Jan 01 07:26

Reeling Under Financial Scandals And Embezzlement By Top Cardinals, Pope Announces Reforms On Managing Vatican Finances

Pope Francis has formally stripped the Vatican secretariat of state of its financial assets and real estate holdings following a financial scandal which is currently the subject of a corruption investigation, ABC News reported.

The Pope signed a new law over the weekend ordering the secretariat of state to complete the transfer of all its financial holdings to APSA, the Vatican’s existing centralised asset manager.

Under the new law, the Peter’s Pence collections from the faithful as well as other donations that had been managed by the secretariat of state will now be held and managed by the Vatican’s treasury office as separate funds that are accounted for in the Holy See’s consolidated budget.

Dec 31 06:53

President Trump: Justice Cannot Prevail ‘Without the Grace of God’

President Trump issued a powerful proclamation on religious liberty Tuesday to commemorate the 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket.

“A society without religion cannot prosper. A nation without faith cannot endure — because justice, goodness, and peace cannot prevail without the grace of God,” the president declared in his proclamation, while calling the English saint a “lion of religious liberty.”

“Thomas Becket’s death serves as a powerful and timeless reminder to every American that our freedom from religious persecution is not a mere luxury or accident of history, but rather an essential element of our liberty,” Mr. Trump stated. “It is our priceless treasure and inheritance. And it was bought with the blood of martyrs.”

Dec 30 14:06

Traitor! Pat Robertson FLIPS – TURNS On Trump

John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, On Monday, televangelist Pat Robertson seemed to turn on President Trump, saying that the “erratic” President Donald Trump needed to “move on” and that it would be a “mistake” to run for president again in 2024.

Dec 29 11:42

Reason vs faith in the age of Trump

Lawrence Davidson explains why Christian fundamentalists who believe that the unethical, immoral and mentally suspect charlatan Donald Trump is an appointee of their Christian God not only threaten US democracy but also call into question more than 3,000 years of human progress.>>

Dec 29 08:56

'Commie Red' Pope Francis Joins CDC and the WHO in Pushing Deadly COVID Vaccinations...

Pope Francis is again pushing far-left and elite causes. He now wants all countries to ensure everyone takes the COVID vaccination.

Pope Francis made a Christmas Day admonition for world leaders to " promote cooperation and not competition " in the race to stop the so-called pandemic, imploring that the most vulnerable be first to get vaccines.

" We can't let closed nationalisms impede us from living as the true human family that we are ," Francis said Friday in a speech from the Vatican just hours after he celebrated Christmas Eve Mass that was sparsely attended because of COVID restrictions across Europe.

The goal, he said, is " vaccines for everybody, especially for the most vulnerable and needy ."

The Pope joins the World Health Organization which is pushing the vaccination on the world as well:

Dec 27 08:42

Exorcist priest: Abortion-tainted vaccines are ‘ongoing theft’ of babies’ bodies

Prominent theologian and exorcist Father Chad Ripperger has issued a detailed warning about the immoral nature of vaccines, particularly COVID-19 vaccines, which are involved in any way with aborted babies.

In a video interview on Sensus Fidelium’s “Resistance Podcast,” Ripperger, who also holds a Ph.D., explained the morality of using vaccines, especially those made, tested on, or in any way connected to aborted babies.

Dec 24 07:55

Is Pope Francis About To Abdicate?

Dec 24 07:46

Vatican transfers to Australia amount to $2.3b and 'no one knows' who allowed it

Dec 24 07:21

German nuns accused of enabling child sex abuse by priests

Nuns in the city of Speyer "dragged" children to be sexually abused by priests and politicians, a survivor told a German court. His explosive testimony is the latest abuse scandal to rock the German Catholic Church.

Dec 23 08:09

‘No doubt’ Pope will resign after Christmas as Francis vowed to ‘follow Benedict’

POPE FRANCIS will step down before the end of the year, according to a source close to the Vatican, who said there was "no doubt" the Pontiff "will resign in 2020".

The 83-year-old became head of the Catholic Church following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI – a controversial move and the first of its kind in more than 500 years. However, a source close to Pope Francis claimed he would only serve for seven years, stating he would follow in the footsteps of his predecessor. Austen Ivereigh is the former Director for Public Affairs of the previous Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor and continues to work closely with the Vatican.

Dec 23 07:49

SSPX priest scores major victory against California Governor Newsom

Dec 23 07:22

Sacrilegious nativity scenes feature masks and toilet paper

Dec 22 13:39

O Little Town of Bethlehem… What would Christ say about His birthplace today?

O Little Town of Bethlehem… What would Christ say about His birthplace today? Stuart Littlewood voices the hope that the lockdown in force in the UK would prompt Britons to think about the people of Bethlehem "smouldering under the brutal lifetime-long lockdown imposed by Israel’s military? And from which there’s no escape, no respite?">>

Dec 22 06:56

Vatican says use of Covid-19 vaccines made from fetal tissue aborted in the 1960s is ethical

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) said in a statement released on Monday that it was ethical for Roman Catholics to use coronavirus vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses.

In the document approved by Pope Francis on 17 December, the doctrinal congregation said that all vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used, “with the certain knowledge that the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with the abortion.”

The Catholic Church approves the use of vaccines produced with cell lines derived from two fetuses aborted in the 1960s, Vatican News said.

It is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.

Dec 21 06:44

The Queen's Church Wants Trannies to Be Priests, Russian Church Suggests They Visit a Psychiatrist

One man's mental health diagnosis may be another man's ticket to the priesthood, according to recent developments in one of the world's largest Protestant denominations. The Anglican Communion has 85 million members worldwide, all of whom have ties with the Church of England.

Dec 19 07:58

Priest who authored UK Catholic sex education book convicted as pedophile

Father Joseph Quigley of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, England was convicted this week of sexual activity with a child, sexual assault, false imprisonment (he liked to lock children in a crypt) and cruelty. One case against him dated from the 1990s, another concerned his actions between 2006 and 2008.

The Archdiocese, headed until 2009 by Vincent Nichols, now the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and since then by Archbishop Bernard Longley, failed to report Quigley to the police when they learned of one set of his crimes in 2008. Instead, they flew him to the United States for “rehabilitation” in a specialist clinic and subsequently allowed him to return to work in the U.K.

After that, he was supposedly under “restrictions,” but managed somehow to celebrate Mass at a school in 2009, and he was commissioned by the Archdiocese to carry out a school inspection in 2011.

Dec 18 07:03

The Occult Symbolism of the Vatican’s 2020 Nativity Scene

On December 11th, the Vatican unveiled its 2020 Nativity scene in St-Peter’s Square. And, once the red drape covering the scene was removed, the crowd discovered a towering, brutalist, and totem-like Angel Gabriel staring back at them, along with an astronaut and a masked executioner (yes, those guys who kill people who are sentenced to death).

Let’s say that the applause following the unveiling was “polite”. Here are some pictures of the Nativity scene.

Dec 17 13:05

Monks sell so much pro-life coffee they need to build new roasting facility

A priory of monks who turned to coffee to support both themselves, a convent of nuns, and pro-life causes are expanding their coffee-roasting operations.

The Benedictines of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery near Silver City, New Mexico, broke ground on a new 9,000 square foot coffee roasting facility in July 2019. The monks hope to have the exterior finished in the first months of 2021 and the interior completed by the summer.

Dec 16 07:09

'Meth Addict's Garage Sale': New Nativity Scene in the Vatican Gets Savaged Online

The scene's design led at least one social media user to wonder aloud whether the Pope is actually "just trolling Christianity".

A new nativity scene that has recently been unveiled at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican has attracted quite a lot of attention online already, but perhaps not of the kind its creators were hoping for.

As Reuters points out, the Vatican uses a different nativity scene each year, usually donated by towns or artists, with some of the previous scenes featuring elements such as "a broken boat representing the plight of refugees and a person visiting an inmate in a jail cell, symbolising charity".

Dec 16 06:27

Colorado, New Jersey worshipers win US Supreme Court fight over Covid-19 shutdowns as lower courts ordered to re-examine rules

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a Colorado church and a New Jersey priest and rabbi who challenged state shutdowns of religious services, ordering lower courts to re-examine government Covid-19 restrictions.

Tuesday's ruling threw out lower federal-court rulings upholding state orders that had shut down religious gatherings in the states. Lower courts were ordered to re-examine restrictions on indoor religious services ordered by Colorado Governor Jared Polis and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in light of the high court's November 26 ruling that blocked New York from imposing Covid-19 capacity limits on houses of worship.

The latest victory for religious liberties also follows a December 3 decision in which the Supreme Court ruled against California Governor Gavin Newsom's restrictions on religious services.

Dec 16 06:21

December 11, 2020: The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Celebrates the Death Cult

On December 11, the Vatican presented the Catholic ‘church’ its Nativity Scene for this year. It symbolizes the celebration of the Death Cult, centralized power and several dark narratives that have been conditioning the minds of the public in 2020.

The Nativity Scene sets the tone for 2021, it is all about the destruction of the society that we are supposed to leave behind (‘post-COVID’) and the introduction of the Death Cult’s “Great Reset” agenda.

The main theme is imposed by the statue that oversees the Nativity Scene, a djed pillar with a woman’s head on top of it.

Dec 15 05:49

Judge hands huge victory to Catholic priest fighting California gov’s restrictions on churches

On December 10, 2020, a California Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction protecting Father Trevor Burfitt and his Catholic parishes from the discrimination being heaped on them by Governor Gavin Newsom and those under his authority in the name of COVID-19 prevention. Thomas More Society attorneys are representing Burfitt in his suit against Newsom and other state, county, and municipal officials.

Dec 15 05:49

Vatican to give employees, residents abortion-tainted Pfizer COVID vaccine

Vatican employees and residents are to receive the new Pfizer vaccine, which has been tested on cell lines from an aborted baby, in measures taken to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The head of the Vatican health service, Dr. Andrea Arcangeli, announced the news on December 11 when speaking to Vatican News. “Only through a widespread and capillary immunization of the population will it be possible to obtain real advantages in terms of public health to achieve control of the pandemic,” Arcangeli stated, saying that it was “very important” that a “vaccination campaign” was started as soon as possible.

Dec 13 06:44

Vatican Cardinal: Climate Change Means People and Planet Are ‘Increasingly Sick’

The head of the Vatican’s Department for Human Development has warned of disastrous consequences if the world does not unite behind a more ambitious battle against climate change.

Speaking at a webinar Wednesday in preparation for a December 12 “climate ambition summit” to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Accord, Vatican Cardinal Peter Turkson urged greater attention to the Paris goals, because “we are heading towards a global temperature rise of three degrees.”

Dec 12 06:19

What in God’s name? Pope Francis plans to ‘fix’ global capitalism – with the help of the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and Mastercard

The Vatican has said it will partner with Fortune 500 companies to address various economic grievances, including inequality and environmental degradation. But is it really incumbent upon the Bishop of Rome to virtue-signal?
Anyone entertaining hopes that planet Earth might escape the insanity of 2020 without any more mind-blowing stories may wish to fasten their seatbelts for a hard landing.

At a time when a global pandemic has swept away millions of jobs, and transformed a handful of global capitalists from ‘merely wealthy’ to fantastically wealthy overnight, Pope Francis has decided to take sides in this epic battle. Any hunches what side that might be? Hint: much like the Vatican, it is immensely wealthy, influential, and acts like a government unto itself.

Dec 12 06:04

Williams: Vatican Unveils Hideous Nativity Scene in Saint Peter’s Square

The Vatican uncovered its 2020 manger scene in Saint Peter’s Square Friday, leaving onlookers scattered, scandalized, and scornful.

Observers shoveled abuse upon the unfortunate spectacle, rivaling each other to come up with the most appropriate epithets to describe the appalling scene.

“Mummified Mary,” “Weeble Jesus” (after the ovate children’s toys launched by Hasbro in the 1970s), “Martians,” “toilet paper rolls,” and “astronauts” were some of the comparisons made to the cylindrical figures meant to represent the Holy Family, the Magi, and the shepherds at Bethlehem.

Others saw in one ominous figure the helmeted image of “the Mountain” from the Game of Thrones television series, while another conjured up memories of the Robot from Lost in Space:

Dec 11 06:18


The election of a liberal Jesuit to the papacy thrilled Democrats in the United States, whose unholy alliance with the Catholic left goes back many decades. Barack Obama, one of the pope’s most prominent supporters, has long been a beneficiary of that alliance. The faculty at Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., ranked as one of the top donors to his campaign.

In a grim irony, Obama, whose presidency substantially eroded religious freedom in America, rose to power not in spite of the Catholic Church but because of it. The archdiocese of Chicago helped bankroll his radicalism in the 1980s. As he recounts in his memoirs, he began his work as a community organizer in the rectory rooms of Holy Rosary parish on Chicago’s South Side. The Alinskyite organization for which he worked — the Developing Communities Project — received tens of thousands of dollars from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Dec 10 11:00

Family Doctor Suspended After Sharing Christian Beliefs Online

A family doctor has been suspended from medical practice in Australia after sharing his Christian beliefs online.

Dr Jereth Kok was investigated by the Medical Board of Australia last year after they received two complaints about posts he had shared on social media.

Dec 09 09:56

Ontario bishop warns priests of ‘prosecution’ if they don’t enforce his rigid mask, communion-in-hand rules

An Ontario bishop warned priests in his diocese that they may face “prosecution” along with the closure of their churches unless they strictly follow his COVID-19 protocols that include banning people who don’t wear masks from entering a church and forcing the faithful to receive Holy Communion on their “bare hand.”

Bishop Ronald Fabbro of the Diocese of London admitted in his Dec. 1 dictum that his new protocols “go beyond the requirements in most health unit orders and local by-laws.”

Dec 09 08:15

Turin Cathedral Criticized For Putting Face Masks on Nativity

The Cathedral of Turin has been criticised by some after putting facemasks on the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men and others in its annual nativity scene.

Augusta Montaruli, a member of the national-conservative Brothers of Italy (FdI) and an MP for Turin, slammed the Christmas move by the Cathedral saying, “The decision to put masks on the characters of the nativity scene set up in the Cathedral of Turin lacks common sense.”

“I certainly agree with the caution and anti-contagion protection, necessary to overcome this difficult phase, but the nativity scene has the value of re-enactment, symbolically representing the birth of Jesus, and bringing back believers, to a particular atmosphere lived two thousand years ago,” Montraruli said.

Dec 08 08:13

Pope Frances Will Make 'High Risk' Official Visit To Iraq In March

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis plans to break his 15-month hiatus from international travel, a delay which was also largely to blame on the coronavirus pandemic, by visiting Iraq in the Spring of 2021.

It's being widely reported as a surprising and "risky" trip given the tense security situation there, also as COVID-19 infections spike globally. It's planned for March 5-8.

According to the official announcement Monday, "He will visit Baghdad, the plain of Ur, linked to the memory of Abraham, the city of Erbil, as well as Mosul and Qaraqosh in the plain of Nineveh," said the Vatican Press Office.

Dec 07 16:46

FLASHBACK - Trump limits IRS action over church political activity

Declaring he was giving churches their “voices back,” President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday aimed at easing an IRS rule limiting political activity for religious organizations — a move that fell far short of a more sweeping order some supporters had expected.

As he marked the National Day of Prayer at the White House on Thursday, Trump signed the order on religious freedom, which directs the Treasury Department to not take “adverse action” over churches or religious organizations for political speech. The rule has rarely been enforced. Still, opponents said the restrictions have a chilling effect on free speech.

Dec 06 07:58

Bill Gates briefed CIA on how to lobotomize Christian fundamentalists, religious “fanatics,” using vaccine that alters VMAT2 “God” gene?

According to a video circulating on the web, Billionaire and eugenicist Bill Gates may have briefed agents with the Central Intelligence Agency giving them details on how to eliminate what the presenter and alleged agents in attendance at the meeting called the “fanatic” gene from the brains of Christian fundamentalists and other individuals that the government deems a threat.

If the video is truly authentic, a 49-year-old Gates would be heard telling bureau agents during a Project FUNVAC briefing back in April of 2005 that the human VMAP2 gene, also known as the “God gene,” can be altered using a vaccine.

According to the man on the video who appears to look somewhat similar to Gates, a project research team was able to map out notate a rather drastic difference in expression between to sample sets of human test subjects which he referred to as sample sets A and B during the briefing.

Dec 06 07:48

Vatican Says Biden Presidency Can Play ‘Key Role’ in Paris Climate Deal

The Vatican suggested Thursday a Biden presidency might inject new life into the stagnant Paris Climate Accord after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the deal in 2017.

The Vatican COVID-19 Commission announced Thursday that it is organizing a webinar next week in preparation for a December 12 global climate summit to be co-hosted by the United Nations and the UK to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

In its preparatory document, the Vatican team lamented the lack of initiative and commitment around the Paris climate goals, something it said needs to gain renewed momentum ahead of the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP 26) to be held in Glasgow in November 2021.

Dec 04 09:18

Gabbard: Religious Institutions Facing Stricter COVID Restrictions Reflects ‘Antagonistic’ View Towards Faith of ‘Many’ in Gov’t

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) praised the Supreme Court’s rulings striking down coronavirus restrictions on religious institutions and stated that religious institutions being treated worse than other institutions demonstrates “the antagonistic nature or attitude that many in our government have towards religious institutions or people of different religions, and it just says either they don’t know about the First Amendment and our freedom of religion, or they don’t value it.”

Dec 03 15:10

The First Freedom

Reading the court’s decision, and particularly the thoughtful and brilliant concurrence by Justice Neil Gorsuch — who wrote that “government is not free to disregard the First Amendment in times of crisis” — one can see that Cuomo lost this case because while he may understand the science, he does not understand the jurisprudence. -- Freedom of religion is not the first freedom by mistake. It was the judgment of the framers that this freedom is as essential to human fulfillment as are any other free choices that free people make. -- By failing to recognize that natural, historic and jurisprudential truism, Cuomo doomed his executive order to the ash bin of history.

Dec 02 10:26

Citing rise of ‘Christian nationalism,’ Secular Democrats unveil sweeping recommendations for Biden

A Democratic group dedicated to representing secular values unveiled a slate of recommendations for President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration on Monday (Nov. 30), outlining a sweeping agenda designed to roll back many of President Trump’s actions involving religion and to “restore a vision of constitutional secularism.”

The 28-page document, crafted by the Secular Democrats of America PAC, is being presented to the incoming administration by Democratic Representatives Jamie Raskin and Jared Huffman — both co-chairs of the Congressional Freethought Caucus.

The SDA’s agenda offers a wide range of policy recommendations to push back against the so-called “Christian nationalist movement,” which the the group describes as an “extraordinarily well-funded and well-organized” phenomenon whose “extreme and sectarian agenda (was) on constant display under the Trump-Pence administration.”

Nov 30 07:40

Blue Cheka Journo Rats On Church For Holding Services in Defiance of Lockdown

A journo with CBC News filmed herself ratting out worshipers at a Church in Chilliwack, British Columbia on Sunday in a remarkably pathetic and disturbing scene.

Nov 27 06:39

Nolte: Thanksgiving SCOTUS Decision Shows We’re One Vote from Losing First Amendment

What have we already learned on this Thanksgiving Day? That we are one vote away, just one little vote, from losing our sacred First Amendment rights, our right to assemble and to worship our God.

You don’t need me to tell you — well, maybe if you attended public schools you do — that one of the primary reasons the pilgrims jumped on the Mayflower and came over to this continent was to escape the religious persecution of fascists like New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who flagrantly issued an edict outlawing religious services of more than ten or 25 people, depending on the area.

Cuomo audaciously wrote his own law, one that violates the First Amendment’s right to peaceful assembly and the First Amendment’s explicit call for government to not interfere with how American citizens practice their religion.

Nov 24 13:05

Attack On Freedoms: Religious Leaders 'Concerned' About A Progressive Biden-Harris Agenda

Several Roman Catholic leaders are concerned that President-elect Joe Biden will inflict policies, including abortion rights, that runs against the church’s education.

Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, who manages the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, told his associates on Tuesday the church could face a “difficult and complex situation” over jobs promoted by Biden, who is set to become the second Catholic president after John F. Kennedy.

“The president-elect has given us reason to think he will support some good policies” but also some that “undermine our preeminent priority of the elimination of abortion,” Gomez said.

Nov 22 09:06

Pope Francis: Coronavirus Reveals the ‘Great Evil Afflicting the World’

Pope Francis has urged seminarians in Rome to offer the world a solution to the “great evil” that afflicts it, an evil laid bare by the coronavirus.

“Protect the world from the great evil that afflicts it,” the pontiff told students at the Jesuit-run Pio-Latino seminary on Friday. “The pandemic has put us before the great evil that afflicts our society, laid it bare, we can really feel it.”

Without ever identifying this “great evil” by name, the pope seemed to hint that it represents divisions and a lack of universal brotherhood.

Nov 16 07:24

8 kg gold dress, crown, diamond studded kundal offered to Sarangpur Hanuman

November 14, 2020
Sarangpur: A real gold dress of 8 kg(17.6 lbs or 282.3oz) weight was offered today to Sarangpur based Kashtabhanjan dev Hanuman in Gujarat.

A procession was organized in the morning today in Sarangpur town showcasing a new golden dress, a golden crown and a pair of real diamond studded ear rings on way to mandir.

Estimated value of golden dress is Rs. 6.25 crore($ 8,40,000). It has been prepared after hard work of over one year period. 22 designer artists and 100 traditional gold artists worked for this dress. Swaminarayan gem company played main role in executing the task. A pair of earrings studded with diamonds, offered to Hanuman murti is worth around Rs. 1 crore ($ 1,34,320).

The dress is offered to Hanuman murti by Vadtal temple chief Rakesh Prasad, Mahant Purani Vishnuprakasdasji and Hariprasaddasji.

Nov 13 07:04

Pope Francis Urges Catholics To Pray For 'Ethical Robots'

In November's monthly prayer intention, Pope Francis called on all the good Catholics of the world to "pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind."

The pope's monthly prayer intentions, published on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops' website, was also featured in a short video clip on YouTube via Vatican News.

In his message, the pope said artificial intelligence was "at the heart of the epochal change we are experiencing," and that robotics could empower the world if harnessed for good. He said, "if technological progress increases inequalities, it is not true progress. Future advances should be orientated towards respecting the dignity of the person."

Nov 11 07:12

Priest says water gun 'baptism' photo meant to be 'funny'

The Tennessee priest in a now-viral photograph that seemed to depict a baptism by water gun has told parishioners that the photo was staged, and was meant to be funny.

“This is what Fr. Steve said about this: 1) The family had requested for him to do this pose as copied from several posts of priests circulating around the internet. He agreed because he thought it was funny. 2) The water in the water gun is not holy water and was squirted towards the dad and not the baby for humor impact,” explained Saint Mark Catholic Church of Manchester, Tennessee in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“Bottom line, it was meant to be for fun,” the parish post added.

Nov 10 09:46


Nov 10 06:43

Archbishop Viganò slams US Bishops conference for claiming Biden is second ‘Catholic’ President

Archbishop Viganò has issued a statement saying he is 'quite disturbed' by the USCCB's decision to congratulate Joe Biden as the second 'Catholic' President of the United States.

The bishops have apparently forgot that Joe Biden is avidly pro-abortion, and a supporter of LGBT ideology and of anti-Catholic globalism, His Excellency remarked.

Nov 07 06:47

Cardinal Nichols tells Catholics to obey UK govt.’s new order to lock down churches

As another lockdown is implemented across England, banning public worship and only allowing private prayer in churches, Cardinal Vincent Nichols has issued a letter urging Catholics to be obedient to the restrictions.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) had previously issued a letter some days ago, demanding that the government provide the evidence for justifying closing churches for public worship.

A number of bishops also penned their own letters to MPs and government ministers, requesting evidence for the ban on Mass and warning of causing discord. Perhaps surprisingly, many MPs also raised the matter in Parliament, warning of the precedent set by such an attack on religious liberty, without any evidence presented to justify the measures.

Nov 07 06:46

New Irish law banning gatherings threatens prison for priests who say Mass

As a result of an astonishing new law passed in Ireland last night, members of the clergy could now face imprisonment for celebrating Mass or other ceremonies.

An amendment was made to the 1947 Health Act, concerning temporary restrictions in the nation-wide lockdown, and passed into law by the Irish Parliament, or Dáil, on October 22. Article 8 of the new regulations outlines restrictions on events, and reads: “A person shall not organise, or cause to be organised, a relevant event in a relevant geographical location other than in accordance with paragraph (2).”

Paragraph (2) lists the only two permissible exceptions to the law, which are if the event takes place “only outdoors” and if the organizer “takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the event is attended, or proposed to be attended, by persons residing in no more than 2 different places of residence.”

Nov 06 06:10

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Report to be published Nov 11

Nov 06 06:07

Archbishop Viganò: America is in midst of ‘Colossal Electoral Fraud,’ ‘Do Not Think the Children of Darkness Act with Honesty – We Must Pray NOW to Defeat Enemy

Carlo Maria Viganò is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016.

Archbishop Viganò previously warned Catholics on the historic spiritual importance of this 2020 election on the future of this country and this planet.

President Trump is standing up against the demonic forces of the deep state and the New World Order.

On Wednesday morning Archbishop Viganò published a letter addressing people of faith.

Vigano called on good men and women to pray NOW to defeat the enemies of God.

Nov 05 08:29

The Left's War on Christianity with Jack Hibbs

Nov 02 07:24

Why Joe Biden Wants to Teach Your Kids Islam

Nov 01 07:51

Blasphemy: Amsterdam Imam Demands Laws Outlawing Insults to Mohammed

Yassin Elforkani, the Imam of Amsterdam’s Blue Mosque, has demanded Dutch lawmakers consider passing new legislation to ban insulting the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

Elforkani, who claimed that he condemned the recent attacks in France that left three dead in Nice this week and previously saw teacher Samuel Paty beheaded in the street, stated that a young Muslim he spoke to did not understand why insulting Mohammed was allowed under free expression.

“He said, ‘Yassin, explain this to me: if our Jewish brothers are attacked, it will soon be anti-Semitism, and it will not be allowed. I understand that. But why is insulting the prophet subject to freedom of expression?’ That got me thinking,” Elforkani told newspaper Het Parool.

“These insults of Islam create a very negative dynamic and a toxic atmosphere in society, with all the risks that entails,” he warned.

Nov 01 07:42

Church Of England Warned Bishops Not To Apologize To Sex Abuse Victims

It has been revealed that the Church of England explicitly warned bishops not to apologise to sex abuse victims to avoid being sued

A previously unseen document instructed bishops too only give partial apologies, if at all, to the victims

Legal advice marked “strictly confidential,” was circulated among the most senior bishops, telling them to “express regret” to sexual abuse victims by only using approved wording.

Oct 31 07:18

WATCH: Muslims in Berlin hold protests against Macron’s anti-Islamist crackdown, chant ‘Allahu akbar’

Some 150 people gathered in Berlin for a rally denouncing France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamist crackdown, carrying banners and chanting “Allahu akbar.” It took place in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice.

The crowd held a roughly 30-minute demonstration in the city’s Hermannplatz, to protest against the showing of cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed across France, as well as Macron’s ongoing crackdown on Islamism.

Oct 31 07:14

Angry mob in Bangladesh beats & BURNS man who 'accidentally stepped on Koran'

A man was lynched by an angry mob in northern Bangladesh after he was accused of blasphemy while visiting a local mosque. The victim was taken into custody, but the crowd dragged him outside, beating him up and setting aflame.

The horrifying incident unfolded at the town of Burimari in the northern Lalmonirhat district late on Thursday.

A local man, identified as a 50-year-old Shahidunnabi Jewel, along with his friend, decided to visit the Burimari mosque to offer a prayer. Jewel is said to have been suffering from an unspecified mental condition.

The two somehow got into a dispute with other worshippers and claimed Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen terrorists were hiding inside the mosque, local media reported.

Oct 31 07:04

'We will destroy this revolution' – Polish patriots and right-wing groups create 'National Guard' to defend churches

Since the weekend, Poland saw several vicious attacks against churches and harassment of Catholics attending mass, but now Polish patriots and right-wing groups have created a defense group to defend Catholics against left-wing aggression.

At a press conference organized in front of Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church, Robert B?kiewicz, the head of the Independence March Association, announced that Poland is currently facing a neo-Bolshevik revolution, according to

He stated that patriotic groups will not allow those "against civilization" to attack Catholics. He said he and groups he is aligned with were establishing a "Catholic and civic" self-defense group which will be known as the “National Guard”.

Oct 31 07:03

Vatican Cardinal Calls for Battle Against ‘Monstrous’ Islamism

Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah denounced Islamism Thursday following a lethal terror attack in a French church, calling it a “monstrous fanaticism.”

“Islamism is a monstrous fanaticism which must be battled with force and determination,” wrote the Guinean cardinal, who leads the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, invoking his own experience as an African.

“It will not stop its war. Unfortunately, we Africans know this only too well,” the cardinal wrote on Twitter. “The barbarians are always the enemies of peace.”

“The West, today France, must understand this. Let us pray,” he said.

Oct 30 09:12

Ireland's mother and baby home survivors have spent decades fighting for the truth. They can finally see an end in sight  

On Friday, the five-year Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes and Certain Related Matters -- established to investigate what transpired across 14 mother and baby homes and four county homes from 1922 to 1998 -- is set to finalize its report. It's unclear when it will be made public, but the government has said it plans to publish it as soon as possible.

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Oct 30 06:26

Pope cancels public Christmas celebrations despite having just attended ecumenical extravaganza

Oct 29 06:03

Bishop of Ferns questions banning of public mass

The outgoing Bishop of Ferns has hit out at the closure of churches for daily and weekly religious services.

Bishop Denis Brennan says the country is at odds with the rest of Europe in this situation.

Speaking on South East Radio, Bishop Brennan called on the government to revisit the decision.

He expressed his disappointment that the churches were closed so quickly, something which had already been ordered during phase 3 of the coronavirus restrictions.

Among those who opposed that move was the Irish Council of Civil Liberties.

Oct 28 09:45

Kamala Harris Refused to Prosecute Priests’ Sexual Abuse After Church’s Lawyers Funded Her Campaign

Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite and president of the Government Accountability Institute, discussed with host Alex Marlow of Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily on Thursday that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), while San Francisco’s district attorney (DA), refused to prosecute cases of priests’ sexual abuse.

Harris was the only DA among those from the top 50 metropolitan cities not to lay charges against clergy for sexual abuse, said Schweizer, reflecting on Harris’s tenure as the San Francisco DA between 2004 and 2011.

Schweizer stated, “The numbers are pretty stunning. From 2004 to 2011, Kamala Harris was the San Francisco [district attorney] responsible for all prosecutions and the prosecution team in the San Francisco area. Between 2004 and 2011, she did not prosecute a single case of priests’ sexual abuse–period.”

Oct 27 05:43

Victoria Police refuse to investigate claims Cardinal Pell was framed

Oct 26 06:12

Pope Francis Compares Today’s European Nationalism with Pre-Nazi Germany

Pope Francis suggested Saturday that Europe is repeating the errors of pre-Nazi Germany by allowing new anti-immigration nationalisms to take hold.

In an address to socialist Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Pope Francis recommended a book by “an Italian intellectual from the Communist Party” with the “very evocative title: Syndrome 1933.”

In his 2019 book, Siegmund Ginzberg compared what was happening with the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in 1933 to 2019 Italy, where a new anti-immigrant nationalism and populism threaten to become the dominant political movement.

The book “refers to Germany, obviously,” the pope said Saturday. “With the fall of the Weimar Republic emerged a whole mix of possibilities to get out of the crisis. And there an ideology began to show that the path was National Socialism and it went on and on and arrived at what we know: the drama that was Europe with that homeland invented by an ideology.”

Oct 24 07:55

Vatican Silent After Pope Appears To Endorse Same-Sex Unions

Pope Francis has once again shaken up the Vatican with his progressive politics, but this time, instead of weighing in on economic matters with little consequence to the Vatican (like the morality of capitalism, which the Pope has frequently attacked in his sermons), it seems he has touched a nerve by appearing to endorse same-sex marriage, a position the Church has vehemently opposed.

Bloomberg reports that the Vatican's massive media apparatus has gone silent, and that all of the Pope's spokespeople aren't returning reporters calls while struggling to formulate a statement of their own. It appears they were as taken aback by the Pope's comment as millions of practicing Catholics.

Oct 24 06:32

Watch: U.N. Chief Guterres Praises Pope for Backing Same-Sex Civil Unions

The decision by Pope Francis to offer his tentative support for civil union laws for same-sex couples was praised Thursday by U.N. chief Antonio Guterres.

A devout worshipper from Catholic Portugal, the former socialist political leader said the cautious papal thumbs-up was “extremely welcome.”

“This is a clear demonstration of a fundamental principle, which is the principle of nondiscrimination,” said Guterres in New York during an interview with the Associated Press. “And one of the things that has been very clear in the U.N. doctrine on this is that non-discrimination is also relevant in the questions of sexual orientation.

“So this is decision of the Pope is, of course, extremely welcome from our perspective.”

Oct 24 06:30

Fr. Altman: The blood of babies is 'on the hands' of bishops if Biden wins in 2020

Oct 23 05:53

‘Plot thickens’ for Vatican money wiring scandal

Oct 22 05:47

Churches Win over Colorado Governor’s Pandemic Orders

A federal judge ruled late last week in favor of two Colorado churches that challenged Gov. Jared Polis’s (D) pandemic orders requiring indoor occupancy limitations and masks during worship.

U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Domenico, a Trump appointee, granted Denver Bible Church and its pastor, Robert Enyart, as well as Community Baptist Church and its pastor, Joey Rhoads, a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.

The judge said Polis’s Public Health Order 20-35 violated the churches’ First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

Oct 21 06:43

Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts Trump will win re-election and bring about THE END TIMES

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson has predicted that President Donald Trump will secure re-election, which he says will then lead to the end of the world.

“…The next thing is the election that's coming up in just a few weeks, at which time, according to what I believe the Lord told me, the president is going to be re-elected,” Robertson prophesized during his show on Tuesday. The preacher then added that Trump's victory is “going to lead to civil unrest, and then a war against Israel and so forth…”

According to Robertson, the war's outcome has also already been pre-determined. “There is going to be a war, then a time of peace,” he said, before adding, “And then maybe the end.”

Oct 21 05:33

Are USA Bishops Funding Joe Biden's Election Campaign? with Michael Hichborn

Oct 19 05:53

WATCH: Man Rips Down Cross on London Church in Broad Daylight

A viral video on social media appears to a show a man standing on top of a church and ripping down its cross in broad daylight.

The video shows a young male methodically yanking down the cross on top of the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church, which describes itself as “an informal multinational congregation of around 70 people [who] seek to worship God and pray together, to share the good news of Jesus Christ, to encourage people to be His disciples and serve the local community and wider church family.”

The man makes no attempt to even partially hide his identity — which would not be difficult, with the sight of people wearing masks even outdoors not uncommon in London amid the ongoing Wuhan virus pandemic — and appears heedless of the fact that there are multiple people at the scene or passing by at the time of the act.

Oct 17 10:02

France: Teacher Beheaded By Muslim 'Refugee' Who 'Posted Celebratory Pic' On Twitter

A history teacher in France was allegedly beheaded by an 18-year-old Muslim refugee as revenge for using a cartoon of Islam's Prophet Muhammad during a lecture on freedom of speech.

[...] Within 24 hours of the attack there was a giant rally held in the streets of Paris demanding open borders, mass amnesty and free housing for illegal migrants.

Oct 17 09:31

The Vortex — Episcopal Smoke Screen

Oct 16 05:28

Witchcraft, Elections, and Royale High

The founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey is reputed to once have said of Halloween, “I’m glad Christians let their kids worship the Devil at least one night out of the year.” This year’s Halloween comes at an unprecedented time in our nation’s history. Lockdowns implemented from March to June prevented the majority of churches across the nation from physically gathering during that time, and many aspects of church life such as Bible study, youth groups, church retreats, and other means of congregating crucial to Christian life have been curtailed or even shut down indefinitely since the pandemic’s onset in March.

Oct 14 04:53

Catholic — Campaign 2020 — Democratic Majority Among KY Bishops

Oct 13 05:24

Gov’t Ignored 100 Priests Running Pedophile Ring In Pittsburgh, Report Finds

Local officials in Pittsburgh helped cover up a pedophile ring involving 99 priests over fears that the abuse would cause “bad publicity” for the Catholic Church.

According to a scathing report, the priests worked together in a predatory ring that existed for years in which they “manufactured child pornography, shared intelligence on victims and gave large gold crosses to certain boys to mark them as already being ‘groomed,’ for abuse.” reports: The accusations have been around for decades, and one of the earliest reports dates back to 1964 when a child attempted to report the horrific abuse he endured at the hands of a priest in his church, and former Beaver County District Attorney Robert Masters shut down the investigation and insisted that the church needed to handle it from within.

Oct 12 10:24


In 1958, as John F. Kennedy was preparing to run for president of the United States, polemicist Paul Blanshard published the second edition of his incendiary 1949 book, American Freedom and Catholic Power. This was the bible of anti-Catholicism in American public life. In it, Blanshard called for a “resistance movement” that would oppose the Catholic Church’s “antidemocratic social policies,” and attacked Catholic schools as “the most important divisive instrument in the life of American Children.” Echoing Blanshard’s bigotry, a February 1960 editorial in Christianity Today asserted that it is “perfectly rational” to oppose the nomination and election of a “Romanist” because “a Catholic presidency would be torn between two loyalties.”

Oct 12 08:20

Coronavirus fears for Pope Francis, 83, after four members of his Swiss Guard test positive for Covid-19

FOUR members of Pope Francis' Swiss Guard have tested positive for Covid-19, sparking fears for the pontiff.

The Holy See Press Office said four members of the Swiss Guard have Covid-19 symptoms and tested positive for the virus.

Oct 12 08:11

Mexico asks Pope Francis for apology for church's role in Spanish conquest

Mexico’s president has written to Pope Francis to ask for an apology for the Catholic church’s role in the oppression of indigenous people in the Spanish conquest 500 years ago.

The request was made in a two-page letter that also asked the Vatican to temporarily return several ancient indigenous manuscripts held in its library, ahead of next year’s 500-year anniversary of the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

The letter, dated 2 October but posted on president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Twitter page on Saturday, the same day Mexico City authorities decided to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus that protesters had threatened to knock down.

The letter was delivered to the pope by López Obrador’s wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, who met with him at the Vatican following a meeting she had on Friday with Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.

Oct 11 06:27

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Deep State is Working With “Deep Church” to Transform Catholic Church into Spiritual Arm of New World Order

A Catholic Archbishop who formerly served as the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States is accusing elements of the Catholic hierarchy of operating as a “deep church,” working in conjunction with the so-called American deep state

Archbishop Viganò is known as something of a conservative “dissident” within the Catholic episcopate, most notably publicly accusing Pope Francis and other senior Vatican officials of failing to act after being made aware of credible accusations of sexual abuse against now-disgraced American ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Oct 11 06:09

‘Demonic desecration’: Archbishop orders to BURN altar after priest allegedly held orgy with dominatrices there

The sex act between a Catholic priest and two “dominatrices,” which allegedly happened on an altar of a Louisiana church, was nothing short of demonic desecration, the archbishop has ruled.

Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans ordered the removal and burning of the altar of the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana. The move was in response to a sex scandal involving the now-former priest of the church, who was arrested on charges of obscenity last week. Travis Clark was allegedly caught filming himself having sex with two women, described as “dominatrices” by the media, on the altar of the church entrusted to his ministry.

Oct 11 06:02

Catholics Voting for Barabbas

Oct 10 07:12

NASA bans the word 'Jesus'

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter.

“It was shocking to all of us and very frustrating,” NASA engineer Sophia Smith told me. “NASA has a long history of respecting religious speech. Why wouldn’t they allow us to put the name Jesus in the announcement about our club?”
Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s largest religious liberty law firms, threatened to file a federal lawsuit unless NASA apologizes and stops censoring the name ‘Jesus’.

Oct 10 07:06

Catholic — Campaign 2020 — Son of Soros

Oct 10 07:06

Catholic — Campaign 2020 — Kamala Targets Catholics

Oct 09 04:56

Vatican Used Donation Money To Fund Extremely Risky Bet On Hertz Credit Derivatives

A couple of weeks after Cardinal Angelo Becciu, second-in-command of the Vatican's powerful Secretariat of State, resigned amid burgeoning financial scandals, another scandal has emerged, this time it involves the Vatican using some donation money, intended to help the working poor, to bet on the creditworthiness of now bankrupted US rental car company, Hertz.

FT broke the story on Thursday, citing documents, shows how the Vatican, under Becciu's management, used donation money to purchase structured notes linked with credit default swaps as part of a gambling bet Hertz wouldn't default by April 2020. Hertz filed for bankruptcy on May 22, due to the economic downturn spurred by the virus pandemic, which allowed the Vatican to "narrow escape on the investment, which paid out in full," FT said.

Oct 08 06:41

Pope Francis' encyclical is a shot at President Trump right before the election

Oct 07 08:40

Church of England forgave paedophiles and allowed them to continue working with children, inquiry finds

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) said that between the 1940s and 2018, 390 clergy members or people in positions of trust were convicted of child sex offences.

“The culture of the Church of England facilitated it becoming a place where abusers could hide,” said a report released on Tuesday.

“Deference to the authority of the Church and to individual priests, taboos surrounding discussion of sexuality and an environment where alleged perpetrators were treated more supportively than victims presented barriers to disclosure that many victims could not overcome.”

IICSA said that many members of the church regard forgiveness “as the appropriate response to any admission of wrongdoing”.

Oct 07 06:40

Damnation of the Church of England: Clergy put CofE's own reputation above protecting children from sexual abuse, inquiry finds

The Church of England put its own reputation above protecting children from sexual abuse, a damning report has found.

It recommended that bishops lose their responsibility to keep children safe because alleged paedophiles were given more support than victims.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse said reports of recent abuse have continued – with 449 in 2018.

Oct 06 06:51

'Amazing allegations' surface of allegedly corrupt Vatican officials: Bolt

Oct 04 07:23

POPE FRANCIS lost $20 MILLION Euros in a banking scheme

Oct 02 06:02

Prof who organized ‘#ScholarStrike,' called God a 'white racist' named Catholics for Biden co-chair

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler is among the Biden-Harris campaign’s “Catholics for Biden” coalition.

The Biden campaign told the National Catholic Reporter that Butler, a professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies, serves as one of three dozen national co-chairs, with the goal of making former Vice President Joe Biden the second Catholic president in American history, according to Pew Research.

Recently, Campus Reform reported on Butler’s assertion that Republicans are “craven” and “evil.” In a Twitter thread, she said that the GOP is no longer a party, but an “ideology that has merged with the poisonous element of Trumpism” to “kill Democracy and America.”

In the same tweet thread, Butler referred to a “white, male, academic” priest friend of hers, who she said was misguided for wanting to "reach across the aisle."

“Folks, that day is over. We must make sure the Republican party is in tatters after the election," she said.

Oct 01 09:34

Vatican SNUBS Donald Trump ahead of US election 2020 over Pope ‘exploitation’ fears

A top Vatican official has hit out at the Trump administration, accusing US politicians of exploiting Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. It followed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flying over to Italy to speak about religious freedom, as well as attacking the Vatican for its links to China. Pope Francis has frequently hit out at party politics, and has recently called for world leaders to put aside differences to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Oct 01 06:04

US Cardinal: Biden isn't Catholic in 'good standing', shouldn't receive Communion