenship without undergoing a standard name check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Regulatory Affairs and Policy Robert Law writes that sources with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have indicated that the Biden administration is planning to drop the standard FBI name vetting process for legal immigrants applying to gain American citizenship.

Currently, all legal immigrants applying for American citizen must undergo the FBI name check process where a search is run against the FBI’s Universal Index to determine that a foreign national is not included in the agency’s criminal database.

As Law writes, the Biden administration is planning to throw out the procedure:

Jun 07 07:00

10,864 Venezuelans Pour Into Texas Border Region, Up From 135 Last Year 

DEL RIO, Texas—On any given day in Del Rio, hundreds of Venezuelans wade across the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States. They’re carrying more belongings than illegal aliens from most other countries. One woman, who said she was a photographer back home, had her professional Nikon camera equipment in her backpack.

They arrive on shore and proceed to change into dry clothes, discarding the wet ones on the ground. Discarded shoes, many looking new, dot the pathway up from the river in two main locations. Some pull toothbrushes and clean their teeth.

The carrizo cane next to the dirt road rustles as many find cover to go to the bathroom.

State Troopers are usually onsite in a large dusty parking area to greet them and pass out water as well as granola bars to the hungry. The wrappers are often discarded on the ground unless a law enforcement officer points them to a trash bag.

Jun 07 03:03

Smugglers Openly Advertise Illegal Border Crossings On Facebook

Authored by Petr Svab via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Human smugglers along the southern border are openly advertising their services on Facebook and the social media company has fallen short on removing such content.

A plethora of user accounts have posted offers to facilitate illegal border crossings on the platform. Some even directly advertise how much they charge for the service. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), who took office in January, repeatedly alerted Facebook to the issue in general and to a number of specific posts of this kind, but most of them haven’t been removed, she said.

Facebook has so far failed to accommodate Cammack’s request for an in-person meeting to discuss the issue, she told The Epoch Times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the stench of "techpocrisy" (high tech hipocrisy) in the morning!!!!

Jun 05 06:24

Smugglers Openly Advertise Illegal Border Crossings on Facebook

Human smugglers along the southern border are openly advertising their services on Facebook and the social media company has fallen short on removing such content.

A plethora of user accounts have posted offers to facilitate illegal border crossings on the platform. Some even directly advertise how much they charge for the service. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), who took office in January, repeatedly alerted Facebook to the issue in general and to a number of specific posts of this kind, but most of them haven’t been removed, she said.

Facebook has so far failed to accommodate Cammack’s request for an in-person meeting to discuss the issue, she told The Epoch Times.

Given that some of the posts in question were paid advertisements, it raises the question of whether Facebook has been taking money, at least indirectly, from criminal cartels, which are known to control the human smuggling operations, Cammack said.

Jun 05 04:37


Something is very wrong here.

Via: AP:

The Biden administration is not requiring FBI fingerprint background checks of caregivers at its rapidly expanding network of emergency sites to hold thousands of immigrant teenagers, alarming child welfare experts who say the waiver compromises safety.

These emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.

And to staff the sites quickly, the Biden administration has waived vetting procedures intended to protect minors from potential harm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is absolutely SO NOT RIGHT; if Biden is letting thisflood of children of illegal immigrants into this country, the least he and Team Biden could do, is make sure that their care givers do not have a criminal record!!!

This is not about insuring the rights and safety of children; this is about creating the US as an other Bellarus where there is only one party forever, period, end of discussion.

Jun 04 10:06

Panama temporarily closes its borders with Colombia

The Government of Panama announced the closure of its land, sea and river borders with Colombia.

"The National Government has determined to temporarily suspend the entry into the national territory, by land, sea and river, of any person coming from the border with the Republic of Colombia, as of May 20, 2021," says a statement from the ministry of Foreign Relations of Panama published Wednesday night.

The measure is a response to Colombia's decision to open land, river and sea crossings along all its borders.

The Colombian government reopened from zero hours on Wednesday its borders with Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, closed 14 months ago to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, which at that time was just beginning in the country.

Jun 04 09:58

Texas Governor Draws Red Line At The Southern Border – Abbott Plans To Initiate Arrests And Significant Jailtime

In the battle to defend the United States border, it seems like Joe Biden does not have our back.

He erased many protections set in place by Trump. The result, as we all know, has resulted in a major influx, breaking 20 year records.

The border crisis continues to impact states along the border. Officials from these states, including some Democrats, are demanding action.

But the Governor of Texas isn’t waiting for Sleepy Joe to wake up. He has been fighting for months to defend the Lone Star State.

And now, he’s just announced something that will freeze border jumpers in their tracks.

Jun 04 09:36

'New world order' being formed before our eyes, Russia’s deputy defense minister tells RT ahead of key Moscow security conference

We are currently witnessing the formation of nothing less than a “new world order,” with the existing international legal system fracturing and states taking sides in a fresh Cold War, Russia’s deputy defense minister has told RT.

Colonel General Aleksandr Fomin spoke to the network ahead of the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security, scheduled to take place on June 22-24 in the Russian capital. The event brings together military officials and security experts from different countries, with some 49 nations having already confirmed their participation.

The upcoming conference is an explicitly non-partisan event, and the countries are invited to partake regardless of their current relationship with Russia, Fomin stated.

“At the forum, we give the floor not only to partners who share our approaches to solving major world problems, but also to opponents, countries with which cooperation today is at bare minimum or equal to zero,” Fomin said.

Jun 04 09:06

Biden DHS Formally Ends Migrant Protection Protocols 'Remain in Mexico'

The Department of Homeland Security has officially terminated the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as "Remain In Mexico," initiated under President Donald Trump. The Remain In Mexico policy enabled immigration agencies like ICE and Border Patrol to keep illegal aliens in Mexico while waiting for their immigration court date in the U.S.

As one of his first acts as President, Joe Biden foolishly suspended the Migrant Protection Protocols in January, expanding the scope of the Biden border crisis overnight, but DHS instructed immigration officials on Tuesday that they will no longer be enforcing the mandate.

According to the new memo, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, tasked by Biden to "review" the effectiveness and impact of Remain In Mexico, erroneously stated that the program did not "adequately or sustainably enhance border management."

Jun 02 13:14

Texas Governor Declares State of Emergency

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a disaster declaration along Texas’ southern border in response to the border crisis, providing more resources and strategies to combat the ongoing influx of unlawful immigrants. The Governor is authorizing the use of all necessary and available state and local resources to protect landowners in these counties from trespassers and the damage they cause to private property. The Governor has also directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to enforce all federal and state criminal laws, including criminal trespassing, smuggling, and human trafficking. The Governor directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to take all necessary steps to discontinue state licensure of any child care facility under a contract with the federal government that shelters or detains unlawful immigrants.

Jun 02 10:51

Biden Waives FBI Background Checks For Caregivers At Child Migrant Facilities

The Biden administration has scrapped FBI background checks for caregivers at its overpacked child migrant shelters (or as AOC no longer calls them, 'concentration camps'), alarming child welfare experts who say this compromises safety, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The move comes as Biden turns to "tent camps, convention centers and other huge facilities" which are operated by private contractors paid by the Department of Health and Human Services. In March, the administration announced that it would open eight new emergency sites across the Southwest, which will add 15,000 new beds - doubling capacity.

In order to deal with the flood of migrant children, the US government has lowered the bar required to watch them.

These emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.

Jun 02 10:49

Biden Waives FBI Background Checks For Caregivers At Child Migrant Facilities

The Biden administration has scrapped FBI background checks for caregivers at its overpacked child migrant shelters (or as AOC no longer calls them, 'concentration camps'), alarming child welfare experts who say this compromises safety, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The move comes as Biden turns to "tent camps, convention centers and other huge facilities" which are operated by private contractors paid by the Department of Health and Human Services. In March, the administration announced that it would open eight new emergency sites across the Southwest, which will add 15,000 new beds - doubling capacity.

In order to deal with the flood of migrant children, the US government has lowered the bar required to watch them.

These emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.

Jun 01 08:30

Biden Admin Invents A Brand New Fast Track For Migrants

The Biden administration on Friday stated that families arriving at the U.S. border with Mexico would have their court proceedings fast-tracked, fewer than two weeks after it announced it was lifting pandemic limitations on asylum.

Under the initiative, immigration courts in 10 cities will generally issue decisions within 300 days of arrival.

May 28 07:17

DHS eyes deleting gang questions from green card application

Homeland Security is moving to cut questions about gang affiliation from the application migrants file to get green cards, in a change that one former employee says could mean dangerous criminals will have an easier time getting through the process.

Rob Law, a former chief of policy and strategy at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, revealed the planned changes Thursday, saying it appears to be part of the Biden team’s attempt at erasing the get-tough approach of the previous administration.

May 28 06:28

Romanian Gypsies Are Crossing the Rio Grande

Among the hundreds of Central American migrants crossing the Rio Grande river daily on rafts from Mexico to Texas, dozens stood out on a recent day. They were generally taller and some wore skirts, stylish shoes and tracksuits, while many of the other migrants wore T-shirts, pants and jeans.

U.S. border patrol officers who apprehended them near the river tried to speak to them in Spanish. There was a pause as some of the border crossers explained in broken English that they were Romanians, a Reuters photographer said.

May 28 04:04

Sweden Goes From Being One Of The Safest Countries In Europe To The Second Most Dangerous

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A new investigation finds that Sweden has gone from being one of the safest European countries 20 years ago in terms of gun crime to the second most dangerous.

The study, published by the country’s National Council on Crime Prevention (Brå), reveals that Sweden is the only country on the continent where shootings have increased substantially since the start of the century.

“Most of the fatal shootings in Sweden (around 80 percent) had a link to organised crime, according to the study, a proportion which had risen from 30 to 50 percent in the early 2000s and less than 20 percent in the 1990s. Brå also compared the proportion to other countries: around 60 percent of fatal shootings were linked to organised crime in the Netherlands, while in Finland such events were extremely rare,” reports The Local.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By not addressing the problem which is right in front of their faces, Swedish politicians appear to be bound and determined to enable the problem to get worse.

May 27 07:32

EXCLUSIVE: West Texas Migrant Detention Center at 700% COVID Security Capacity

The influx of large groups of migrants has resulted in severe facilities overcrowding in one of the west Texas sectors of the Border Patrol. The Del Rio Sector now leads the nation in the detention of migrants as it deals with the daily arrivals of large groups of Venezuelans. Detention capacities at temporary holding facilities are well above maximum levels.

A source within Customs and Border Protection, speaking on the condition of anonymity, provided Breitbart Texas with the update. A newly constructed facility in Eagle Pass designed to hold a maximum of 500 is seeing levels exceeding 700 in recent days. The sector is detaining nearly 1,500 migrants–earning the top detention spot in the country. The Rio Grande Valley Sector usually leads the nation, but is currently detaining more than 1,200, according to the source.

The source indicates COVID-19 recommended levels for the facility were limited to 125 detainees.

May 26 07:04

Being in US illegally is no longer illegal under Biden-Harris: Homan

Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan on the Biden administration expecting significant changes for ICE.

May 24 06:31

Biden Immigration Policy in First 100 Days 'Disaster', Ex-Border Protection Official Says

President Joe Biden's lax immigration policy in his first 100 days in office has caused a disaster on the southern border and there appears to be no solid plan to deter the influx of migrants illegally crossing into the United States, former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sector chief Victor Manjarrez told Sputnik.

Last month, CPB data revealed that US border apprehensions soared by more than 70 percent in March. The 172,331 migrant encounters recorded represents the highest monthly total in more than two decades, with the Biden administration on pace to top the previous annual record set in 2019 of over 977,000 apprehensions. The US president and other administration officials have said the surge is seasonal.

"I would characterize the president’s performance on immigration as a disaster," Manjarrez said. "The Biden administration does not have a plan that has been unveiled, they have simply torn down existing policies of the previous administration."

May 21 12:23

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Could Soon Be Cut Off!

Populist Press reports, Pressure is still mounting on Kamala Harris to visit the southern border in her capacity addressing the migration crisis as a Republican representative introduces a bill Thursday that will restrict the vice president’s travel until she goes to the U.S.-Mexico border.

May 21 08:52

Tennessee lawmakers alarmed by reports White House secretly flying migrant children into state

Lawmakers from Tennessee are sounding the alarm after reports that the Biden administration has been flying unaccompanied minors into the state in the middle of the night without their knowledge.

The White House is transporting migrants into an airport in Chattanooga from where they are bused to cities within the Southeast, as first reported by local news outlet WRCB-TV Channel 3.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement to Fox News that the transportation of migrants is taking place in "the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved."

May 20 06:44

Illegals in hotels... Americans In The Street!

May 20 06:08

Spain knows that ‘underestimating Morocco is costly’: Moroccan minister links migrant crossings with Madrid treating Rabat’s foe

Morocco’s minister for human rights has linked the supposedly passive reaction of Moroccan border guards to migrants surging towards Spanish territory with Madrid’s decision to treat a sick Western Sahara independence leader.

In a Facebook post late on Tuesday night, Minister of State for Human Rights El Mustapha Ramid warned Madrid not to mess with Rabat. “What did Spain expect from Morocco, which sees its neighbor hosting the head of a group that took up arms against the kingdom?” he wrote.

Ramid was referring to Brahim Ghali, who heads up Polisario, a Western Sahara independence group, in conflict with Morocco. In April, Ghali was taken to Spain to be treated for Covid-19.

“Morocco has the right to lean back and stretch its legs ... so that Spain knows that underestimating Morocco is costly,” Ramid added.

May 20 02:09

71% Of French Say "We're Full": No More Immigration

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A new poll has found that 71 per cent of French people think the country has had enough immigration and that it can’t take any more.

The 2021 Fraternity Barometer, a joint effort by the polling firm Ifop and le Labo de la Fraternité, found that almost three quarters of respondents desired to see no more immigration, while a clear majority of 64 per cent said France should no longer accept refugees because of the threat of terrorism.

France has suffered numerous terror attacks carried out by jihadists who were let into the country as “refugees,” including the majority of the Paris massacre terrorists.

As we previously highlighted, even so-called “moderate” Michel Barnier, who was the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is calling for a 3-5 year total ban on all immigration into the EU.

May 18 05:55

Rochdale Child Rapists Granted Over £2 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid

Members of an infamous rape gang have reportedly been given over £2 million in taxpayer funded legal aid, including two who were set to be deported from Britain years ago.

The nine Rochdale grooming abusers have so far received £2,025,363 in legal aid and this bill is set to increase as at least two of the groomers, Qari Abdul Rauf and Adil Khan, are to launch new appeals against deportation to their native Pakistan, according to a report from the Sun on Sunday.

Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf were convicted in 2012 on a slew of charges related to the sexual abuse of children as young as 12, yet were both released early — Khan in 2016 and Rauf in 2014, after serving just over two years behind bars.

May 17 14:28

DISGUSTING: Muslim Rape Gang Granted Over £2 Million In Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid

Members of a notorious Muslim pedophile gang in the United Kingdom have received more than £2 million in taxpayer-funded legal aid.

As the abusers prepare to file new deportation appeals, the cost to taxpayers is about to rise even more.

According to a report from the Sun, Two of the nine Rochdale child rapists, Qari Abdul Rauf and Adil Khan, are to launch new appeals against deportation to their native Pakistan.

Breitbart reports: Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf were convicted in 2012 on a slew of charges related to the sexual abuse of children as young as 12, yet were both released early — Khan in 2016 and Rauf in 2014, after serving just over two years behind bars.

May 17 09:13

Biden Steals $850 Mil from COVID Strategic Medical Stockpile for Illegal Aliens

Remember during the pandemic when we occasionally wondered where the supplies that the federal and state government was supposed to have stockpiled for emergencies like this were, and it turned out Obama and Democrat governors had emptied them out?

Even lackluster RINOs like Schwarzenegger had responsibly built up stockpiles of supplies for an emergency that Democrats trashed.

Once this became an issue, the media rushed into action, spinning frantically and tossing out denials. Except that we're now seeing the same process repeating itself in real time.

The Department of Health and Human Services has diverted more than $2 billion meant for other health initiatives toward covering the cost of caring for unaccompanied immigrant children (ed: illegal alien migrants of uncertain age), as the Biden administration grapples with a record influx of migrants on the southern border.

May 14 10:59

Google leads court filing supporting tens of thousands of U.S. visa-holders’ ability to work

Google is leading an effort to maintain work authorization for tens of thousands of people whose spouses hold H-1B visas, the high-skilled visa that’s common in the tech industry.

Companies across the tech industry, which has been historically vocal in fighting for increased immigration rights, submitted an amicus brief Friday in a case known as Save Jobs USA v. Department of Homeland Security. A Washington district court is considering the plaintiff’s challenge to a DHS rule that allows so-called H-4 visa holders to work legally while their spouses on H-1B visas await green cards.

Google, which organized the effort, and more than two dozen signatories said in the filing that invalidating the rule that allows some H-4 visa-holders to work “would result in these talented individuals being barred from the workplace, forcibly severing tens of thousands of employment relationships across the country.” They wrote that 90,000 H-4 visa-holders would be impacted, 90% of whom are women.

May 12 07:23

Michel Barnier Calls For 3-5 Year Suspension Of Immigration Into EU

Michel Barnier has called for a 3-5 year suspension of immigration into EU countries, warning that the bloc’s external borders have become a “sieve” for criminals and terrorists.

“I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration,” Barnier told French media.

The EU’s former Brexit negotiator cited links between between immigration and “terrorist networks that infiltrate migrational flows” as part of his reasoning for calling for the shutdown, while also highlighting the issue of human trafficking networks.

The comments are particularly noteworthy because Barnier is known as a centrist – even a globalist in some ways – yet he is spouting rhetoric normally espoused by right-wing politicians.

May 11 09:26

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Blasts Democrats For Dismissing Border Crisis: ‘Sure, A Few Kids Drown’

On Monday, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld blasted Democrats for dismissing the border crisis and tragedies that go along with it when their party holds political power.

Gutfeld made his fiery comments on Monday’s edition of “The Five.”

Gutfeld argued that the same Democrats who made a lot of noise over the border crisis when Donald Trump was still president, are now ignoring a crisis that is still with us, including the increase in border crossings.

Watch the video below.

May 11 08:20

Biden Rolls Back Trump Proposal To Limit Work Permits For Immigrants Ordered Deported

The Biden administration is rolling back an immigration policy sought by former President Donald Trump that would have limited work permits for immigrants with final deportation orders.

Trump on Nov. 19, 2020 proposed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) revise its regulations regarding employment authorization for immigrants who have a final order of removal from the country by a federal judge, and are released from DHS custody on an order of supervision.

On Monday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that President Joe Biden’s administration will be withdrawing the proposal after reviewing 302 public comments the department received during a 30-day period.

“Nearly 98 percent of commenters opposed the proposed rule with several commenters specifically requesting that DHS withdraw the NPRM [Notice of Proposed Rulemaking],” Mayorkas said, noting that less than two percent of commenters expressed support for the proposal.

May 10 05:55

Record-Low Deportations Part Of Biden's Plan To "Dismantle ICE": Former ICE Chief

The record-low number of deportations in the United States in April signals that the Biden administration is working toward abolishing immigration enforcement, the former acting chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says.

“It’s terrible. You got record numbers, people coming into the country illegally being released, and a record low of people being removed,” Thomas Homan, who headed the agency during the Trump administration, told The Epoch Times.

“But that’s by design, this isn’t an accident—they want to dismantle ICE. Rather than abolish them, which they had a tough time doing they’re just making them not effective. Looks like it’s working,” he added.

The end goal, according to Homan, is completely halting immigration enforcement.

“They want open borders because they think they’re going to be all future Democratic voters. This is about perpetual power of the government,” he said.

May 09 22:08

Caitlyn Jenner Backs Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

The GOP establishment's new hero wants to give mass amnesty to illegal aliens.

May 07 06:41

Biden's Ruinous Refugee Dump

Ready or not, here they come. Thanks to Joe Biden, America the Weary will soon open its doors to another 62,500 low-skilled foreigners from the Third World. The sovereign citizens in neighborhoods across our nation where these newcomers will be dumped will have no say in these decisions. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Open borders judges made sure that the wants and needs of ordinary Americans would be subordinated to those of the refugee resettlement racket. There is no recourse under U.S. law to reestablish local control of the process.

May 07 04:30

Voting With Your Feet

Authored by Walter Block via,

Voting with your feet is a crucially important indicator of what is really going on, regarding the political economy. No, this does not refer to taking off your shoes and socks, entering the polling booth, pressing a button with your big toe instead of your thumb or index finger.

Rather, it denotes migration patterns as the best way to determine human welfare.

The island government 90 miles off the Florida shore can brag all it wants about its health care and educational systems that have “made Cuba great.” But massive numbers of people have rejected that sorry system as demonstrated by their migration away from it, often at great bodily risk, to enter our country. Yes, there might have been a Bernie fan or two who moved in the opposite direction (Senator Sanders spent his honeymoon not in Russia, but in the USSR), but these are the exceptions that prove the rule.

May 06 13:38

Increasing Number of Illegal Aliens Evading Border Patrol; 42,000 in April

With Border Patrol agents overwhelmed by family groups and unaccompanied minors, more illegal aliens are escaping into the interior of the United States and fewer drugs are being seized.

During April, more than 177,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by Border Patrol, according to preliminary Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers, as provided to Jaeson Jones, former captain in the Texas Department of Public Safety.

A further 42,620 illegal aliens escaped arrest by Border Patrol, which are known as “gotaways.”

During February and March, the gotaway number was around 30,000 per month, or 1,000 per day. That’s now up to almost 1,400 per day.

“What gotaway numbers really signify is the level of infiltration coming into the country that’s getting past CBP at the border,” Jones told The Epoch Times.

May 05 11:23

The true extent of the border crisis revealed, as 12 Texas counties declare emergencies

12 counties across the southern border in the state of Texas have all declared emergencies as the border crisis worsens, with local residents now feeling the detrimental and terrifying effects allowed by the Biden Administration.

As President Joe Biden and his administration continue to turn a blind eye to the ongoing crisis, even blaming the past administration for their failings, Texans are becoming more and more terrified, county police are releasing constant alerts regarding illegal alien activity, and kids are still being kept in those cages.

The dire situation in Texas

The actions of President Biden in his first day in office have directly caused the current crisis on the southern border, as he repealed many of President Donald Trump’s successful border policies.

May 05 07:19

Kamala Harris blames a lack of 'climate adaptation' for migrant crisis

Kamala Harris on Tuesday said that climate change was a factor in driving migrants from their home countries to the United States, in her first remarks on the issue - five weeks after being given the job.

Harris was asked by President Joe Biden on March 24 to lead his response to the crisis at the southern border.

It is a job she has assumed with apparent reluctance: she is yet to visit the border, or the region, and Tuesday's remarks to the Washington Conference on the Americas were her first on the issue.

Harris, in her 13 minute speech, said 'the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience' was one of the factors in the current migrant surge.

May 05 07:02

The Illegals That Are Coming Into America Are Killing… (Video)

“Since when did illegals have rights in America?”

Like so many other lies that are told to the American people by the mainstream media and the corrupt in the government that they tolerate the burden of proof lies on them not on you (John 8:44).

When it comes to the likes of the illegals (Law breakers 1 John 3:4- Exodus 20), Joe Biden wants you to become subject to his criminal behavior by calling them, not” illegals but “Undocumented Non-citizen” (Isaiah 5:20).

I wonder is that what we are called in Mexico if we break their laws, no, and rightfully so. No, in America if they come in illegally, they are lawfully called criminals.

Brietbart reported Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Gets Five Years in Prison for Killing 24-Year-Old

An illegal alien has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing a 24-year-old man in a drunk driving car crash in the sanctuary state of New Jersey.

May 05 06:41

Michelle Malkin: Biden's Ruinous Refugee Dump

Ready or not, here they come. Thanks to Joe Biden, America the Weary will soon open its doors to another 62,500 low-skilled foreigners from the Third World. The sovereign citizens in neighborhoods across our nation where these newcomers will be dumped will have no say in these decisions. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Open borders judges made sure that the wants and needs of ordinary Americans would be subordinated to those of the Refugee Resettlement racket. There is no recourse under U.S. law to reestablish local control of the process.

May 05 06:23

Europe Commits Suicide by Importing Barbarians - Russia Watches With Great Sadness

Around the world, very few people are capable of wrapping their heads around the European reaction to the migrant crisis. On the side of the migrants, we have avid displays of barbarism, fanaticism and aggression; on the side of the Europeans, we have abject fear of appearing… intolerant.

In an out-of-control situation where we would expect people to organize, protest, put up road blocks and vote en masse for nationalist parties, we are instead subjected to the ridiculous spectacle of meek, effeminate Europeans dressed up in unisex outfits chalking “No to terrorism!” on sidewalks.

Most people around the world see in this an orchidaceous display of anthropological nullity. “Is Europe dead?” they wonder aloud.

May 05 05:47

When did May Day Turn Into an Immigrants’ Rights Day?

On May 1st, International Workers Day, immigrants and their supporters will hold marches all over the country. Some of the events’ organizers are based in Latino immigrant communities; labor unions, civil rights organizations, and other kinds of progressive actors will also be involved.

May Day as an occasion for grassroots protests is an artifact of the late nineteenth century. At that time, the mobilizations were led by radical unions, which included large immigrant memberships. But in the following decades, the labor movement became dominated by more moderate unions, often with virulent anti-immigrant views.

By 2006, as Victor Narro, Kent Wong, and Janna Shadduck-Hernández write, U.S. unions were only beginning to reincorporate the needs of immigrant workers into their programs. In 2000, at the urging of immigrant union members, the AFL-CIO reversed longstanding policy by calling for unconditional amnesty and protections for undocumented immigrants.

May 05 05:46

Child Rape Gang Victim: UK Police Did Nothing as I Was Abused by ‘Hundreds’ of Pakistani Men

A grooming gang survivor has revealed that she was abused by hundreds of Pakistani heritage men for years, but despite reporting her abusers to the police, none have ever been arrested.

Sarah — a fake name given to protect her identity — said that she was systematically raped and abused as a child in the early 2000s after running away from care homes in Derby.

She was eventually awarded compensation by the local government after authorities acknowledged the abuse and the repeated failures of social services to protect her from being raped. But she says despite the recognition of the acts perpetrated against her as a child and the confirmation that social services had failed to protect her, the police have yet to act on the information she gave them.

May 04 13:34

BORDER CHAOS: Five Charged After Agents Find 97 Migrants Inside a Small Texas ‘Stash House’

At least five people were arrested this week after authorities discovered nearly 100 illegal migrants crammed inside a tiny Houston home.

“The investigation was started after a woman contacted authorities on Friday saying her brother had been kidnapped, the Chronicle reports. The caller reportedly told authorities she had paid smugglers $11,000 in February to bring her brother into the U.S. from Honduras. She was then instructed by the smugglers to bring an additional $6,300 to Houston in exchange for her brother’s release or he would be killed,” reports The Hill.

May 04 13:07

Report: Biden’s “Sanctuary Country” policy allowing illegal immigrant sex offenders to be freed onto American streets

Since President Biden ordered ICE not to arrest and deport illegal aliens unless they had been convicted of aggravated felonies against Americans, U.S. streets have been left open for illegal alien sex offenders as well.

In February, President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued orders to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents that protect most illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

ICE Director Tae Johnson instructed agents not to arrest or deport illegal aliens unless they were convicted of crimes such as rape, murder, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, trafficking firearms, and theft against Americans.

The policy did not require the arrest or deportation of illegal aliens convicted of those crimes in their home country.

May 04 05:35


The UN affiliated Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) proposes that governments should publish rules as computer code to be directly consumed by software and machines. ? TN Editor

Rules as Code (RaC) is a highly innovative idea that addresses how law and regulations are simultaneously produced in natural language and in working computer code. RaC has important implications not only for producing better rules (meaning clear and fit for purpose), but providing also a strong impetus for a powerful new generation of rule-based software platforms (ones better suited for real-world rules produced by governments and businesses).

RaC is a reaction to, and a projection of, the broader on-going digital revolution impacting citizens and businesses.[4] The World Economic Forum has coined the term ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ to describe the fundamental change in the way we live, work, and where the physical, digital, and biological worlds are merging.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hackers will have fun with this!

May 04 05:26

Boris Govt Looks to 30,000 Migrants from Countries Including Belarus, Russia to Work Farms

Boris Johnson’s government is scrapping the ‘Pick for Britain’ drive for British farm workers and increasing migrant recruitment to 30,000, with hundreds to come from the likes of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The Tory government launched the ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic began in earnest, resulting in restrictions on international travel despite their own efforts to put off halting travel from coronavirus hotspots such as Italy, Iran, China, and even Wuhan itself until well after the disease had become endemic.

With hundreds of thousands out of work or furloughed on reduced pay across the country, the government made a great show of inviting people to come into the fields, with the Queen’s heir, Prince Charles, backing the scheme in a public message which recalled the wartime Land Army.

May 03 12:42

Authorities Just Caught a Very Dangerous Criminal at the Border - Biden Admin SILENT

May 03 11:06

Mark Zuckerberg Is Partnering With Former President George W. Bush To Push For Mass Migration And Amnesty Of Illegals

Two organizations owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have partnered with Former President George W. Bush to push for mass migration and amnesty for illegal aliens, policies which favor the political left and Big Tech corporations.

May 03 07:26

Border patrol in California sees 51 percent rise in illegal immigrants in April

Illegal crossings along the California-Mexico border exploded by 51 percent last month, taxing federal resources and leading to delays in the screening of legitimate travel, border patrol officials disclosed Friday.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said at least 1,632 illegal immigrants were stopped between April 1 and April 26 compared to 1,081 inadmissible individuals for the same period in March. "These individuals are increasingly citizens of countries other than Mexico," the CPB said.

Officials said the steady influx of illegal immigrants since President Biden took office on Jan. 20 was creating consequences for commerce, travel and security.

May 03 07:12

Killing Democracy Once and for All: The Global Elite’s Coup d’Etat that Is Destroying Life as We Know It

Politically savvy individuals know that democracy has rarely existed and probably never outside small groups of humans who deliberately organize themselves to share power or grant it temporarily to one or a small number of people for a particular purpose. In most contexts, ‘democracy’ is simply a label used to deceive the unwary into believing that ordinary people have a say in how we are governed. But this has never been the case in any political framework on a larger scale.

Whatever victories have apparently been achieved in the long struggle to achieve political representation, human rights, dignity, economic justice, cultural and gender identity, ecological sustainability and other causes dear to the hearts of those who have struggled, the elite (local, national or global) has always retained control and merely surrendered the minimum necessary to keep the bulk of the human population submissive.

May 03 06:46

THE GREAT RESET: From Enlightenment to Globalism

May 03 06:21

Biden Admin Cancels Military-Funded Border Wall Projects

The Department of Defense (DOD) announced it is canceling U.S.-Mexico border wall construction efforts that were paid with funds that were initially allocated for the military.

Former President Donald Trump ordered the diversion of billions of dollars in military and defense funds toward building the wall, using his emergency executive powers.

“The Department of Defense is proceeding with canceling all border barrier construction projects paid for with funds originally intended for other military missions and functions such as schools for military children, overseas military construction projects in partner nations, and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account,” said Jamal Brown, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, in a statement.

Brown said the returned funds will now be used for deferred military construction projects.

May 03 06:11

White House Chief of Staff: Surge in Illegal Immigration Not Biden’s Fault

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said Sunday that President Joe Biden is not responsible for a surge in unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“People who are sending their children here unaccompanied, children as young as 6, 7 years old, coming here with no adult who are sent on a dangerous journey—I don’t think that is because of a speech Joe Biden gave,” Klain told “Face the Nation” in an interview. “I think it is because of horrible conditions in El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras.”

Republicans, however, have blamed Biden for the surge in recent months, saying his rhetoric and his executive orders to rescind Trump-era immigration policies are the reason behind the recent surge of people crossing illegally.

May 02 07:36

Biden Playing Blame Game With The Border Crisis

President Joe Biden accused former President Donald Trump of his administration's early efforts to manage the surge in illegal immigration at the southern border and its incapacity to reunite migrant children separated from their families.

The Trump administration's unwillingness to cooperate throughout the incoming team's post-election transition period and its failure to prepare for the "seasonal" spike in illegal border passages are to blame for the situation, Biden announced.