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Genetic Pharmaceutical Industries "tsunami of euphoria" !

BioNTech co-founder U?ur ?ahin predicts that new mRNA-based medical treatments will hit the market one after the other in the next several years. "I predict that in 15 years, one-third of all newly approved drugs will be based on mRNA technology," he says. The market could grow to be worth more than $300 billion – per year.
Excitement about the technology, after all, has spread beyond just the researchers themselves. Pharmaceutical executives and investors have likewise begun taking a closer look, eager to get in on the profits that are sure to result. But where will those profits come from? Will they be produced by small startups with a clever idea, or by the huge firms with their vast resources?
Then, the coronavirus pandemic arrived, which presented the mRNA technology with a practical test in real-life conditions.
And the triumph of the vaccines developed by BioNTech and Moderna changed everything: The two companies proved to the world that their technology actually does work. BioNTech developed its vaccine by itself before testing it in clinical studies and producing it with the help of the U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. By the end of this year, the companies plan on having produced at least 2.5 billion doses of the vaccine, with revenues being