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Israeli, Turkish And Terrorist Attacks Across Syria

Syria is currently a powder keg ready to explode. The calm days of status-quo are apparently over, and fresh attacks are springing up in many locations. After 10 years of war, and a shattered economy, the Syrian people were hoping to get back to rebuilding their broken lives and homes. Experts are warning of new battlefields opening up which may bring stability and the end of occupation, or could dissolve into a greater international quagmire.

The US and Turkey illegally occupy areas in Syria with no plans to withdraw. Israel conducts frequent unprovoked airstrikes all over Syria with impunity. Russia is fighting Al Qaeda terrorists, and assisting the Syrian Arab Army to establish safe areas for civilians to return home to. While the west continues to support Radical Islamic terrorists in Idlib, who hold about 2 million persons under an oppressive regime. Syria is the only secular country in the Middle East and its people have fought 10 years to remain so.

On July 17, President Assad took his new oath of office, and laid out his plan for recovery, including Syria going solar to solve the national electricity shortage. He also statds his government’s intention to take back Idlib province, which is the last terrorist controlled area.

On March 5, 2020 Russia and Turkey signed a deal concerning Idlib. The agreement reached proposed to free the M4 Highway from terrorist control and have a joint military patrols. However, Turkish President Erdogan did not enforce his part of the deal, and the terrorists are still in control of the M4 highway which connects Latakia to Aleppo.