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Heightened Tensions Along the Lebanese/Israeli Border

Along with Iranian military advisors and Russian air support, Hezbollah fighters are involved in aiding Syria combat US aggression, including its ISIS, al-Nusra and other jihadist proxies.

Israeli airstrikes in Syria killed Hezbollah fighters before. Its leadership vowed to retaliate against Israeli aggression when any of its personnel are harmed.

For days, tensions along the Lebanese/Israeli border remain heightened.

On Monday, Lebanese Al-Manar television reported the following:

Israel’s IDF “claim(ed) that “Hezbollah attempted to carry out an infiltration operation and that the Israeli army frustrated the attack and killed a number of its fighters,” adding:

“Hezbollah then issued a statement to refute the Israeli claims and stress that the Israeli army unilaterally opened fire for fear of Hezbollah response to the killing of the martyr Ali Mohsen in the latest raid on Syria.”

Netanyahu regime claims otherwise “are absolutely untrue and aim at fabricating fake victories.”

“The Islamic Resistance did not engage in any clash, nor did it open fire during (the border) incident.”

Gunfire was “from (the Israeli) side only…”

Israeli aggression “will not remain unanswered.”

Last weekend, Lebanon’s military reported that numerous Israeli surveillance drones entered the country’s airspace illegally.

On Monday, explosions and gunfire were heard along the Lebanese/Israeli border — in illegally occupied Sheba’a Farms.

From its 1982 preemptive war on Lebanon until May 2000, Israeli illegally occupied the country’s south to the Litani River.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It feels as though the entire Middle East is about to be set ablaze; unfortunately, the guys striking the match are Prime Minister Netanyahu's government in Tel Aviv, and their enablers in this US administration and Congress. After all, it's not THEIR kids who will get killed and maimed for life, in a campaign against Lebanon and Iran.

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