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FLASHBACK - All Aboard Russia's Nuclear Weapon Apocalypse Train

A new rail-mounted intercontinental ballistic missile is due to hit Russian railroads in 2020. Russian state media has announced the BZhRK "Barguzin" rail-mounted nuclear missile will begin testing in 2019 and enter service the following year. The scheme is designed to make the country's nuclear arsenal more mobile and thus more difficult to locate in wartime.

One of the many problems with ICBMs is they are high-priority targets in the event of nuclear war. That is, each belligerent would want to destroy the other's nuclear weapons, and those weapons are sitting ducks if they're stuck in missile silos and the enemy knows where they are. To get around this problem, Russia has chosen to put many of its ICBMs on gigantic wheeled, mobile launchers.

Starting in 2019, Russian strategic forces will continue the shift towards mobile missiles with the new "Barguzin" train-mounted ICBM. Barguzin is the YS-24 "Yars" missile placed on a train-mounted launcher. Yars weighs 54 tons, is just over 60 feet long, and according to Russian sources has a range just over 6,800 miles. Yars is already deployed in underground silos and mobile launchers (see above), and placing it on trains will be the third basing scheme for this new missile.