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ISIS Attacks Taliban Targets in Afghanistan

The US pullout from Afghanistan led to a lot of concern about the ongoing presence of ISIS-K in the post-war country. This weekend, ISIS-K took credit for a pair of attacks in one of their major strongholds, Jalalabad.

ISIS-K has ideological differences with the Taliban, and the two sides were fighting even before the US pullout. Now that Afghanistan is Taliban-run, they’re the main target for ISIS forces.

This weekend saw no less than six IED attacks in Jalalabad, with 35 Taliban casualties, along with several civilian bystanders killed and wounded. The Taliban announced an investigation into the matter.

US operations against ISIS-K almost exclusively centered on Nangarhar Province, which is where Jalalabad is. This tended to involve copious airstrikes, ISIS fleeing the area, and then returning after the US declared them wiped out. As this weekend proves, they remain operationally capable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if the attacks were really ISIS or a false-flag to justify the US going back in.