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America’s $8 Trillion Dollar 9/11 Response: A Historic Disaster

Anyone who witnessed the horrors of the 9/11 attacks recalls the wrenching grief and anger that gripped the American people. The collective desire for revenge was entirely understandable. However, the response that George W. Bush’s administration and its successors adopted inflicted serious, perhaps irreparable, damage on America’s position in the world and on domestic civil liberties. That damage is still accumulating and will continue to do so until the American people insist on a more restrained U.S. foreign policy and take steps to rein in the toxic national security state that has mushroomed in the two decades since 9-11. If those changes are not made, Osama Bin Laden will have achieved his perverse goals in launching the attacks.

Washington’s post-9/11 foreign policy blunders have become legendary. Launching an ill-defined, open-ended “war on terror” hopelessly entangled the United States in the complex, murky, and violent politics of the Muslim world. The perils became apparent not long after U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan to root out Al Qaeda and punish the Taliban regime for harboring the terrorist group. Washington’s action was justified and achievable. However, it was not long before that limited, punitive mission morphed into an utterly impractical counter-insurgency, nation-building crusade. Two decades later, Joe Biden’s administration finally accepted a humiliating end to that quixotic venture—after more than 2,400 American deaths and some $2 trillion in wasted taxpayer dollars.