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Ben & Jerry’s did the right thing

On today’s “Morning Show” TV news on Channel 13, Avri Gilad and his panel of right-wing commentators were really upset about the fact that Ben & Jerry’s had announced they were going to “boycott Israel.” Well, not really, as the Haaretz headline correctly stated “Ben & Jerry’s freezes sales in settlements.” And the settlements are not part of the State of Israel. They are in occupied territory until the final status of the territories and the settlements is determined.

Gilad even went so far as to declare that “Prime Minister Netanyahu” protested the decision on Facebook and Twitter, and one of the panelists had to correct him that he’s a “former prime minister,” which Gilad grudgingly acknowledged.

The real prime minister, Bennett, declared that the decision was “morally and financial wrong,” while Foreign Minister Lapid, who recently reiterated his support for a two-state solution before the EU foreign ministers, also protested that the decision was “antisemitic.”

All of us who believe that a two-state solution is necessary, and the only basis for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, should applaud the decision. Boycotting the settlements and settlement products is not boycotting Israel, it is reaffirming the need to end the occupation based on a negotiated two-state solution.