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US-Iran Confrontation in Lebanon: Counter-measures and Escalation

It’s looking like a long, hot summer, as tensions increase between Washington and Tehran, US elections approach, and the “maximum pressure” exercised by the US escalates. After Syria, it is Lebanon’s turn. The country’s financial failure has reached the point of no return. The US is trying to attribute the consequences of the severe economic situation to Hezbollah, the strongest of Iran’s allies even if US officials claim otherwise. However, Iran and its ally have resolved that the Lebanese society to which Hezbollah belongs will not be bullied or pushed into famine. No one should be surprised to see Iranian ships docking at Latakia harbour to supply Lebanon with much needed food, energy and medical supplies.

Lebanon is similar to the province of Isfahan in its needs and number of inhabitants. it will not be difficult for Iran to organise a monthly stock of resources to prevent Iran’s main allies in Lebanon from suffering starvation. If Iran can supply Venezuela across an ocean, supplying Lebanon will be much easier. This will defeat this latest attempt of the US and Israel to curb Hezbollah.