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Why Canada's War on Covid Is a Disaster That We Are Certain to Lose

Lockdowns, business closures, ballooning public debt and deficits, interrupted schooling, adverse vaccine events including death — over 12, 000 in the Province of Ontario alone: these are among the many costs of the war on Covid.

What have been the benefits?

No doubt in the early stages of the epidemic some Covid infections, and hence deaths, were avoided by measures to "flatten the curve." Because of the costs, however, such draconian measures could not be maintained indefinitely. Rather, they were imposed to limit viral spread until the many novel so-called vaccines for Covid then under development became available for use, albeit without the usual multi-year-long human and animal safety testing.

Beginning in January of this year, "vaccines" have been rapidly deployed in many countries. The results, however, have been disappointing. In Israel, for example, one of the first countries to achieve majority "vaccinated" status, vaccine efficacy (in preventing illness, not infection) declined from over 90% initially to a percentage in the low twenties after six months. The decline in effectiveness means that maintenance of high immunity will require "booster" shots at intervals of just a few months.