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The Left Has the Worst Heroes: the Story of Darrell Brooks

There are a lot of people in America with a lot of problems. Many of these people do not hurt other people.

For example, wage slaves caught up working multiple jobs just to survive. They are a group that could easily be helped by government regulation. Instead, government regulation favors corporations and the ultra wealthy, and does nothing for the working class.

As another example, people addicted to opioids. There are all kinds of things that could be done to help this largely harmless group, who are by most accounts victims of society.

The left of course ignores the plight of anyone who actually deserves help, and instead lionizes the “victimhood” of violent blacks.

Darrell Brooks is a pretty standard example of someone that the Democrats believe should be the focus of every government policy. He lived a life of destruction, culminating in running down a bunch of white people with a truck, apparently as revenge for Kyle Rittenhouse (who he probably thought killed black people, since the media kept claiming he killed black people).