Nov 26 08:45

U.S. interceptor missile destroyer deployed: “Now, more than ever, we stand firmly alongside our NATO allies and partners in the Black Sea region”

The Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) entered the Black Sea on a routine patrol, Nov. 25, 2021.

While in the Black Sea, the ship will operate alongside NATO allies and partners in the region….NATO allies and partners routinely operate in the region to…improve effectiveness and interoperability.

“Now, more than ever, we stand firmly alongside our NATO allies and partners in the Black Sea region,” said Cmdr. Patrick Chapman, Arleigh Burke’s commanding officer….

U.S. Sixth Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) and fellow Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) recently completed operations in the Black Sea, working with regional allies and partners, including Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine throughout their time in the area.

Nov 26 08:44

30+2 meeting in Latvia: Ukraine, Georgia to rally NATO FMs against Russia

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that the main topic he would raise at the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Riga would be Russia’s increase in forces on Ukraine’s border….

“The key topic of my visit will be another escalation in connection with Russia’s increase in its forces on the border with Ukraine, the danger of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine and the steps we are taking with Euro-Atlantic partners to prevent such a scenario,” said Dmytro Kuleba.

He also said that Ukraine’s progress in the reforms needed to move towards NATO membership would be discussed.

The meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers will take place on November 30-December 1 in Riga in the “30+2” format – with the participation of Ukraine and Georgia.

Nov 26 08:44

Canada mulls deploying more troops, warship, warplane to Ukrainian war zone

The new Minister of Defense of Canada Anita Anand does not rule out that hundreds of soldiers, a warship to the Black Sea, and a redeployed part of the CF-18 fighters from Romania may be sent to Ukraine soon….

So far, Canada has sent about 200 of its military instructors to Ukraine. They are engaged in the training of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukraine and Canada have announced the start of construction of a joint space launch pad in the province of Nova Scotia (Canada).

Nov 26 08:43

U.S. European Command, NATO plan “moving large combat forces across the continent”

U.S. European Command logisticians joined 80 Allied and partner nation colleagues in Ulm, Germany, this week to rehearse the movement of the NATO Response Force and additional Ally units during a crisis.

Hosted by NATO’s newest command, the Joint Support and Enabling Command, the event included elements of major NATO Headquarters from Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, USEUCOM, Joint Forces Command Brunssum, all USEUCOM component commands, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, U.S. Transportation Command, and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The exercise scenario challenged the multinational logisticians to overcome practical constraints that arise from moving large combat forces and their sustainment across the continent and ultimately in directions spanning 360 degrees.

Nov 26 08:32

Ukraine on its knees in front of Russia – ex PM

Kiev is on unsteady footing amid an increasingly tense standoff with Russia due to its dependence on gas and energy imports, Ukraine’s former prime minister has warned as the country seeks to secure more supplies from Moscow.

Speaking in an interview with Nash TV Channel, Yulia Timoshenko, who now sits as an opposition MP, claimed that Ukraine has neither extracted its own gas nor planned to use its own coal supplies.

“All of the essentials needed for the heating period have not been provided, which means that we have been practically brought to our knees,” the ex-prime minister claimed, remarking that Kiev is fully dependent on Moscow and Minsk.

“The whole government should count on prayers that Ukraine won’t be plunged into -10 degrees or lower this winter,” Timoshenko went on. “The second thing that they hope for is that they will import electricity from Russia and Belarus. And they already do,” she said.

Nov 26 08:15


Following Saturday’s news report by corporate-owned US media outlet CBS, which outlined alleged plans by Russia to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks as the Winter sets in, based on unverified information given to the media network by unnamed US Intelligence officials, anti-Russian hysteria in the Western mainstream media has again stepped up a notch – with Moscow already being accused of playing a key role in the ongoing migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border, where thousands of immigrants, many of whom are fleeing the wars and colour revolutions imposed on their countries by the US-NATO hegemony, are attempting to enter the European Union.

Nov 26 08:15

US Sends Another Warship Into Black Sea Amid Russia Tensions

The guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea Thursday to operate alongside NATO allies, the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet said.

The US and NATO have stepped up their activity in the Black Sea to stoke tensions with Russia, and there is now a regular presence of US warships in the waters. The Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea after two other US Navy destroyers, the USS Porter and the USS Mount Whitney, completed operations in the area.

The Russian military said it has begun monitoring the Arleigh Burke. “The Black Sea Fleet’s forces have begun to monitor the guided-missile destroyer The USS Arleigh Burke, which entered the Black Sea on November 25, 2021,” Russia’s National Defense Command Center said in a news release.

Nov 26 08:07

MEGA BEX ALERT - A Russia-backed coup against Ukraine planned for December - Zelensky

Ukraine has uncovered a plot for an attempted coup with the involvement of Russians, due to have taken place next week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday at a press conference.

Zelensky did not give full details of the coup plot and did not accuse the Russian state of involvement, though he also spoke at length at the press conference of a threat of Russian military escalation, and said Ukraine would be ready for it.
The Kremlin swiftly denied any role in any coup plot, saying it had no plans to take part in such acts.

Nov 26 08:05

Russian, Belarusian Fighter Jets Jointly Patrol Belarus Border

Russian and Belarusian fighter jets jointly patrolled Belarus' border on Thursday, the Belarusian defence ministry said, in the latest sign of Moscow's support for its ally in a standoff with the EU over migrants camped at the frontier with Poland.

The European Union has accused Belarus of flying in thousands of people from the Middle East and pushing them to cross into the bloc in retaliation for EU sanctions imposed over President Alexander Lukashenko's crushing of protests against his disputed re-election last year. Belarus denies this.

Nov 26 08:03

US Spreads Fake News of Russian Plans to Invade Ukraine as Kiev Shows Off Javelin Missile System

Kiev’s aggressive rhetoric about using the American-made Javelin anti-tank missile systems in Donbass, as well as accusations of Russia’s invasion plans, creates an explosive situation and encourages the escalation of conflict. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, also claimed that Kiev’s forces used the American Javelin system in Donbass for the first time. This is further evidence that the Minsk agreements, which are extremely important for regulating the crisis and ceasefire in Donbass, is being violated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Saddam has nuclear weapons! Oh...wait a sec. Wrong cared." -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 26 07:43

US Deploys Dozens of Tanks! Putin Couldn't Speak Out of Anger!

Nov 26 07:37

USA deploys at least 30 self-propelled howitzers near Belarusian-Polish border

The USA has deployed at least 30 self-propelled howitzers Paladin near the Belarusian-Polish border, the news agency reports.

According to the source, after dozens of tanks, armored vehicles and several thousands of NATO military personnel were relocated to the Belarusian border it was revealed that in addition to that the USA moved at least 30 155mm self-propelled howitzers M109A7 Paladin to the Belarusian-Polish border.

The howitzers were delivered from Germany by several trains. Taking into account their firing range, they can fire into Belarus' territory.

The USA has yet to comment on the deployment of its weapon systems and military hardware near the Belarusian border.

Nov 26 07:34

'Go through. Go,' Lukashenko tells migrants at Polish border

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko told migrants stranded at the border with Poland on Friday that his country would help them to return home if they wanted but would not force them.

Thousands of migrants are stuck on the European Union's eastern frontier, in what the EU says is a crisis Minsk engineered by distributing Belarusian visas in the Middle East, flying them in and pushing them across the border.

But Lukashenko said it was the EU that deliberately provoked a humanitarian crisis that needed to be resolved and he told the migrants he would not play politics with their fate.

In his first public appearance at the border since the start of the crisis, Lukashenko met migrants at a warehouse turned into shelter and told them they were free to head west or go home as they chose.

Nov 26 07:07

UK to Deploy More Tanks to Germany Amid Reported Worries Over Russian 'Activities' on Ukraine Border

London withdrew a portion of its motorised forces from the European state in 2010 amid a trend by western nations to focus on fighting terrorism and more positive relations with Russia.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced upcoming changes to the country's military, including on a planned redeployment of some of its tanks to Germany to bring the British motorised presence there to a full armoured brigade for the first time in a decade.

The additional tanks will be based in the NATO Forward Holding Facility at the Sennelager Training Area in Germany. At the same time, the UK Defence Ministry does not plan to increase the number of troops deployed there.

The change is expected to allow the rapid reinforcement of NATO's eastern flank. The UK thus effectively will roll back its 2010 decision to redeploy a portion of its armoured brigade from Germany, which was partially justified by the absence of an imminent threat from Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The War Drums Are Beating!

Nov 26 07:02

Ukrainian President warns of imminent coup attempt in Kiev

A Russian-backed plot to topple the Ukrainian government within days has been exposed, the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has claimed, pointing the finger at a high-profile oligarch as one of the backers of the coup.

Speaking as part of a marathon press conference in Kiev on Friday, Zelensky told journalists that officials have “received information that a coup d’état will take place in our country on December 1-2. We have audio recordings in which representatives of Russia and Rinat Akhmetov discuss the coup.”

According to Zelensky, billions of dollars are being spent by Akhmetov, the owner of Shaktar Donetsk football club and recently a leading critic of the government, as part of a regime-change bid. Zelensky, however, said that he doesn’t believe the entrepreneur, who has an estimated net worth of more than $7 billion, will take part in the coup himself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This should be considered as a war warning!

Nov 25 09:54

US strategic bombers stepped up flights near eastern Russia, Shoigu says

US Air Force strategic bombers have significantly increased their activity close to the Russian eastern border as the pilots are practicing missile strikes, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday.

Russia’s defense chief lauds extension of missile launch notification deal with China
The flights also threaten China, he said during talks with China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe. There were 22 such flights in 2020 over the Sea of Okhotsk, up from three in 2019, Shoigu said.

‘’In the course of these activities, US bomber crews conduct practice approaches to cruise missile firing points with subsequent mock missile strikes,’’ Shoigu said.

Russia’s air defense systems promptly detected US strategic bombers at all times, established surveillance and worked to prevent incidents, the minister said.

Nov 25 09:33

NATO summit to discuss how to deter Russia, says Lithuanian foreign minister

Lithuania is very worried about a Russian troop build up on Ukraine's eastern border and a NATO summit next week will try to find ways on how to deter Russia and reinforce the alliance's borders, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said on Wednesday.

Landsbergis also told Reuters in an interview after meeting U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman in Washington that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be using the Belarus border crisis as a tactical distraction to stir up wider instability in the region.

"Creating all those tactical instabilities on the border, having us all paying 100 percent attention to these issues, Putin might be ready to make a strategic move," Landsbergis said.

He added that he was not sure about the scale of Moscow's next step "if there would be a military action against Ukraine ... because in 2014 the scale was limited."

In 2014, Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, one more time. When the US-backed coup replaced the government of Ukraine, Crimea held a referendum to secede from Ukraine and a government not of their choosing. The referendum passed overwhelmingly! Then Crimea held another referendum about joining with the Russian Republics, which also passed overwhelmingly. Crimea then asked Russia to join and Russia said "yes." Got it now?

Nov 25 09:29

US-NATO Drums of War: From ‘Saddam’s WMDs’ to ‘Russia Is Preparing to Invade Ukraine’. Familiar “Regime Change” Propaganda Now Targets Moscow

Following Saturday’s news report by corporate-owned US media outlet CBS, which outlined alleged plans by Russia to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks as the Winter sets in, based on unverified information given to the media network by unnamed US Intelligence officials, anti-Russian hysteria in the Western mainstream media has again stepped up a notch – with Moscow already being accused of playing a key role in the ongoing migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border, where thousands of immigrants, many of whom are fleeing the wars and colour revolutions imposed on their countries by the US-NATO hegemony, are attempting to enter the European Union.

Nov 25 09:08

Migrants at Belarus-Poland Border Protest, Demand EU to Make Decision

Migrants at the Belarusian-Polish border are holding a protest on Thursday and demanding from the EU to make a decision on their status, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Migrants say that they want to live in a peaceful and stable country and say they came to Europe not for economic reasons.

This comes as thousands of migrants from the Middle East, mostly Iraqi Kurds, have been staying on the Belarusian-Polish border for more than two weeks already, unable to enter the EU since Warsaw refuses them entry. When some of the migrants attempted to storm the Polish border, they were pushed back by Polish forces, who used water cannons and tear gas.

Nov 25 09:05

EU about to get even more reliant on Russia – Polish PM

Western Europe’s reliance on Moscow for energy supplies is only going to increase after the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline comes online, Poland’s prime minister has claimed, warning the Kremlin could have sway over the EU.
Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, Mateusz Morawiecki alleged that Moscow is putting pressure on both Warsaw and the bloc through the development of the underwater gas link.

“Part of the EU is already heavily dependent on Russian energy, and if the pipeline starts working, we can conclude that we will become even more reliant,” Prime Minister Morawiecki said, appearing alongside Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi?.

Morawiecki also accused Moscow of using gas as a “political bargaining chip” to strengthen its hand in continental Europe, which has seen prices rise sharply in recent months amid a shortage of supplies.

Nov 25 08:53

Hybrid Warfare: Poland Predicts Long, Drawn Out Belarus Border Crisis

Polish government official Stanis?aw ?aryn has predicted that the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus may last for a long time, adding that the conflict may be a “cynical ploy” orchestrated by Belarusian services facilitating the incursion attempts “to exhaust our soldiers and officers”.

Mr ?aryn, the spokesman for the Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, part of the National Security Department of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, spoke out on the ongoing crisis in which thousands of migrants have camped along the border and tried to illegally cross from Belarus in recent weeks.

Nov 24 14:09

Russia's Strategic Aviation Continues To Take Over America's Backyard! Cuba Welcomes Its Old Friend!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I warned you that alienating Cuba would have consequences!

Nov 24 13:41

Saudis, Russians Consider Pausing Oil Production Increases In Retaliation To Biden SPR Release

When commenting on yesterday's SPR release announcement by the Biden admin and several assorted hanger-on nations - which has backfired spectacularly sending the price of oil soaring now that the rumor can no longer be sold so the news has to be bought in line with every single SPR release in the past...

... we said that not only was the release far to smmal, but that in retaliation for the SPR release, "OPEC could easily consider halting its production hikes to offset the detrimental SPR impact of lower oil prices on the needed recovery in global oil capex, likely justifying such action as prudent in the face of COVID demand risks."

Nov 24 13:37

Russia & Ukraine's Militaries 'On Alert', Raise Stakes With Rival Combat Drills

Both the Russian and Ukrainian armies have staged rival combat drills in and near the Black Sea on Wednesday as both countries and their allies are on edge over accusations coming from the West of a major Russian troop build-up readying for an offensive on eastern Ukraine, which the Kremlin is vehemently denying. Ukraine's military days ago said a Russian offensive could come as early as January.

"Russia staged military drills in the Black Sea, south of Ukraine, on Wednesday and said it needed to sharpen the combat-readiness of its conventional and nuclear forces because of heightened NATO activity near its borders," Reuters reports of the new combat maneuvers.

The drills were described by the Russian defense ministry as featuring fighter jets and naval ships repelling air assaults on naval bases on the black Sea, as well as countering with offensive strikes on mock enemy targets.

Nov 24 11:16

The Newest Russian EW System ''BYLINA'' with Artificial Intelligence Burned Down U.S. Fighter F-15!

Nov 24 07:59

Germany assumes command of NATO’s growing military forces on its northeast flank: Belarus, Russia, Kaliningrad

On 19 November, German Army Lieutenant General Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart relieved the Polish Army Lieutenant General S?awomir Wojciechowski as Commander Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE) during a change-of-command ceremony at Baltic Barracks. The Corps Commander post rotates every three years between German and Polish general officers.

Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum GEN Jörg Vollmer presided over the ceremony, highlighting the critical role Multinational Corps Northeast plays in the NATO Force Structure. “Multinational Corps Northeast is our key unit in the Baltic Sea region. In peacetime, crisis and conflict, this Corps is ready. It has a command and control structure which is already in place….,” the General said.

In his final address, LTG Wojciechowski emphasized that in the last three years the Corps had remained at the centre of adaptation and change across the Alliance’s north-eastern flank:

Nov 24 07:58

Atlantic Council fellow offers plan for war with Russia, with nuclear weapons at core

From an article in Defense News by Hans Binnendijk, Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council and former National Security Council Senior Director for Defense Policy, and Julian Lindley-French, chairman of The Alphen Group. Summary is abbreviated for reasons explained yesterday.

…Since the 2016 Warsaw Summit, NATO has deployed 1,000-person Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battle groups in the three Baltic states and in Poland.

The U.S. deploys a brigade-sized force in Poland and battalion-sized forces in Lithuania and Romania…[Although] These forces could be overrun quickly by a determined Russian onslaught given its time and distance advantages, but as was the case in the city of Berlin during the Cold War, eFP does provide a useful tripwire.

Nov 24 07:51

NATO's mistake is that it still thinks it's dealing with the weakened Russia of the 1990s

Recent shockwaves in Russian-Ukrainian relations, and the increasing involvement of the US, could prove to be among the most significant milestones in the history of Europe since the end of the Cold War, over three decades ago.

But the groundwork for a clash of heads was laid long before the present day. Since the reunification of Germany, the continent’s security architecture – the careful truce between East and West that held strong even at the most tense moments of the 20th century – has been systematically dismantled.

Was that process avoidable? It’s pointless even to ask. What matters is that, since then, the key principle has been that each and every country can decide for itself which military and political alliances it wishes to join. Of course, that choice wasn’t always a free one and, after 1991, NATO became the only club in town as the others had all packed up.

NATO’s new problem

Nov 24 07:50

US rehearsed dropping nuclear weapons 20km from Russian border – Moscow

American nuclear-capable bombers have flown dozens of sorties across Eastern Europe in the past few weeks as part of drills designed to probe Russian readiness in case of an atomic war, Russia's defense minister has claimed.

Speaking after a meeting his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, in Moscow on Tuesday, Sergey Shoigu said that there has been “a significant intensification of activity from US strategic bomber aviation near the borders of Russia.”

According to him, “over the past month, around 30 missions have been flown near the borders of the Russian federation, around two and a half times more than in the same time period last year.”

Shoigu added that recent American exercises, codenamed Global Thunder, saw “ten strategic bombers practicing their ability to use nuclear weapons against Russia at almost the same time from the west and the east. The minimum distance from our border was 20km.”

Nov 24 07:42

U.S.-Russia confrontation over Ukraine threatens to become all-out war — but why?

A report in Covert Action Magazine from the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine describes grave fears of a new offensive by Ukrainian government forces, after increased shelling, a drone strike by a Turkish-built drone and an attack on Staromaryevka, a village inside the buffer zone established by the 2014-15 Minsk Accords.

The People's Republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR), which declared independence in response to the U.S.-backed coup in Ukraine in 2014, have once again become flashpoints in the intensifying Cold War between the United States and Russia. The U.S. and NATO appear to be fully supporting a new government offensive against these Russian-backed enclaves, which could quickly escalate into a full-blown international military conflict.

Nov 24 07:41

Playing With Fire on Russia’s Borders

Avoiding a war with Russia that could go nuclear, however, has always been a vital strategic interest, especially since Moscow acquired nuclear weapons. Every American president has known that. And avoidance of war with the United States has been a guiding principle of Russian foreign policy from Stalin to Putin.

Nov 24 07:26


Ten days ago I wrote about the potential of war in the Ukraine:

There is fear in Russia that the U.S. is egging the Ukraine into a renewed active conflict with its renegade eastern Donbass region and thereby into a war with Russia.
The Biden administrations war mongering towards Russia may be seen to be free of cost. But it takes only one miscalculation in Kiev or some unforeseen incident in the Black Sea region and the situation could seriously escalate.
Moscow sees a salami slicing tactic at work that would only end with NATO directly confronting it on all its borders:

Moscow’s narrative is that the Western powers are deliberately fueling Ukraine’s revanchist instincts by arming it and encouraging President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is fighting for political survival, to believe that with Western support, a window of opportunity is opening to recapture the lost territories in Donbas and Crimea and thereby redeem his pledge to be his country’s savior.

Nov 24 07:24

Report: US Considering Sending Military Advisors, Weapons to Ukraine

CNN reported on Monday that the Biden administration is weighing sending military advisors and additional weapons to Ukraine, a move that Russia would view as a major escalation.

Citing people “familiar with the matter,” the CNN report said the US weapons package could include new Javelin anti-tank missiles, mortars, and stinger missiles. The Biden administration is also considering sending military aid that would have gone to Afghanistan, including Russian-made M-17 helicopters.

Since 2014, after the US supported a coup in Ukraine, Washington has supplied Kyiv with over $2 billion in military aid. US and NATO military activity has also significantly increased in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Advisors" is how Vietnam started!

Nov 24 07:23

Citing US Threats, Russia and China Agree to Expand Military Cooperation

Russia and China signed on Tuesday a roadmap for deeper military cooperation as the two countries continue to boost ties in the face of increasing pressure from the US and other Western countries.

The deal was agreed to in virtual talks between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe. The Russian Defense Ministry said the military leaders “expressed a shared interest in stepping up strategic military exercises and joint patrols” between the two countries.

“China and Russia have been strategic partners for many years,” Shoigu said. “Today, in conditions of increasing geopolitical turbulence and growing conflict potential in various parts of the world, the development of our interaction is especially relevant.”

Shoigu pointed to an increase in US bomber activity near Russia and in East Asia as a reason to increase cooperation with China. Wei told Shoigu that Russia has successfully countered pressure and threats from Washington.

Nov 24 07:17

STAR WARS Inside Putin’s ‘Star Warrior’ weapon as Russia threatens to destroy 32 Nato satellites to cripple missile systems

RUSSIA'S new weapon dubbed "Star Warrior" has the West worried as it can blast satellites out of orbit at heights of up to 500 miles above Earth.

Vladimir Putin's state owned TV issued a chilling threat that Russia may deploy the system to destroy some 32 Western satellites to render Nato missiles useless.

It comes after Putin used the weapon to destroy a redundant Soviet-era Tselina-D military reconnaissance satellite - blasting it into an orbital debris storm.

Intelligence sources in the West and Russia believe the hunk of space junk was annihilated by the new satellite killer missile system.

The weapon has been dubbed the "Star Warrior" by state Russian media and is the next step in an orbital arms race.

Nov 24 07:11

Sino-Russian Collusion over Taiwan, Ukraine Seems Improbable but Isn’t

The “feel-good” from Tuesday’s virtual meeting between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping leaps out of the US-Russian summit in Geneva in June.

Biden’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently sought to create a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russia but there is talk of war today.

On Tuesday, Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, said during a briefing about the summit that the US and like-minded partners would write the “rules to advance their interests and values” and push back on China.

On Thursday, Biden revealed that he is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Nov 24 07:10

At Arms, the Enemy Is at the Gates! Frenzied US-NATO Militarization Escalation against Russia

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg met President Draghi on November 17 in Rome to address “the current security challenges” arising from “Russia’s military build-up in and around Ukraine”. Stoltenberg thanked Italy because it “contributes to our presence in the Baltic Region with the air policing and troops”. The Italian Air Force – specifies the Ministry of Defense – has deployed at Ämari airport in Latvia F-35A fighters from the 32nd Wing of Amendola and Eurofighter Typhoon fighters from the 4th Wing of Grosseto, 36th Wing of Gioia del Colle, 37th Wing of Trapani and 51st Wing of Istrana (Treviso). When Russian planes fly into the international airspace over the Baltic, usually heading for the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, the Italian fighters receive an immediate take-off order from the NATO command on alert and within minutes they intercept them. Official purpose of this operation is “to preserve allied airspace”.

Nov 24 06:48

NATO’s activity near state borders prompts Russia to bolster its combat potential — Shoigu

NATO’s growing activity near the Russian borders prompts the need to maintain the nuclear forces’ combat readiness and bolster the non-nuclear deterrence potential, including the provision of the troops with precision weapons and effective destruction capabilities, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday.

"The tense military and political situation in the world and NATO’s increased activity near the Russian borders prompt the need to further develop the armed forces qualitatively," the defense chief said at the ministry’s board meeting.

The Russian defense minister highlighted as priorities in developing the armed forces the tasks of "raising their combat capability, maintaining the nuclear forces’ combat readiness and strengthening the non-nuclear deterrence forces."

"Today we will hear how these tasks are resolved with regard for the provision with precision weapons, effective destruction capabilities and advanced armaments and hardware," Shoigu said.

Nov 23 14:16

US rehearsed dropping nuclear weapons 20km from Russian border – Moscow

American nuclear-capable bombers have flown dozens of sorties across Eastern Europe in the past few weeks as part of drills designed to probe Russian readiness in case of an atomic war, Russia's defense minister has claimed.

Speaking after a meeting his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, in Moscow on Tuesday, Sergey Shoigu said that there has been “a significant intensification of activity from US strategic bomber aviation near the borders of Russia.”

According to him, “over the past month, around 30 missions have been flown near the borders of the Russian federation, around two and a half times more than in the same time period last year.”

Shoigu added that recent American exercises, codenamed Global Thunder, saw “ten strategic bombers practicing their ability to use nuclear weapons against Russia at almost the same time from the west and the east. The minimum distance from our border was 20km.”

Nov 23 09:43

Biden’s Numbers Tank…as US Rattles Sabers At Russia

President Biden’s approval numbers are dropping like lead. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, only 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as president. From Covid, to the economy, to foreign policy, Biden’s numbers are in the tank. Three out of four Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today.

Nov 23 08:03

Lukashenko assails EU for refusing to hold talks on migrants

The authoritarian leader of Belarus on Monday sharply criticized the European Union for its refusal to hold talks on the influx of migrants on the country’s border with Poland.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko urged Germany to accommodate about 2,000 migrants who had remained on the border with Poland and slammed EU officials for refusing to negotiate an end to the standoff.

“We must demand that the Germans take them,” Lukashenko said at a meeting with officials.

He charged that German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised him that the EU will deal with the issue when they spoke by phone this month.

“I’m still waiting for the EU to give us a response about 2,000 refugees,” Lukashenko said. “They haven’t even contacted us.”

Nov 23 07:54

US considers sending military aid to Ukraine - report

The United States is thinking about sending military aid to Ukraine in light of the recent Russian troop build-up near the border.

According to a CNN report, the Biden administration is evaluating sending military advisers and new equipment to the country. Moreover, the new equipment also includes weapons, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars.

Previously, Russia unveiled that the situation in Ukraine will be part of the discussion at the next meeting between the country and the US, while it also accused the US of sparking tensions in the region.

Nov 23 07:53

US Reportedly Mulling Lethal Aid Package for Ukraine Amid Invasion Concerns

On Monday, the Kremlin accused Bloomberg and other US media of being involved in a "targeted information campaign" after the outlet reported that the US had shared intel with NATO allies that included a map outlining an alleged "buildup" of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. Moscow has rejected claims of a planned invasion of Ukraine.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is considering the deployment of military advisers and ship military equipment - including weaponry - to Ukraine amid a purported buildup of Russian forces along the border, according to a new report from CNN.
Citing sources familiar with the deliberations, the outlet detailed that such a package could possibly include shipments of US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-armor missiles, and/or mortars.

Nov 23 07:15

NATO submarine caused Kursk sinking that killed 118 Russian sailors, ex-admiral claims

The catastrophic sinking of the Russian nuclear-powered Kursk submarine more than two decades ago was the result of a collision with a stricken NATO vessel in the Barents Sea, a former high-ranking navy chief has insisted.

The ‘Kursk’ sank on August 12, 2000 at a depth of 108 meters, claiming the lives of all 118 crew members and sparking the first major international crisis of Vladimir Putin’s presidency. An official investigation commissioned by the Russian government ruled two years later that the incident was the result of a torpedo explosion, which then triggered the detonation of ammunition on board.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was back when the US was buddy-buddy with Russia. Putin did not want the hard-liners using a collision to push for more militancy against the west and hid the real cause of the tragedy.

Nov 23 07:08

Lukashenko signs presidential decree to regulate enforcement of state of emergency

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No.451 on securing the regime of the state of emergency on 22 November, the press service of the head of state told BelTA.

The document was signed in line with the law on amending the laws concerning the protection of sovereignty and the constitutional system in order to further improve the relevant legislation.

The decree approves a regulation on the governing bodies that will operate when a state of emergency is declared. The regulation combines, specifies, and expands the existing similar regulations on the joint emergency operations center and on the commandant's office of the territory where the state of emergency is declared.

The document specifies how the operation of governing bodies will be organized when the state of emergency is declared nationwide or in individual territories.

Nov 23 06:38

What to Watch For if Russia Invades Ukraine

News reports from Europe indicate two potentially dangerous events occurring on the borders of NATO. The most glaring is the report of Russian large scale troop deployments near the Ukrainian border indicating a possible invasion in the next few months. The other report is on the smaller yet volatile migration movements along the Belarussian-Polish border. These two circumstances coincide with Europe’s weak energy situation and the global perception of American weakness created by the mismanaged withdrawal in Afghanistan. Although the risk of war in this region remains low, the possibility of a regional war during a time of European energy shortages would threaten the world with a global depression next year.

Nov 23 06:34

Ukraine comments on reports it is planning offensive in Donbass

Kiev’s top diplomat has denied claims that Ukrainian troops could soon begin an all-out assault on the war-torn east of the country, amid warnings from Russia that the flow of American weapons is rapidly worsening the situation.

In a statement issued on Monday, Kiev’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba lashed out at Moscow, accusing Russia of increasing the “intensity of disinformation, including false accusations that Ukraine is supposedly preparing for a military attack in the Donbass.”

Kuleba rebuked the claims, stating “officially” that Kiev is not drawing up plans to launch an offensive in the region. Instead, he said, Ukraine’s officials remain “committed to finding a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict.”

Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – MoscowREAD MORE: Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – Moscow

Nov 23 06:33

Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war in Donbass – Moscow

The alleged use of American anti-tank missiles by Ukrainian forces fighting separatists in the east of the country is increasing the prospect of a full-blown conflict in the war-torn region, Moscow’s top diplomat has warned.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that claims Kiev’s troops had deployed American-made Javelin rocket launchers were a concerning development. “In recent weeks, we have seen a stream of consciousness from the Ukrainian leadership – especially when it comes to the military – that is excessively inflamed and dangerous.” According to him, the belligerent rhetoric could lead to provocations on the ground.

Nov 22 12:58

Kremlin Blasts 'Disinfo Campaign' As US Briefs Allies On Russian Troops Readying Ukraine Invasion

We earlier highlighted the ongoing "theater of the absurd" moment - that the Pentagon is demanding an urgent explanation as to just what Russian troops are doing... on Russia's own soil.

The Kremlin in fresh statements Monday has blasted the continued US and NATO allegations of troop build-up for a planned invasion of Ukraine. This accusation has been circulating in Western press for much of the last month, with the latest coming via Bloomberg on Sunday, which wrote based on US officials, "The U.S. has shared intelligence including maps with European allies that shows a buildup of Russian troops and artillery to prepare for a rapid, large-scale push into Ukraine from multiple locations if President Vladimir Putin decided to invade, according to people familiar with the conversations."

Nov 22 09:06

Christian emigration from US to Russia shows Moscow now ‘leader of the free world’ – Church Patriarch

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has argued that his country’s independence from negative outside influence is what makes it truly free, in his eyes.

In an interview broadcast on the Rossiya-1 TV channel on Saturday, the religious leader was asked to comment on instances of Orthodox Christians having emigrated from the US to Russia.

“I can imagine the types of reaction to my words from different corners, but I can prove that Russia today is the true leader of the free world,” Kirill said.

Nov 22 08:54

New NATO command tests “moving large combat forces at the speed of relevance” to Russian border

From November 15 to 16, 2021 international participants from different allied entities rehearsed the movement of the NATO Response Force (NRF) and additional units in crisis at the Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) in the Wilhelmsburg Barracks in Ulm.

This special exercise and its scenario challenged the sixty logistics experts participating this two day long event to overcome practical constraints that arise from moving large combat forces at the speed of relevance and their sustainment in all directions spanning 360 degrees.

…It mirrored one of JSEC’s core tasks: The coordination of the NATO troop movements across the Alliance in all possible directions.

Nov 22 08:53

Washington’s rhetoric, actions make war with Russia almost inevitable

US urges EU countries to take measures to prevent Russia from taking military action in Ukraine – NYT

American intelligence officials are warning allies that there is a short window of time to prevent Russia from taking military action in Ukraine. This is reported by The New York Times….

Avril D. Haines, the director of national intelligence, traveled to Brussels this week to brief NATO ambassadors about American intelligence on the situation and a possible Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

Haines called on European countries to work with the United States to develop a package of economic and military measures to deter Moscow.

Nov 22 08:48

“If we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war.”

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko cautions against attempts to start a war in Belarus’ territory. He made the relevant statement in an interview with the BBC on 19 November, BelTA has learned.

“You have to understand that if we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Nov 22 08:40

NATO ignores Russia’s warnings and continues to fan tension at its borders — diplomat

NATO is ignoring Moscow’s warnings and continues to fan tension at the Russian borders, with the joint US-Estonian drills being another example of such actions, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday.

"Russia warns NATO against fanning tension near the Russian borders. NATO keeps silent and continues," she wrote on her Telegram channel. She drew attention to the statement by the US embassy in Estonia about joint military drills in that country. "The US diplomatic mission said that non-traditional methods of delivery were drilled during the exercise. I don’t even want to think about what they mean," she noted.

Nov 22 08:38

Theater Of Absurd... Pentagon Demands Russia Explain Troops On Russian Soil

The United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin this week performed impressive, albeit pathetic, mental gymnastics.

In a press conference, the Pentagon chief called on Russia to be more transparent about troop movements “on the border with Ukraine”. In others words, on Russian soil.

Meanwhile, the absurd hypocrisy sees U.S. and NATO forces brazenly escalating their offensive presence on Russia’s borders, especially in the Black Sea region.

Nov 22 08:37

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Suggests Russia Can Smash to Dnieper With Just 100,000 Troops

The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence claims Russia is gearing up to invade by January or early February at the latest. Curiously the accompanying Ukrainian graphic of the “short-term perspective” has the Russians kicking off operations with just 94,000 troops, and taking all of left-bank Ukraine (including the eastern suburbs of Kiev) regardless. In other words, to be able to sell the invasion scare Ukraine has to pretend it would be helpless in the face of just 40 Russian “battalion tactical groups”.

Nov 22 08:27

Russia set to launch winter invasion of Ukraine, US media claims

Russia is growing more inclined to invade Ukraine now that colder days are approaching, a weekend American media report has claimed. Western officials have accused Russia of staging a military buildup along Kiev’s eastern borders.

The likelihood of a potential Russian assault on Ukraine is “increasing as the weather gets colder,” CBS News reported on Saturday, citing the customary unnamed US intelligence “sources.” Quite why Moscow would choose the coldest months of the year, with the shortest days, is left unclear.

“An incursion is weather-dependent, but could happen in a matter of weeks, barring intervention from the West,” it continued.

Nov 22 08:27

Why have Russians rejected the West’s ‘values’?

When the Berlin Wall came down, many triumphantly declared that the West had won the Cold War and that its values would soon become universally accepted, pushing out the old systems that had dominated Eastern Europe for decades.

However, more than 30 years on, it is clear that Russians are in no hurry to emulate the liberal systems of countries like the US. One poll released last month revealed that nearly half of Russians say they don’t hold democratic values. Many Western pundits would quickly blame this on President Vladimir Putin, who they accuse of crushing their hopes for the country after the fall of communism, transforming it into a hybrid capitalist state. But why are so many Russians skeptical of the West’s promises in the first place?

Nov 22 07:45

Russia is preparing to INVADE Ukraine by the end of January after amassing more than 92,000 troops on the border, Kiev General warns

Russia is planning to invade Ukraine by the end of January after sending more than 92,000 troops to the border, according to a top general in Kiev.

Vladimir Putin's forces, including tanks, missile batteries and warships, have fanned out across the frontier: from Belarus to the north; the separatist-backed territory in the east; and on the banks of the Black Sea in the Crimean Peninsula.

Nov 22 07:25

Poland says Belarus still bringing migrants to its border

Poland has accused Belarus of continuing to ferry migrants to its border despite clearing camps close to the frontier earlier this week, as the country’s prime minister started a tour of Baltic states to seek support in the crisis.

The European Union has accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of deliberately attempting to flood the bloc with migrants and refugees in retaliation for sanctions against the country as well as the EU’s refusal to recognise Lukashenko’s legitimacy after a disputed presidential election last year.

Nov 22 07:25

Distraught Yazidi genocide survivors return from Belarus to Kurdistan

Around 430 would-be migrants arrived in the cities of Erbil and Baghdad in Iraq on Thursday evening, some covering their faces as their arrival was met by dozens of journalists at the Erbil International Airport (EIA).

Among them were mentally distraught Yazidi genocide survivors, who had been living in displacement camps in Iraqi Kurdistan before making their way to Europe.

An estimated 4,000 people were stuck on the Belarus-Poland border for weeks while attempting to cross into the European Union, until Minsk, in coordination with Iraqi authorities, moved to return a number of them.

Nov 22 07:12

U.S. Intel Shows Russia Plans for Potential Ukraine Invasion

The U.S. has shared intelligence including maps with European allies that shows a buildup of Russian troops and artillery to prepare for a rapid, large-scale push into Ukraine from multiple locations if President Vladimir Putin decided to invade, according to people familiar with the conversations.

That intelligence has been conveyed to some NATO members over the past week to back up U.S. concerns about Putin’s possible intentions and an increasingly frantic diplomatic effort to deter him from any incursion, with European leaders engaging directly with the Russian president. The diplomacy is informed by an American assessment that Putin could be weighing an invasion early next year as his troops again mass near the border.

Nov 22 07:10

Poland Blames Lukashenko for 'Greatest Attempt to Destabilise Europe in 30 Years'

Hundreds of mostly Middle Eastern and African migrants have been amassing along the Belarusian border with Poland for weeks in an attempt to make it into the EU. Warsaw accuses Minsk of encouraging migrants to cross into the bloc via Belarus, something Belarusian authorities reject.

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of launching "a hybrid war against the EU" amid the ongoing migrant crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border.

"This is the greatest attempt to destabilise Europe in 30 years", Morawiecki tweeted on Sunday, pledging that Poland would "not yield to blackmail" and would "do everything to defend the EU's borders".

Nov 22 07:10

Russia Concerned by NATO Helping Ukraine Strengthen Its Military

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the US had allegedly shared intelligence with European allies, including a map outlining an alleged Russian troop "buildup" near the Ukrainian border.

A recent media publication about an alleged impending Russian "invasion" into Ukraine is absurd, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

"We see that there is a targeted information campaign ... some American newspapers are actively involved in this. This is increasing tensions, this is again an attempt, in fact, to present the Russian Federation as a certain party that threatens the settlement process," Peskov told reporters, adding that the publication is "absurd."

Nov 22 07:00

NATO wargames near Russian border fuelling heightened tensions – Moscow

Despite NATO insisting the Kremlin is responsible for renewed tensions in Europe, the blame should really be placed on the US-led bloc for regularly performing military exercises near the Russian border, Moscow has claimed.

Writing on Telegram on Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused NATO of hypocrisy, citing a newly announced joint exercise of the Estonian army and the US Army Special Operations Forces, due to take place in the Baltic state. US Republican politician Newt Gingrich once described the country as being “in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.”

“Russia has warned NATO against creating tension near Russian borders. NATO is silent and continues undeterred,” Zakharova wrote.

Nov 22 06:59

Russian Admiral Says Kursk Sank Following Collision With NATO Sub

The Kursk, a Russian nuclear submarine, sank on 12 August 2000, during a Northern Fleet drill at a depth of 108 meters, killing all 118 crew members. According to the official story, the tragedy was caused by a torpedo explosion on board.

According to a Russian Admiral, the sinking of the Kursk was the result of a collision with a NATO submarine. The ship's demise in 2000 remains one of the most tragic losses in the history of the Russian Navy.

The foreign submarine that had “collided” with the Kursk was subsequently spotted the off the coast of Norway by an anti-submarine Russian Navy plane, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, former commander of the Northern Fleet (1999-2001), told Sputnik.

Furthermore, the admiral claimed that he knows the name of the submarine in question “with 90 percent certainty”. However, he emphasised that he cannot publish the evidence to back up his claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There was evidence at the time of a collision.

See The Sinking Of The Russian Sub Kursk!

Nov 21 09:50

Putin Dispatches Russian Vessels to Shadow U.S. Warships During Flare-Up

ABOARD THE USS PORTER, THE BLACK SEA—As the USS Porter entered the final hours of a transit across the Black Sea last week, an announcement came over the ship’s speaker system, portending a potential threat. A Russian military helicopter was minutes away, set to join a Russian frigate and cruiser that had been shadowing the ship for days.

Nov 21 09:50

US patrol boats sent to back up Ukrainian Navy near Black Sea

A ship carrying two refitted former US Coast Guard patrol boats designed to beef up the Ukrainian Navy transited the Dardanelles strait on Saturday days after Ukraine said it feared Russia might be preparing an attack on it.

The ship carrying the two Island-class patrol boats departed Baltimore for the Ukrainian port of Odesa on Nov. 8. Ukrainian sailors have already undergone extensive training on the vessels in the United States. Ukraine got two similar vessels in 2019.

The two new boats are part of a security package to Ukraine worth over $2.5 billion since 2014, the year when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and Russian-backed separatists seized a swath of eastern Ukraine, the US embassy in Kyiv says.

Nov 21 08:48

All roads lead to war: NATO, arms merchants celebrate symbiosis

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Gen. Philippe Lavigne opened the NATO-Industry Forum (NIF) in Rome, Italy, today. The event is sponsored by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and co-organised with NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment Mr. Camille Grand.

“ACT [Allied Command Transformation, based in Norfolk, Virginia], and NATO as a whole, needs industry to help it maintain this new defence and security ecosystem,” said Gen. Lavigne during his opening remarks. “ACT, and other NATO stakeholders responsible for capability development, are therefore a part of one shared community with industry.”

Nov 21 08:47

Defense minister: Ukraine will definitely become NATO member

Ukraine should continue to implement reforms that will sooner or later ensure its accession to NATO, despite the fact that the Alliance so far has no political consensus on our country membership.

“The decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO can only be made by consensus of the Allies, and it will be a political decision," Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said during his visit to Washington on Friday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

According to him, such a political decision is not on the agenda of the Allies so far.

“But it does not mean that we should forget about the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, that our goal and task is to join NATO – and not just for the sake of the security component. NATO is not only a military alliance, it is an issue of development of democracy, economy, humanitarian issues,” Reznikov stressed.

Nov 21 08:47

Ukraine, United States agree on defensive assistance for protection in the air and at sea

Ukraine has applied for specific security and defense assistance from the United States and this issue was discussed during the visit of Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov to the United States.

"Yes, we discussed it [the issue of additional assistance to Ukraine]. We first analyzed the threats in more detail, and then discussed our additional needs and opportunities to address them," Reznikov said on Friday following the main meetings during his visit, answering questions from Ukrinform.

As the minister explained, a professional assessment of Ukraine's real defense needs is primarily conducted at the expert level, then it is agreed upon with the military, and then specific requests and proposals are formed.

"That is, the key idea of ??the relations is not to take what they are ready to give us, but to take what we really need," the defense minister said.

Nov 21 08:46

Lithuanian military establishes forward base near Belarus border

Lithuania’s Armed Forces have established a forward operating base in Druskininkai near the country's border with Belarus, the military said in a press release on Friday.

“Forward Operating Base (FOB) is usually established near the place of operations, where troops train and rest and where missions are plannedThe troops also depart for missions from the base,” the military said.

The base was established to house the additional troops that have been drafted in to help the border guards amid what Vilnius says is an orchestrated campaign by Belarus, which has used irregular migration to pressure the European Union.

Related: Belarus took all migrants away from border in Kuznica area,- Poland
Due to the migration crisis on the EU's external borders with Belarus, Lithuania imposed a one-month state of emergency in the border area from the north on November 10.

Meanwhile, over 200 people who had previously crossed the Lithuanian-Belarusian border illegally have left Lithuania.

Nov 21 08:44

Russia-NATO war over Ukraine is becoming increasingly unavoidable

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the West isn’t taking his country’s “red lines” seriously and the US and its allies could be about to sleepwalk into a dangerous conflict with the world’s largest nuclear power.

Red lines are about deterrence. The purpose of drawing them in the first place is to communicate crucial security interests and the severe consequences that would ensue if they were undermined. In essence, Moscow’s ultimatums are intended to stop the West from making a dangerous miscalculation.

Nov 20 08:45

Putin Lashes Out At Western Powers For Taking Russia's "Red Lines" Too Lightly

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Western powers are taking Moscow’s "red lines" too lightly.

"We’re constantly voicing our concerns about this, talking about red lines, but we understand our partners — how shall I put it mildly — have a very superficial attitude to all our warnings and talk of red lines," Putin said in a foreign policy speech.

Nov 20 08:28

NATO Chief Outrages Kremlin In Speech Linking "Nuclear Sharing" & "Our Eastern Allies"

On Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave a key speech on Europe's nuclear defense posture before a security conference in Germany. His comments are subject of multiple Russian state media reports, particularly as his suggestion that US-supplied nuclear warheads could be positioned on the military bloc's eastern frontier are driving outrage among Kremlin officials.

Highlighting threats from both China and Russia during his German Atlantic Association 'NATO Talk' Conference 2021, Stoltenberg especially highlighted Russia's "aggressive actions" and that "it interferes in other countries' affairs." With this in mind, he spelled out: "Our aim is a world free of nuclear weapons, but as long as others have them, NATO must have them too."

Nov 20 07:27

Live Updates: Putin, Lukashenko Voice Concern Over Poland's 'Brutal' Actions on Border

Since July, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland have reported an increase in the number of illegal migrants arriving on their borders with Belarus and accused Minsk of encouraging refugees to cross into the EU.

The situation on the Belarus-Poland border remains tense, as migrants gathering in Belarus tried to get into the EU earlier this week. The refugees were dispersed by polish border guards using water cannons and tear gas as they tried to cross the fence and enter the country.

Nov 20 07:26

Polish Defence Minister Reports Continued Attempts by Migrants to Storm Border Overnight

Migrants continued trying to storm the Belarusian-Polish border overnight into Saturday, Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said.

"There were attacks on the Polish border. Now, migrants use slightly different methods. Smaller groups of people try to force the border in multiple spots", Blaszczak told the Polish radio station RMF FM, noting that the last night was "no different from previous days and nights".

Nov 20 07:25

How Ukraine's plan to trap Russian mercenary soldiers backfired

More than a year ago, Belarusian security forces detained 33 Russian mercenary fighters, almost all captured as part of a spectacular raid on a spa hotel outside the capital of Minsk, broadcast on the country's primetime news.

Initially, the authoritarian leader Aleksander Lukashenko, then facing a serious challenge from the opposition in presidential elections, accused Russia of sending the soldiers of fortune to, in essence, topple him. The Kremlin rejected the accusation, and subsequently Moscow and Minsk quickly settled the issue: Lukashenko dropped his bizarre claim, and the mercenaries were returned to Russia.

For once, even the Western media displayed some caution. Often the first to point the finger at purported Russian meddling, even the New York Times and Washington Post – hardened veterans of America’s “Russiagate” disinformation campaign – noted that independent observers were not convinced by the Belarusian leader’s accusations.

Nov 20 07:19

‘Hostile’ US persecution of Russian diaspora uncovered by diplomats

The Russian Embassy in the US has condemned "hostile actions" towards and "persecution" of the Russian diaspora in the country, after a major immigrant organization suspended its activities, citing FBI harassment of its members.

The statement came from the Russian mission on Friday, a day after the Russian Community Council of the USA (RCC) said it would "temporarily" suspend all of its work. The embassy harshly criticized the actions of the US authorities towards the community members, demanding that "the persecution of the Russian diaspora representatives be immediately stopped."

"We are outraged by the hostile actions of the United States against our compatriots taken under the pretext of suspicion over the work in the United States without registration as foreign agents," the embassy said in a statement.

Nov 20 06:53

“The U.S. Empire is the Largest Empire The World has Ever Known”: The Russia-China-Iran Alliance

NATO, the U.S. Government, and all other “neoconservatives” (adherents to Cecil Rhodes’s 1877 plan for a global U.S. empire that would be run, behind the scenes, by the UK’s aristocracy) have been treating Russia, China, and Iran, as being their enemies. In consequence of this: Russia, China, and Iran, have increasingly been coordinating their international policies, so as to assist each other in withstanding (defending themselves against) the neoconservative efforts that are designed to conquer them, and to add them to the existing U.S. empire.

Nov 20 06:52

UK Announces Deal to Sell Warships to Kiev, Raising Tensions in Black Sea

Tensions on the rise in the Black Sea. London recently announced that it will be selling warships to Ukraine. The vessels would be allocated in the Black Sea region. The possible deal belies a previous announcement by the British government that it would not sell arms to Ukraine and increases regional frictions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. The presence of modern and equipped Western ships in that area will generate a new escalation of instability, unnecessarily undermining international peace.

Nov 20 06:38

Ukraine Must Have 2,500 Km Border Fence With Belarus and Russia, Minister Says

Ukraine should set aside money in next year's budget to build a more than 2,500 km (1,550 mile) fence on its borders with Belarus and Russia to prevent a possible influx of illegal migrants, Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy said on Friday.

Monastyrskiy said Ukraine planned new military exercises in the next two weeks to prepare in case migrants tried to cross the border illegally. Ukraine is wary of becoming a new flashpoint in the migrant crisis on Belarus's borders with the European Union, which Kyiv accuses Russia of instigating.

"Our key task is to restrain and stop a possible massive flow of illegal migrants," Monastyrskiy told parliament.

Nov 19 10:11

Russian fleet en route to US to help battle fuel crisis

The US is reportedly getting ready to receive a bulk shipment of diesel from energy-rich Russia as Washington strives to cool down the fuel's retail price, which has recently hit its highest level since 2014.

Some two million barrels of Russian diesel carried by four tankers are currently heading to the east coast of the US, according to data from energy cargo-tracking agency Vortexa, as quoted by Bloomberg.

The delivery, which is expected to arrive in New York and New Haven, Connecticut, as soon as next week, is reportedly the most substantial in recent years, based on data going back to 2018.

Nov 19 08:09

Enough Is Enough: Russia Cuts Ties with NATO

On October 18th, Russia announced it would formally suspend its mission with the NATO alliance, including ending official communication. This is a significant event but not totally shocking to anyone who has been paying attention to post-Soviet Russian relations with NATO.

It’s important to look at what led up to Russia deciding it had enough and that it was no longer worth having an official relationship with the western military alliance as there is a lengthy historical context to the breakdown.

NATO had just expelled eight Russian diplomats for espionage activities but provided no public evidence or details on these serious allegations. But this was just the immediate event that provided the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Nov 19 07:42

Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Manufactures Crises It Cannot Control

On COI #189, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman – writer at the Libertarian Institute – talk about increasing tensions in Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf.

Kyle covers the refugee crisis on the border shared by Poland and Belarus. Washington and their European allies have accused Minsk of “orchestrating” the dire humanitarian situation. But the refugees are attempting to reach Europe, fleeing countries such as Yemen, Iraq, and Syria which have been largely destroyed by America’s post 9/11 wars. Kyle breaks down the news on the refugees’ mistreatment. He also reports on the European Union preparing new sanctions on Belarus. Poland is buying more American arms as well, including 300 used MRAPs and 250 Abrams tanks.

Connor details the hawks’ plans for regime change in Minsk, including the National Endowment for Democracy’s involvement in Belarus.

Nov 19 07:14

Ukraine, US and EU prepare ‘painful economic strikes’ on Russia in case of escalation, - Kuleba

Ukraine, along with Western partners, develops a comprehensive package for the containment of Russia. It includes political and diplomatic pressure, painful economic strikes in case of expansion of aggression, a list of specific needs for strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba. He said this at the briefing.

The minister said that he had held a number of negotiations in Washington and Brussels. In particular, with NATO Secretary General by Jens Stoltenberg.

"We discussed the security situation and a joint counteraction to hybrid threats coming from Russian Federation. The Secretary General invited me to take part in a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on November 30 - December 1 in Riga. This is an important sign of the Alliance's faith in Ukraine as one of the two NATO partners in the wider Black Sea region," Kuleba said.

Nov 19 07:13

Frozen Deutschland

As much as with “brain dead” NATO (copyright Emmanuel Macron) no one ever lost precious assets betting on the incompetence, narrow-mindedness and cowardice of political “leaders” across the Atlanticist EU.

There are two main reasons for the latest German legalese gambit of suspending the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

1. Retaliation, directly against Belarus and Russia, “guilty” of the disgraceful refugee drama at the Poland-Belarus border.

2. Politicking by the German Greens.

A high-ranking European energy executive told me, “this a game where Germany does not hold a winning hand. Gazprom is very professional. But imagine if Gazprom decided to deliberately slow down their deliveries of natural gas. It could go up tenfold, collapsing the entire EU. Russia has China. But Germany does not have a workable contingency plan.”

Nov 19 07:12

Germany Will ‘Freeze’ Without Russian Gas, Energy Executive Warns

Germans face a bitter winter as natural gas market prices have soared again — after the national energy regulator apparently bowed to Russophobic and environmentalist lobbies and suspended the approval process for a new heating gas pipeline.

A German energy executive has warned his country will "freeze" this winter if authorities continue to block the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Brazilian journalist and global affairs pundit Pepe Escobar quoted an anonymous industry chief as his source in his latest column for the Unz Review on German energy regulator Bundesnetzagentur's decision to suspend the certification of the newly-finished pipeline.

That decision has sent gas prices soaring to levels approaching those in September and October — until assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin that national gas firm Gazprom would honour all existing contracts calmed jitters.

Nov 19 07:05

US Lawmakers Introduce Measure to End Recognition of Putin as Russian President After 2024

The resolution claims irregularities in Russia's elections have kept Putin in power and his continuation in office beyond 2024 would be illegitimate, according to the release.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 19 06:46

Kremlin Considers US Congressmen's Initiative to 'Not Recognise' Putin Unacceptable

The Kremlin considers an initiative of US Congressmen to not recognize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule if he runs for another term unacceptable, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

"Of course, we saw [this resolution]. Each time it seems to us that nothing more ridiculous, nothing more aggressive, unfriendly and unconstructive from the other side of the ocean can come. And every time we are mistaken," Peskov told reporters.

The Kremlin spokesman mentioned that this is another case of the US interference in affairs of other countries.

Nov 19 06:45

Several Belarusian Officers Get Burns As Polish Border Forces Use Chemicals - Reports

Several Belarusian law enforcement officers sustained chemical burns on Wednesday when Polish security forces used special substances against migrants at the border between the countries, Belarusian media reported.

The incident happened at the Bruzgi checkpoint, according to the ONT (All-National Television) state broadcaster, which posted on its Telegram channel photos of an man who had dark red spots and blisters all over his head, neck and hands.

The Belarus 1 state TV channel demonstrated a video of medical workers treating a man with burns and a swollen eyelid.

The Belarusian Belta news agency also posted pictures of the injured man on its Telegram-channel, and reported that the chemicals used by Polish security forces cause eye irritation and chemical burns.

Nov 19 06:45

Putin: Europe is Using Migrant Crisis as Pretext to Pressure Belarus

Speaking at a collegium of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the president touched on an array of issues, ranging from the situation with the migrant crisis at the Belarus-Poland border to NATO's drills in the proximity of Russian borders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged that western countries are using the ongoing immigration crisis at the Belarus-Poland border as a pretext for escalating tensions and exercising pressure against Belarus – Moscow's neighbour and ally.

"At the same time, they are violating their own obligations in humanitarian sphere", Putin added.

Nov 19 06:44

Russia reacts to US Congress bid to de-legitimize a future Putin presidency

Russia has hit out at a new draft resolution proposed in the US Congress, arguing Washington should refuse to recognize President Vladimir Putin as the country’s legitimate leader if he is re-elected for another term in 2024.

The proposal, published on Thursday by two members of the House of Representatives, insists that “any attempt by the president of the Russian Federation… to remain in office beyond May 7, 2024 shall warrant non-recognition on the part of the United States.”

The draft went on to quote the country’s previous constitution, prior to changes made after a nationwide vote last year, which stipulated that “one and the same person cannot occupy the office of president of the Russian Federation for more than two consecutive terms.”

Nov 19 06:25

BoJo's Solution For Europe Freezing From Gas Shortage... Start Hot War With Russia!

Europe should give up supplies of natural gas from Russia and instead defend Ukraine and Poland. That’s the plucky advice of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson who counts wartime leader Winston Churchill as one of his political heroes.

Addressing a City of London banquet this week, Johnson warned Germany, France, Italy and other European governments:

“We hope that our friends [in Europe] may recognize that a choice is shortly coming between mainlining ever more Russian hydrocarbons in giant new pipelines and sticking up for Ukraine and championing the cause of peace and stability.”

Note the pejorative use of the word “mainlining” which implies Europe’s trade with Russia for gas is a sordid addiction, rather than a mutual commercial partnership.

Johnson also pointed to British troops being deployed to Poland helping that country construct barbed-wire barriers for halting the flow of refugees from Belarus as an example of “defending Europe”.

Nov 19 06:08

EU Says No to Negotiations With Belarus’ Lukashenko After He Offers Talks

EU said it wouldn’t negotiate with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko over the migrant crisis on Belarus’ borders with Poland and some Baltic states that has raised tensions in the region.

Lukashenko offered to negotiate with the EU over the crisis in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, but the idea was quickly shot down by the EU.

“There is no question of negotiating with the Lukashenko regime,” European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer told reporters on Thursday, making it clear that the EU is not interested in diplomacy.

Since the August 2020 election in Belarus, which the US and EU claimed was fraudulent, the EU hasn’t recognized Lukashenko as president and has been ramping up the pressure on the country with sanctions.

Nov 18 14:13

NATO Increases Military Flights Along Belarus Border As Putin Blames EU For Migrant Crisis

Previously we noted that despite tiny NATO-member Estonia not actually sharing a border with Belarus, its government ordered snap military drills and the erecting of additional barbed-wire along its border with Russia in a message of solidarity with Poland amid the migrant standoff.

Fresh EU sanctions on Minsk, coupled with persisting clashes at the Belarus-Poland border, mean that things could easily escalate to a military conflict between the two countries, and into a broader NATO-Russia-Belarus standoff, given Moscow is Lukashenko's closest ally. Alarmingly, on Thursday the Belarusian government cited a noticeable uptick in NATO aircraft activity "along the state border of Belarus".

Nov 18 13:47

Frozen Deutschland. Suspending Nord Stream 2? “A Perfect Storm of Russian Aggression”

A “perfect storm of Russian aggression during the coming winter months” is all but inevitable. Watch it on your screens while you properly freeze.

As much as with “brain dead” NATO (copyright Emmanuel Macron) no one ever lost precious assets betting on the incompetence, narrow-mindedness and cowardice of political “leaders” across the Atlanticist EU.

There are two main reasons for the latest German legalese gambit of suspending the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

1. Retaliation, directly against Belarus and Russia, “guilty” of the disgraceful refugee drama at the Poland-Belarus border.

2. Politicking by the German Greens.

A high-ranking European energy executive told me,

Nov 18 12:23

Britain is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders — Foreign Ministry

The framework agreement between Ukraine and Britain on naval partnership proves once again that London is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Wednesday.

"We regard this as another evidence of Britain’s growing military activity in countries neighboring on Russia, in particular, in Ukraine," she said.

Zakharova stressed that there were no facts to prove allegations Russia was building up tensions in Europe, while the agreement in question was certainly a factor for instability and destabilization.

"Whereas before the point at issue was London’s assistance in training Ukrainian military personnel within the framework of operation ORBITAL, now it is correct to say that interaction has been spread to the naval sphere and weapons supplies," Zakharova said.