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Why Do We Fight? Don't Ask

Derek Davison commented on the three U.S. strikes in Somalia that have taken place in the last few weeks, and noted that there is hardly anyone asking why the U.S. is engaged in hostilities in Somalia in 2021:

There’s no questioning why al-Shabab, whose current ambitions don’t extend beyond Somalia and whose reach extends no further afield than neighboring Kenya, should be regarded as a threat to the United States. There’s no questioning why the 2001 AUMF is still on the books at all some 20 years later, when everyone involved in planning and carrying out the September 11 attacks is either dead or in hiding. There’s no questioning the absurdity of claiming the right “self-defense” in reference to another country’s military in a battle in which no American personnel were at risk. All of that is just How It Is, apparently, and there’s no sense wasting our beautiful minds on the subject.

The other wars that the U.S. is currently involved in are like this. Once the U.S. gets involved in a conflict, it never fully extricates itself. It doesn’t matter if the original reason for this involvement made any sense, and it doesn’t matter if there is no real legal authorization for it. It doesn’t matter that it has nothing to do with defending the United States, because once the military is involved somewhere it can claim to be defending itself without having to account for why they are there.