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Millions of smart devices to stop working from Thursday

Internet connectivity for old devices within your home could be coming to an end on Thursday.

A digital certificate that was widely used in electronic devices prior to 2017 will expire on September 30.

It’s estimated that millions of gadgets worldwide will be affected and won’t be able to install updates of newer digital certificates to allow for continued connectivity to the internet.

Devices that could run into trouble include older MacBooks and iPhones that haven’t (or can’t) be updated with the latest software, some gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS as well as smart TVs, set-top boxes and IoT devices within your home.

Anything that requires a secure connection to a particular server could stop working. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Stan, Binge and 7plus require users to have this secure connection. It may also affect any website that requires a user to log in, such as email inboxes and banking sites.

Security researcher Scott Helme warned of this threat in June 2020 and has taken to his personal website again this week.

“You may or may not need to do anything about this,” Helme wrote in his latest blog post.

“I’m betting a few things will probably break on that day [Sept. 30].”

Thankfully there are some workarounds that will allow for older devices to keep connected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This whole certificate business has not stopped the cyber-criminals, just made life harder for us end users.