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Hawaii to remove forbidden staircase due to ‘rampant trespassing’

Hawaii officials have announced plans to spend $1m removing a popular mountain trail known as the Stairway to Heaven, which they say has become the scene of “rampant illegal trespassing” and safety concerns despite the public being banned from using it.

Tens of thousands of people have climbed the Haiku Stairs, which span nearly 4,000 steps across Oahu’s Ko’olau mountain range, since the US navy built the trail during the second world war. Though the public has been forbidden from the stairs since 1987, numerous people continued to use them, despite no trespassing signs and fines of up to $1,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "stairway to heaven" as locals call it, was built to provide access to a huge antenna system stretching across Haiku Valley for a Loran-C station. When GPS became available, the Loran-C system was shut down. Prior to being used for Loran-C, the facility was a top-secret VLF system to communicate with submerged submarines dating back to WW2! If you watched the TV series LOST, the radio building was used for the "Hydra Station" in Season 3. One of the real joys of working that show was getting to see all these interesting and historical sites normally off-limits to tourists!