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Europe’s Elites Respond To Immigration Backlash. But Our Ruling Class Won’t Listen

European leaders learned an important lesson from the 2015 “migrant” crisis: People hate Open Borders. In response to the current crisis, the Euro Establishment has reacted much differently. Leaders are calling for fortified walls, expulsions, and a firm no to “migrant” incursions. Even European Leftists don’t want to repeat the same mistake. Contrast that with our Ruling Class. They see hordes pouring across the border—and demand we make things easier for them. Republicans have shown some improvement on immigration over the previous decade (although even Republicans agreed with importing unvetted Afghan “refugees) but they’re not in charge. The Democrats are, and they’re fanatically committed to Electing A New People.

Europe’s leaders now just aren’t. While many still condemn immigration criticism as “hate speech” and claim nationalism gravely threatens “democracy,” they clearly understand immigration must be contained. Recently, the interior ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Slovakia signed a joint letter that called upon the European Union to finance the construction of border walls [Dozen ministers want EU to finance border walls, by Nikolaj Nielsen, EU Observer, October 8, 2021]. And Poland says it will build one on its own along its border with Belarus, which the EU accuses of weaponizing illegal immigrants to retaliate over sanctions [The EU accuses Belarus of luring global migrants into other European countries, by Rob Schmitz, NPR, October 12, 2021].