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Israeli Officials Intervene to Remove US Academic Who Criticized Israel

Israeli diplomats put pressure on the dean of a US university to remove a teacher who criticized Israel, using allegations of antisemitism, The Middle East Monitor reported.

Details of the intervention by Israeli consular officials, in what has been slammed as another example of the gross interference by a foreign state, were reported on September 28 by The Intercept.

Israeli consular officials arranged meetings with a dean at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to remove a graduate student, Kylie Broderick, from teaching the history department course called ‘The Conflict over Israel/Palestine’, according to The Intercept.

Details of the visit by Israeli officials are said to have been exposed by two UNC professors who had knowledge of the meeting.

The intervention by the Israeli officials followed a pressure campaign by right-wing pro-Israel websites and an advocacy group who pointed to postings Broderick had made on Twitter, in which she was critical of Israel and Zionism. Without evidence, the Israeli officials cited the postings as evidence of antisemitism, The Intercept noted.

“I think that a representative of a foreign government attempting to police an academic class is, in the first place, ridiculous, and an obvious overreaction to what is essentially an issue that started on Twitter,” The Intercept reported Broderick as saying.