Jan 04 10:24

New COVID-19 Variant With 46 Mutations Discovered In Southern France

Since its arrival in late November, the unquestionably mild Omicron strain of Covid-19 has sent daily new infections to record highs, while hospital admissions - and particularly deaths - have remained relatively low compared to the giant new denominator.

But it was only a matter of time before a new variant hit the scene. Like omicron, it appears this new variant originated in an African country - Cameroon - after being isolated by scientists in southern France.

The first official case is reported to be a traveler from Cameroon, and it's now spreading in Southern France where at least 12 people have been infected with it, according to research published on medrvix.

To be clear - we know virtually nothing about this new strain aside from the fact that it exists. Nothing on severity, transmissibility, 'long covid', etc. We do know it's highly mutated from the original strain, much like Omicron. It's also too soon to tell if it will be classified as a 'variant of concern.'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 04 10:23

Living Legend Novak 'No-Vax' Djokovic Wins Exemption to Compete in Australian Open

The pureblood tennis legend Novak "No-Vax" Djokovic stood tall in the face of mandatory "vaccination" threats from the Australian government and just managed to secure an exemption to compete in the Australian Open.

Jan 04 10:21

Ontario begins lockdown: schools, gyms, indoor dining closed again

All schools in Canada’s most populous province will be shut down and move to online learning because of a record number of coronavirus infections fueled by the ultra-contagious omicron variant, Ontario’s premier announced Monday.

Premier Doug Ford also announced the closure of indoor dining. Gyms and cinemas will also close and hospitals have also been told to pause all non-urgent surgeries.

Ontario is locking down again, unlike the U.S. cities and states. Like the U.S., Ontario is seeing record new infections. Ford pointed to projections showing the total number of patients in hospitals would exceed capacity within a few weeks as Omicron is expected to tear through the population.

“We’re bracing for impact,” Ford said

Jan 04 10:14

NBA to Disregard PCR ‘Positives’ Above 30 Cycles

wow, if only there had been a group of people who had known about these issues 2 years ago to tell us that a positive result over ~28-30 cycle threshold on a PCR test is almost 100% non-clinical and that running them at 40, over 1000X the amplification of 30, would result in monstrous overcounting of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths…

what a difference that might have made.

shame there wasn’t…

Jan 04 09:57

Covid Passport Microchip Developer Says Chipping Humans is Happening “Whether We Like It or Not”

By Ken Macon

Towards the end of last year, tech start-up Dsruptive Subdermals announced a microchip installed under the skin that can be scanned to reveal Covid vaccination status.

The technology was criticized, with many calling it “invasive.”

In an interview with Express, the company’s managing director doubled down on the technology and told critics the technology was here to stay.

The technology is a pre-programmed and scannable implant about the size of a grain of rice. It stores the vaccination information, displaying a person’s Covid-19 vaccine passport when scanned...

Jan 04 09:25

Boss of government's sole LFT distributor which received 2.5M tests for pharmacies then closed for FOUR days at Christmas says he's 'just got back from holiday' as Britons continue to struggle to get hold of lateral flows

A boss of the government's only lateral flow test distributor says he 'just got back from holiday' and doesn't 'know that much at the moment' - after the firm tasked with delivering to pharmacies 'closed down for Christmas' after receiving 2.5million packs.

Jan 04 09:23

Covid Jab Adverse Reactions

Jan 04 09:15

World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental ‘Vaccines’

“The World Council for Health declares that it is time to put an end to this humanitarian crisis. Further, the Council also declares that any direct or indirect involvement in the manufacturing, distribution, administration and promotion of these injections violates basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice, as well as the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international treaties…”

Jan 04 08:59

Biden ‘doesn’t have a clue’ how to manage COVID-19: Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee slams Biden over failed COVID-19 handling.

Jan 04 08:57

U.S. Reports 1 Million Covid Cases In A Day, A Global Record

Remember how Biden said during his campaign that the virus would go away in two weeks if everyone just wore a mask? They've got over 60% or so of the country double or triple jabbed and there's now more cases than ever. How can this be viewed as anything but a complete and total failure?

Jan 04 08:52

NASA presses ahead with Webb space telescope sunshield deployment

Engineers activating the James Webb Space Telescope fine-tuned its electrical power system to better cope with the actual space environment and cooled down slightly warmer-than-expected motors before pressing ahead Monday with final deployment of the observatory's critical sunshade.

Bill Ochs, the NASA project manager, said tightening up the sunshade's five hair-thin layers, carefully pulling them taut with motor-driven cables running through multiple pulleys, likely would take three days to complete. But by Monday night, three of the five layers had been pulled into shape, with the final two awaiting tightening Tuesday.

The sunshade deployment has long been considered one of Webb's most challenging hurdles, but "I don't expect any drama," Ochs said.

Jan 04 08:52

New York teacher arrested after allegedly giving Covid vaccine to 17-year-old

A teacher was arrested after she was accused of administering a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to a 17-year-old at her Sea Cliff, New York, home without permission from the minor’s parents. WNBC’s Pei-Sze Cheng reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The teacher, as it turns out, has no medical training!

Jan 04 08:21

BLUNT : Life insurance company says death claims up 40% after covid vaccines

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” confirmed company CEO Scott Davison about this industry-wide trend. -- “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

Jan 04 08:19

Judge rules on US Navy SEALs vaccination dispute

A Texas court ruled that it would be unconstitutional for the US Navy to punish service members seeking a religious exemption from President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a preliminary order on Monday blocking the Navy and the Department of Defense from enforcing their vaccine rules.

“The Navy service members in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect,” the judge wrote in his decision. “The Covid-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms. There is no Covid-19 exception to the First Amendment. There is no military exclusion from our Constitution.”

Jan 04 08:17

Soviet Canada: Doctor Locked in Psych Ward Who Exposed Stillbirth Explosion in 'Vaccinated' Moms (Interview)

The Soviet Union often claimed that dissidents had “mental issues” and would lock them up in asylums, keep them drugged, and eventually they would die.

In November, Dr. Melvin Bruchet and his friend, Dr. Daniel Nagase, filed criminal charges against elected and appointed Candian government officials in British Columbia over a possible conflict of interest regarding provincial lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports. The doctors exposed a severe spike in stillbirths at a Vancouver hospital. The women were injected with the experimental Covid “vaccine” in all cases. In December 2021, the Canadian government targeted Dr. Melvin Bruchet and unlawfully placed him in detention against his will.

Stillbirths Explode in Canada

In November 2021, RAIR Foundation USA reported that stillbirths in fully “vaccinated” women are exploding in Canada,

Jan 04 08:16

Kim Iversen: Emails REVEAL Fauci & Collins COLLUDED To Smear Scientists, SHUT DOWN Scientific Debate

Jan 04 08:14

Dr. Robert Malone says he’s been “multi-dimensionally red-pilled” on covid, Great Reset, Big Tech censorship and more

“It’s been a series of epiphanies that have made me realize that there’s no upside to just being circumspect and trying to be a nice guy in this environment,” Malone said. “This is full-on media warfare, information warfare, political warfare, 21st century like we’ve never seen before, and coordinated globally.”

Jan 04 08:08

Dr. Robert Malone on Dr. Fauci: “Tony Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time – It’s Tony” (VIDEO)

Dr. Robert Malone, the founder of the mRNA vaccine, went on with Laura Ingraham on Monday night after his big weekend interview with Joe Rogan.

Dr. Malone was asked about Tony Fauci and his lack of integrity.

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘It’s Tony. What can I say? Tony has no integrity. He lies all of the time. And me and my peers have been watching this for decades. We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say it’s Fauci.”


Jan 04 08:00

‘Will be Used Whether We Like it or Not’ – Developer of Covid Microchip Says There’s No Stopping Roll-Out

The developer of the scannable Covid microchip that is embedded under the skin hit back at critics and said there is no stopping the roll-out.

Microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden and now Swedes are getting Covid vaccine passports implanted in their hands or elsewhere under their skin.

Jan 04 08:00

Pfizer Partnered With China’s Vaccine Passport Platform, Admits Being ‘Proud To Stand With China Leaders.’

Pfizer Inc partnered with a Chinese Communist Party payment platform which has been used to implement “vaccine passports” in China since the outbreak of COVID-19. The company said it was “proud to stand with China leaders.”

The pharmaceutical giant – whose U.S. lobbying efforts hit an all-time high in the past year – expressed its pride for the brutal, communist regime in the following tweet from June 6th, 2018:

Jan 04 07:59

Biden bizarrely pushes COVID shots in message to student loan borrowers about repayment freeze

President Joe Biden used an end-of-the-year announcement about extending a freeze on student loan debt repayment to urge vaccination. The president had initially decided to end the freeze, first put in place by President Donald Trump in March 2020, on February 1.

But his statement on December 22 about an extension until May 1 included vaccination and COVID booster shots as a way to prepare for the eventual restart of student loan payments.

“As we are taking this action, I’m asking all student loan borrowers to do their part as well,” Biden said, after announcing general plans to have the Department of Education help borrowers prepare to fulfill their obligations to pay back their student loans.

Borrowers should “make sure [to get] vaccinated and boosted when eligible,” along with looking at other repayment and debt amnesty programs, the president said.

Biden has repeatedly used negative language towards people who have chosen not to take the abortion-tainted jabs.

Jan 04 07:59


Jan 04 07:58


Jan 04 07:51


It should be duly noted that the FDA removed the Swine Flu shot from the marketplace when 18 people died from it. According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), there have been officially over 20,000 who have died from the COVID vaccine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 04 07:48

Top 12 takeaways from the Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone interview

One of the most insightful dialogues of 2021 was Joe Rogan’s interview of Dr. Robert Malone (#1757). Dr. Malone invented the mRNA technology that is being used in the experimental covid vaccines. Dr. Malone has developed medical products, drugs and clinical trials. He has worked directly with Dr. Anthony Fauci and scientists at the Centers for Disease Control. However, at this critical moment in history, he refuses to follow along with their vax-all agenda that has quashed medical ethics and destroyed the principles of medical privacy and informed consent.

Jan 04 07:48

FLASHBACK - BOMBSHELL: British Funeral Director John O'Looney: Deaths Skyrocketed '300%' After Covid Vaccine (Video)

“I’ve never seen a death rate like it in 15 years.” – John O’Looney

Statements from a courageous funeral director went viral in September after he shared observations about those who died in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

John O’Looney, director of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services, continues to crush the narrative in an exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview. After O’Looney spoke out last month, “about 65 professionals from within the industry in various positions” have approached him with similar stories about the nature of the dead arriving at funeral homes.

Jan 04 07:47

Isolation rules change for NSW healthcare workers

Jan 04 07:46

A Biden Mandate Is BANNED In 24 States

President Joe Biden cannot demand teachers in the Head Start early education program to get the vaccine against COVID-19, a Louisiana federal judge ruled Saturday, bestowing a win to 24 states that had sued the federal government.

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty wrote that the Biden Administration illegally exceeded his powers when demanding that workers in Head Start programs be vaccinated by January 31 and that students 2 years or older be masked when indoors or when in close contact outdoors.

Jan 04 07:37

N-Acetyl Cysteine should always be in your cabinet.

Jan 04 07:37

Marco Rubio Steps Up To Call Out 'Omicron Hysteria'

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio bashed the "irrational hysteria" surrounding the surge of coronavirus cases as the Omicron variant spreads rapidly.

"Record numbers testing positive for a sore throat isn’t a crisis. And people in the hospital for car accidents testing positive isn’t a surge," Rubio tweeted on Friday. "The real crisis is the irrational hysteria which has people with no symptoms waiting hours for a test or missing work for 10 days."

Jan 04 07:36

Australia Admits Widespread Severe Injuries From COVID Jab, Offers Compensation to Victims

The Australian government admitted that the COVID-19 injection has resulted in tens of thousands of adverse reactions and is offering financial compensation to some victims, according to reports.

7News Australia reported on Friday that as much as 79,000 people have suffered from severe side effects from the COVID jab, and the government is prepared to dole out over $600,000 in compensation for some victims.

Jan 04 07:35

New York to Deny White People Access to Small Supply of Covid Treatments

New York is planning to deny covid medical treatments based off race in the name of fighting "longstanding systemic health and social inequities."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You don't end racism by being racist!

Jan 04 07:34

Triple-Vaxxed Def Sec Lloyd Austin Reveals He's Sick With Covid Just Days After Firing Troops For Being Unvaxxed

Triple-vaxxed Defense Secretary LLoyd Austin revealed Sunday that he has covid and is experiencing symptoms.

"I tested positive this morning for COVID-19," Austin said in a tweet on Sunday evening. "I requested the test today after exhibiting symptoms while at home on leave. My symptoms are mild, and I am following my physician’s directions."

"As my doctor made clear to me, my fully vaccinated status — and the booster I received in early October — have rendered the infection much more mild than it would otherwise have been. And I am grateful for that," Austin said. "The vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. I continue to encourage everyone eligible for a booster shot to get one. This remains a readiness issue."

Jan 04 07:24

Over 150 Studies Find That Wearing Masks Makes No Difference Stopping The Spread Of The China Virus

As governors rush to reimpose mask mandates to fight the mild Omicron variant, hundreds of studies find that wearing masks does little to nothing to protect you from the coronavirus. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Jan 04 07:23

Govt. Data Reveals Shocking Number Of Deaths, Injuries Directly Caused By COVID Vaccines

As more and more Americans take a stand against Biden’s vaccine mandates, mounting evidence suggests the COVID injections could be even more dangerous than previously thought. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Jan 04 07:22

COVID Vaccine Deaths Top 9k, CDC And European Regulators Investigate Potentially Deadly Heart Inflammation

Over 9,000 people have now died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as the CDC is joined by European regulators investigating the drug’s potentially deadly side effects. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

Jan 04 07:17


According to One America Life Insurance HERE, Excess deaths are up 40% this past year, “Excess deaths” (those above what the actuaries consider normal and expected) are up 40%, and if so, and the cause can be tied to the “vaccines”, then the insurance industry selling life insurance can deny claims when people die after having a COVID “jab” administered because they don’t cover experimental treatments. Wow, that’s a lot of money they’ll get to keep as they will not have to refund the premiums more than likely

Jan 04 07:15

COVID scam falls apart; it’s over

Since the beginning, I’ve been producing the evidence COVID is a scam. Now, official agencies are virtually admitting it.

On December 29, the head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, announced, in a White House press briefing, that the PCR test can register positive (meaning the person is “infected”) long AFTER infection is over.

Here’s Walensky’s money quote:

“…people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.”

That means MILLIONS of FALSE positive test results have been logged as REAL, in the past two years.

If you can’t trace the implications of THAT, I can’t help you.

Recall the old Zen Koan: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

The new version is: What is the sound of the White House press corps after Walensky’s admission?

Jan 04 07:14

Why Covid-19 Testing has become a Money-Making Machine. The RT-PCR Test Fraud

There is no doubt that the business model of today is driven by a fear campaign when it comes to the Covid-19 scamdemic. The corona virus hysteria drives people who are scared to death of the many covid-19 variants in existence today and in the future will to get tested the minute a new variant is reported by the mainstream media.

All of the key players from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other “health authorities” are all in on it.

Covid-19 testing or the RT-PCR tests is big business, make no mistake about it. It’s just like the face diapers (um…I meant face masks) where I see people setting up tables strictly selling boxes of face diapers on the street.

We can say, Covid-19 is a new industry of money-making opportunities of all sorts.

Jan 04 07:09

Manhattan DA Closes Investigation of Andrew Cuomo in Nursing Home Deaths; No Charges Brought

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office closed its investigation into former New York Governor Cuomo’s handling of nursing home deaths.

Cuomo killed thousands of elderly residents in nursing homes with his edict forcing Covid infected individuals back into the elderly care facilities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my shock.

Jan 04 06:58

One MILLION Brits in Covid isolation as back-to-work chaos looms: Pupils could be turned away at schools, commuters face rail chaos, uncollected rubbish overflows and scores of businesses may SHUT

Children all over the country are returning to school today and risk being turned away at the gates if they or their teachers test positive for the virus as commuters returned for the first time since Christmas.

Heads fear up to a quarter of their staff could be struck down in January and have been told to merge classes where necessary but teaching unions insist a return to online teaching at home will be inevitable for some this term despite Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi insisting face-to-face teaching will be the norm.

Students have been told to be tested between two to three times per week either at on-site facilities at their school or by testing themselves at home. Secondary school students must also wear masks in the classroom.

Jan 04 06:57


Thousands of elderly people in UK care homes were euthanised with the drug Midazolam which has also been used to kill people on death-row. This was pretty apparent genocide that is covered up under the guise of a pandemic.

During the initial first wave of the plandemic a high proportion of UK ‘COVID deaths‘ were in fact government-sanctioned forced-euthanasia, combine this with the introduction of DNR’s (Do not resuscitate orders) and there you have a culling of the elderly.

Jan 04 06:56


Jan 04 06:53

They’re Hiding The Facts From You! | Dr. Robert Malone 2022

Jan 04 06:52


Gee Whiz...I wonder what is causing all these deaths? They will just bail the insurance companies out or reduce the claim payout or tell people they are screwed. I can just hear how they are going to spin it now..."well you know that Corona has put a lot more pressure on the healthcare and other systems, so we had to screw someone".

Jan 04 06:47


The foolish sheeple will be running out to get their shingles vaccinations along with their flu and pneumonia vaccinations. Add a couple of boosters and what could go wrong ? Idiots.

Jan 03 19:49

GMO Foods Will Start Being Labelled “Bioengineered” or Include a QR Code, Website, or Phone Number for Verification

By B.N. Frank

Consumers concerned about what they eat and/or feed their loved ones may need to start doing more research on their food choices to determine whether or not they are genetically modified....

Jan 03 14:55

Insurance deaths up 40% people 18-64 Scott Davison OneAmerica Indiana

Jan 03 14:32


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the interview social media is trying to hide from you.

Jan 03 13:49

Triple-Vaxxed Def Sec Lloyd Austin Reveals He's Sick With Covid Just Days After Firing Troops For Being Unvaxxed

Triple-vaxxed Defense Secretary LLoyd Austin revealed Sunday that he has covid and is experiencing symptoms.

Jan 03 11:59

Amsterdam: Leftist Mayor Femke Halsema Unleashes Attack Dogs On Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Shocking video out of Amsterdam over the weekend shows police unleashing a vicious dog to maul anti-lockdown protesters in the streets.

A police officer can be seen having his dog maul a man in the streets and rather than get the animal to release its grip, the officer instead starts bashing the man over his back with a baton!

If we had a sane government, we would be putting sanctions on the government of Amsterdam and the mayor immediately for these grave human rights abuses!

Jan 03 11:23

All Aboard The Cope Train!

The rapid spread of Omicron among the double and triple vaxxed is triggering levels of cope never before thought possible.

Jan 03 11:22

Twitter Suspends Grabien Media’s Account for Posting Video of GOP Rep Criticizing Big Pharma

On New Year’s Eve Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) went on with Lisa Boothe on The Ingraham Angle to discuss Big Pharma and the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

During the discussion, Rep. Biggs criticized Big Pharma for not considering cheap treatment alternatives like HCQ and Ivermectin.

This was too much for the Twitter mob. The tweet was deleted and Grabien was temporarily suspended from the Twitter platform.

Jan 03 11:15


Jan 03 11:11

White House Wants To Cause Class Warfare Between Vaccinated And Unvaccinated

In an exclusive interview with the media, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said the White House wants to create class warfare amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans in order to generate turmoil and maintain power, but it’s “not going to work.”

Jan 03 10:37

Fauci Tells Vaxxed Americans: Stay At Home and Avoid Those Unvaxxed Mutants On The Streets

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned millions of fully vaccinated Americans on Sunday to stay at home and avoid venturing outside due to the ‘swarms’ of unjabbed mutants roaming the streets.

Jan 03 10:32

New York Bill Seeks to Forcibly Quarantine Covid-Positive Citizens, Force Jabs on Unvaccinated

In the United States, the New York Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that would allow the forcible removal of Covid-positive individuals who are “potentially dangerous to the public health.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed some states in the US – such as New York and California – to expand upon tyrannical laws, introduce mandates and other changes that pose a threat to the freedoms of citizens.

New York lawmakers appear to now be pushing for quarantine camps for individuals who test positive for Covid-19.

The bill, which is called the New York State Assembly Bill A416, will be voted on in the next legislative session on January 5th, 2022. Several changes have been involved which focus on how the pandemic is being handled. New rules include the “removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are or may be a danger to public health… in the event that the governor declares a state of health emergency due to an epidemic of any communicable disease.”

Jan 03 10:23

New York to Deny White People Access to Small Supply of Covid Treatments

New York is planning to deny covid medical treatments based off race in the name of fighting "longstanding systemic health and social inequities."

Jan 03 10:23

NASA will launch mission to an unexplored world in 2022

Some of the most exciting space missions are ready to kick off in 2022.

This year, expect the first images and science results from the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope, see a new mission launch to study an unexplored world and watch a NASA spacecraft deliberately crash into an asteroid's moon.

The wealth of space missions launched in 2021 guarantee a year filled with new findings from across the solar system -- and beyond.

Several countries are planning for 2022 to be the year they send robotic explorers to the moon -- while planning ahead for the return of humans to the lunar surface in the future.
Here's what to expect from our exploration of space in 2022.

Jan 03 10:22

China’s Tianwen-1 sends back pictures showing probe orbiting round Mars

China published on Saturday photos showing its Mars orbiter Tianwen-1 circling above the north pole of the red planet.

The photo was taken by a detachable sensor equipped with two wide-angle lenses on the outer wall of the probe that was controlled from earth, according to the Chinese National Space Administration.

Jan 03 10:22

Nasa’s Webb telescope is a joy. But it’s the private ventures that push at limits

After years of delay, and massive cost over-runs, the James Webb space telescope (the JWST) was launched on Christmas Day. It will need to perform complex automated operations now it’s in space.

The first and most challenging is happening this week: unfurling a heat shield the size of a tennis court. After this, its 6.5-metre mirror must be assembled from 18 pieces packed within the launching rocket’s nose-cone. There’s much that can go wrong and astronomers will remain anxious for the several months that will elapse before all necessary manoevres and tests are completed.

After the Hubble Space Telescope was launched more than 30 years ago, its mirror turned out to be poorly aligned. But astronauts undertook a “rescue” mission to make adjustments and later made further visits to upgrade the instruments.

Jan 03 10:20

Further clarification 'coming very soon' to CDC Covid-19 isolation guidelines

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he anticipates "further clarification" on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's updated guidelines to end the Covid-19 isolation period after just five days for people who are not exhibiting symptoms.

Asked by CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday whether the CDC's shorter Covid-19 isolation guidelines were driven by science or by societal and business pressures, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser said, "There's no doubt that you do want to get people out into the workplace if they are without symptoms."

"In the second half of a 10-day period, which would normally be a 10-day isolation period, the likelihood of transmissibility is considerably lower," Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Jan 03 10:14

Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ?System

Question– Does the Covid-19 vaccine cause heart attacks?

Answer– It does, and researchers are closer to understanding the mechanism that triggers those events.

Question– How can I be sure you’re telling the truth?

Answer– Well, for starters, there’s a research paper that appeared recently in the prestigious Circulation magazine that draws the same conclusion. Here’s an excerpt from the paper:

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium (layer of cells lining the blood vessels) and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis (clotting), cardiomyopathy, (a group of diseases that affect the heart muscle) and other vascular events following vaccination.” (“Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning”, Circulation)

Jan 03 10:13

'Draconian State': Ignoring CDC, California Enacts Harsh Measures To Fight New Wave

California will require "additional testing recommendations to exit isolation and quarantine and improved masking measures," more stringent than those that the CDC currently recommends.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently released new guidance, minimizing their recommended guidelines for self-isolation and quarantines. The state of California has chosen to ignore that new guidance and keep their much stricter rules.

Jan 03 10:05

Must See: Trump Defends Vaccines But Slams Mandates In Epic Interview

Former President Donald Trump continued to hammer the message that the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters are effective, though he remained vocally opposed to vaccine mandates.

Trump appeared on YouTube outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network Thursday night, where he persisted in backing the vaccinations.

He acknowledged that the vaccine has 'saved millions of lives. We're very proud of the vaccines.'

However, he continued to assert he was against President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate.

Jan 03 10:04

Why Are People Refusing To Acknowledge All Of The Deaths & Injuries Coming With 'The Shot'? We're Submitting To Those Who Want Us Dead And Not Fighting Back Anywhere Near Hard Enough! 

While listening to the Forbidden Doctor this morning he read from an article by Jeol Kilpatrick in The Conjo Guardian that I found very interesting. It is about a critical health care nurse named Sam who is an ICU nurse in the Ventura County hospital. He stated that he came forward because “We’ve been having a lot of younger people come in,” Sam says. “We’re seeing a lot of strokes, a lot of heart attacks” and that ““It has never been this busy, and none of it is Covid-19,”. Dana, another ICU nurse at that hospital says. “We don’t normally see this amount of strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks all happening at once. … Normally we’ll see six to ten aortic dissections a year. We’ve seen six in the last month. It’s crazy. Those have very high rates of mortality.”

Jan 03 09:59

Rand Paul On Fauci: Live Your Life And Ignore This Man

Many are aware that Sen. Rand Paul is not a big fan of the White House’s top doctor, Anthony Fauci. He reminded Fox News viewers on Friday night with his advice to “ignore” the so-called health expert.

Paul made his remarks during an interview on “Hannity.”

Paul not only has many questions and doubts regarding Fauci, but urged Americans to “ignore” him.

“Virtually none of the edicts or the promulgations that come from Fauci’s mouth are based in science at all,” Paul told host Sean Hannity.

Paul said, “Take the idea that we’re now going to test the day of travel. The rapid test is accurate about between 30 and 50% if you don’t have symptoms. So most people traveling, if they know they’re sick, are going to not travel. So, most of the people we’re talking about are traveling are without symptoms. The test is 30 to 50% accurate.”

Jan 03 09:58

Bald, Black & Biohazardous: 'Boosted' Squad Member Gets Covid

With the onset of Omicron plowing its way through the United States, Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts is the latest lawmaker to test positive.

Per the announcement from Pressley's office: "After experiencing COVID-like symptoms, this morning I received a positive, breakthrough COVID-19 test result. Thankfully, my symptoms are relatively mild, and I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and boosted. I am currently isolating and following all health protocols in order to mitigate the further spread and keep my loved ones and community safe."

The Democrat congresswoman then went on to express how great the COVID-19 vaccines are and how "grateful" she is for science. But now people need to get fully "boosted" and "mask up"

Jan 03 09:46

Privacy threat? Doctor says Minnesota medical board seeks records of patients given Ivermectin

Dr. Scott Jensen, a veteran Minnesota family physician locked in a protracted dispute with state regulators over COVID-19, is raising alarm that the state medical board is now seeking the records of his patients who were prescribed Ivermectin.

Jensen, who has faced five licensing investigations in 17 months, told Just the News the latest request is "crossing a line" and invades the medical privacy of patients.

“If the Board of Medical Practice gets documentation for me … I think there's a lot of folks out there that are concerned that their health privacy would not have been protected, and that indeed they can be identified,” he said in an interview.

Jensen said he believes the inquiries from the board are political, and his constant disputes have spurred him to run as a Republican candidate for Minnesota governor.

Jan 03 09:43

What is Ivermectin?

Jan 03 09:36

Technocrats Go On Censorship Rampage In Desperate Attempt To Prevent Total Narrative Collapse — Sunday Night Live

Guest host Harrison Smith breaks down the panicked actions by Big Tech to censor anyone who calls out the COVID narrative – mostly recently Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene or Dr. Robert Malone – which faces total collapse as humanity wakes up to the medical tyranny takeover.

Jan 03 09:33

“Flurona” – Israel Reports 1st Combination Case of Influenza and COVID

Infectious disease news is getting off to a robust start in 2022, as Israel reports its first combination case if influenza and the coronavirus-caused COVID.

The duel infections have been dubbed “flurona”.

Local reports said that the patient was a young pregnant woman, who was in hospital, although her symptoms were mild.

“She was diagnosed with the flu and coronavirus as soon as she arrived,” said Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the gynaecology department of Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva city.

“Both tests came back positive, even after we checked again,” he told local newspaper Hamodia.

Given that this is the cold-and-flu season, I suspect that this wasn’t the first case of flurona and many more will be recorded. Fortunately, the case being studied appears to be mild.

Jan 03 09:32

The COVID Narratives Around Masks, Myocarditis & Natural Immunity Implode As Mass Psychosis Revealed

Jan 03 09:11

New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently

Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less. The longer you stay on the vaccine treadmill, the harder to get off in the future and the easier you’ll make it for the virus.

In short, we’ve been lied to about the vaccine. It is protecting you less and less over time. While you may get a benefit for earlier variants, the benefit for other variants (and likely other diseases) is going to be negative. In short, you are getting a short term benefit against Delta, but at the expense of a degradation of your overall immunity to everything else.

These vaccines may help you win the war against a variant that may soon be rare, but the price you pay is that you make your immunity to everything else worse. It’s a dumb tradeoff (especially since early treatments work so well). But the people making the laws won’t believe any of the science referenced in this article, so it will continue.

Jan 03 09:05

WATCH: Fauci Caught Lying AGAIN, Claims Non-mRNA Vaccines Like “Covaxin” Have Not Been Approved In the US Because “They Have Not Applied” – Turns Out, They HAVE

Dr. Fauci, corporate media, and the Public Health Regime have been lying about Covid since the beginning.

On Thursday, Dr. Fauci joined Adrienne Bankert on NewsNation’s Morning in America for an interview that included questions from viewers.

On Behalf of a Michigan viewer, Bankert questioned the NIAID director about why “more traditional” vaccines that are not mRNA based – specifically Covaxin, which has been approved for use by the World Health Organization – have not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States even though multiple clinical trials have proven its safety and effectiveness is supposedly up to par.

Jan 03 08:51

After Drumming Out Unvaxxed Servicemembers, Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for COVID

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who says he is fully vaccinated and boosted, announced Sunday that he tested positive for COVID and is experiencing mild symptoms. Austin said his last contact with Joe Biden was December 21, when he tested negative before the meeting and well before the onset of symptoms. This month the Defense Department started discharging several hundred servicemembers for refusing orders to get vaccinated against COVID-19, rejecting claims for religious exemptions.

Jan 03 08:51

Los Angeles Public Schools Cancelled Their Vaccine Mandate After 30,000 Kids Were Not Complying

Los Angeles Unified Schools were planning to implement an extreme vaccine mandate for students but had to cancel it when 30,000 kids were not in compliance.

In September, the school board for the second-largest school district in the United States voted to mandate that students 12 and older be vaccinated by Jan. 10.

Jan 03 08:47

Quote Of The Week: "If Science Can't Be Questioned, It's Not Science Anymore"

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has doubled down on his suspicion of COVID-19 vaccines.

"If science can't be questioned, it's not science anymore," Rodgers declared during his weekly virtual appearance on Pat McAfee's SiriusXM show. "It's propaganda. That's the truth."

Rodgers, who recovered from a bout with COVID-19 just last month, has been denounced by critics for misleading the public about his vaccination status ahead of the season.

Jan 03 08:46

23 Covid-Skeptic Memes to Kick Off 2022!

Jan 03 08:40

Police use DOGS and BATONS to disperse anti-lockdown protesters in Amsterdam

Jan 03 08:39

Vaccine Mandate For Kids In Texas BLOCKED

A Texas judge has dismissed the federal Head Start early childhood program meant to require employees or students in the state to wear masks or be immunized to attend or teach in the program.

Judge James Wesley Hendrix mandated Friday that Head Start cannot ask for masks and vaccines in Texas, though he stopped short of granting the state and Lubbock Independent School District's a follow that the mandates be blocked in the program nationwide.

Jan 03 08:39

WATCH: AOC Partying It up Maskless at Crowded Drag Brunch in Miami

Now, let me start this story with the statement that I have no sexual interest in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Delusional-NY).

When Republicans reported about AOC partying it up in Miami Beach without a mask at a restaurant with a drink in her hand and her boyfriend by her side, she flipped out, claiming that Republicans commenting were somehow sexually obsessed with her.

Jan 03 08:29

Dr. Robert Malone hits it out of the park on Joe Rogan today

Right before my friend Dr. Robert Malone left on a plane for Austin for his Joe Rogan interview, he was permanently de-platformed from Twitter. He had 512K followers.

He may have lost 512K followers, but with Joe Rogan interview he’ll likely reach 100X as many with a 3 hour message. It wouldn’t surprise me if this episode is the all-time record-breaker (the previous record-breaker was Peter McCullough).

Here’s the link for the episode. You can listen audio only or video. I listened to most of it while on the ski slopes today and finished it at home. I don’t think he could have done a better job. I can’t recommend this episode enough. One friend of mine said he has been listening to Rogan for years and thought this was the best episode ever.

And here’s the meme that goes along with the episode. It’s that good.

Jan 03 08:28


Jan 03 08:27

Fuellmich: New Findings Are Enough to Dismantle Entire VVV Industry [VIDEO]

Fuellmich: Dr. Mike Yeadon showed how they used batches within batches to try out what kind of doses are needed to kill people and maim them. From a legal perspective, it is inescapable evidence of premeditation. Once there is evidence of premeditation, there is no immunity for anyone.

Wodarg: It isn’t true that there is the same stuff in all the vaccines. We have hard evidence that the batches of vaccine vials contain different ingredients.

Sam White: We have experts talking about the VAERS data and ‘lots’, not batches. And they have about 11 lots with 6 0r 7% of the deaths, wow.

Wodarg (see data screens): Doctors need to know that the BATCHES ARE NOT CONTROLLED.

Fuellmich: What Mike Yeadon came up with is that there is a 1 in 200 chance that you’re going to run into one of those dangerous batches or lots. It’s like Russian roulette. Wodarg: this is not Russian roulette, it’s a TRIAL, it’s planned.

Jan 03 08:19


Jan 03 08:18

Bombshell Book: The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Like many around the world, at Doctors for Covid Ethics we have been working to raise awareness that the global response to COVID-19 has not been based on evidence, medicine or science. It is a dangerous political and economic intervention, conducted in medical disguise, to serve a wealthy ruling elite at the expense of human health, human liberty, and human life itself.

In his new book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. blows the scientific cover on this medical deception wide open, by shining a light – indeed a bank of floodlights – on the real actors, agendas, billion-dollar conflicts of interest and state-corporate crime behind the so-called pandemic response.

Jan 03 08:18

What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? - Robert W Malone MD, MS

A report from an Indiana life insurance company raises serious concerns.

Jan 03 08:16

Dispatches from the New Normal Front: The Ministry of Truth’s War on “Misinformation” (When 2 + 2 = 4 Is Verboten)

What I’ve discovered, based on the failures and successes of others as well as myself, is it is nearly impossible to gain traction on the “science” front. Their allegiance to the “experts” and the mainstream narrative is imbued with a religious fervor, and anyone who voices even the most hesitant of concerns is a heretical tin-foil hoax plandemic conspiracy nut.

Jan 03 08:13


Dore is finally, at long last, applying his comedic talents the way he should have been all along: Calling out the Fauci-news media COVID Clown Show.

Here’s another video he put out one day earlier.

Not sure why Jimmy is calling out Rachel Maddow on December 31, 2021, for lying in March 2021 when at that time Jimmy himself was a true believer and doing nothing to combat the fraud, but, again, better late than never.

Jan 03 08:09

German Protesters, Officers Hurt in COVID-19 Rally in Thuringia

Six protesters and four police officers were injured in clashes that erupted at an anti-pandemic curbs rally in the German town of Greiz in Thuringia on New Year's Day, police said.

Officers used pepper spray and batons against a crowd of some 400 people, who gathered in protest against COVID-19 limits for the unvaccinated, effective nationwide since Tuesday.

Police said dozens of criminal charges had been filed against protesters for resisting police orders, causing bodily harm and ignoring social distancing rules. Officers were lightly injured.

Around a thousand people protested restrictions elsewhere in the central German state, including in Liebenstein, Rudolstadt, Sondershausen and Soemmerda.

Jan 03 08:07

Police set dogs on protesters at massive anti-lockdown rally (VIDEOS)

A huge crowd of people opposing the Dutch government’s Covid-19 restrictions gathered on Sunday near the National Museum in Amsterdam. The protest, which had been banned by the authorities, quickly descended into violence.

Chaotic scenes unfolded on the streets of the Dutch capital, where police in riot gear sought to disperse thousands of demonstrators who gathered for a prohibited rally at the Museumplein square.

Jan 03 08:04

Authoritarian Austria: Protesters Party in Central Vienna in Defiance of New Year’s Eve Lockdown

Thousands of protesters and others partied in central Vienna on Friday evening in clear defiance of Austria’s various lockdown restrictions.

Crowds gathered in central Vienna on Friday to ring in the new year, partying the night away despite lockdown restrictions in place in Austria.

A mix of protesters, New Year’s Eve celebrants, and tourists gathered in the central Stephansplatz square, with many dancing to music being blared out across the square.

While Austria had temporarily relaxed unvaccinated-only lockdown restrictions for the night, a number of other measures remained in place. These included a 10 pm curfew for restaurants, as well as a ten-person limit on gatherings for both jabbed and unjabbed alike.

This, however, did not stop thousands from attending revelries in the city centre, according to a report by Heute.

Jan 03 08:02

ODMS: “Oxygen Deprivation Mask Syndrome” Now Sweeping Across the Globe

Research reveals that prolonged use of Covid masks, homemade or N95, can cause anywhere from five percent on up to 20 percent loss of oxygen, leading to hypercapnia (excessive carbon dioxide in the bloodstream typically caused by inadequate respiration), panic attacks, vertigo, double vision, tinnitus, concentration issues, headaches, slowed reactions, seizures, alterations in blood chemistry and suffocation due to air displacement.

Senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Centerfor Health Security says wearing a mask for prolonged period of time can alter blood chemistry

Breathing in too much exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) may be life-threatening, according to experts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). By now, everyone has experienced, at the least, that light-headed, dizzy, flustered feeling of repeatedly re-breathing back in your own already processed air. Those are just the beginning warning signs of much more serious health problems.

Jan 03 07:52

Typical Politician: New York's New Mayor Seems To Be Talking From Both Ends

New York City's new mayor, Eric Adams, vowed Saturday to steer the country's largest city out of the pandemic by drawing on the resiliency of its people and promising a government that functions better, even if it's not radically different. He then signed two orders that kept Bill DeBlasio's vaccine mandate and State Of Emergency in place - confusing supporters.

Hours after being sworn into office in Times Square as the city rang in the new year, Adams utilized his inaugural address to promise more efficiency, invoke New Yorkers' reputation for toughness, and urge the city's almost 9 million residents to make a New Year's resolution that their lives not be ruled by the pandemic.

Jan 03 07:52

Is The Hysteria Justified? Omicron Measures Threaten Economy

The US is ringing in the new year with a surge of COVID cases as the Omicron variant proceeds to sweep through the country at a rapid rate.

The nation witnessed 497,151 new confirmed cases on Saturday, bringing the national count to 54,743,993 as numbers have persisted in reaching new records in the past month.

In terms of the death toll, 1,235 have been registered, bringing the count to 825,536 - beating last month's previous record.

This comes after a study by Columbia University showed that Omicron-fueled cases could peak to roughly 2.5 million by January 9, with others estimating the surge to go to 5.4 million.

Jan 03 07:51

Rule massively financially incentivizing hospitals to poison and kill Covid patients found. Save and share aggressively.

Once again, a private person using simple web searching skills and the ability to read and comprehend simple English has blown the lid off of YET ANOTHER facet of the Covidic Genocide. Via Nurse Claire, this is a twitter thread of a lady who has just a few hundred followers, so I’m going to copy-paste the text of her thread here to safeguard against censorship.