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Biden-Jesuit Failed Coup Prompted HaitianFake 'Refugee' Mobs On Tex-Mex Border

How can it be that 14,000 Haitians, none qualified for refugee status, have invaded the Mexico-USA border at Del Rio, a remote and decaying town of 31,000 American citizens and a reported 5,000 Mexican illegals? Why is that the Biden-Jesuit liberal establishment has been vilifying U.S. Border Patrol personnel for riding horses in pursuit of Haitians attempting to evade standard border registration procedures applicable to citizens of all countries of the world, including homecoming Americans? Why is the Democrat White House and its State Department not disclosing the root cause of this Haitian mob scene, which is the Biden-Jesuit CIA's failed coup attempt to perpetuate a Venezuelan-financed dictatorship in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince?

The scene of thousands of Haitians, including large families, taking shelter against the sweltering heat in the shade of a border bridge and washing their soiled clothes in the Rio Grande river, known locally as the "Rio Bravo" (which inspired the John Wayne western), automatically elicits public sympathy for "your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.". Hold it there, hombres and senoritas! The Haitians held in border detention while awaiting flights back to Port-au-Prince did not arrive from a violence-racked Haiti.

Foreigners in a foreign land

Those thousands of Afro-Caribbeans, in fact, began their journey to "freedom and opportunity" from a dozen South American countries, where they have been working for years as household maids for local elites and as farm workers. Their children were mostly born abroad, especially in Brazil and Ecuador, have greater fluency in Spanish rather than the Haitian Creole patois, a dialect of French, and many have never set foot on Haitian soil.

These foreign-based families have each spent many thousands in dollars on airfares from Rio de Janeiro and Quito, Ecuador, bound for Guatemala or Mexico City. That is followed by a car ride over a land route of more than 1,680 kilometers, or 1,040 miles, to the Rio Bravo region. These are ambitious job-seekers, school pupils and investors, some with more savings in their bank accounts than your average American, and definitely not political refugees. All of these opportunistic fakers should be deported asap to Haiti or back to their current country of residence in Latin America.