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Italy increasingly armed

Today in La Spezia the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini inaugurates SeaFuture 2021, the military-naval exhibition sponsored by the main war industries. In the lead Fincantieri ("strategic sponsor"), Leonardo ("platinum sponsor") and Mbda (European joint venture in which Leonardo has 25%) which participates as "gold sponsor".

The "Future" has already been outlined in the "Directive for the industrial policy of Defense", issued by Guerini on July 29: Italy must "have a military instrument capable of expressing the advanced military capabilities that the country needs to protect its national interests", which ensures "its membership in the circle of technologically and economically advanced countries". The Directive, overturning Article 11 and other constitutional principles with the silent consent of Parliament, establishes that Italy must increasingly arm itself.

At the same time it establishes that Italy must maintain and strengthen "the strategic relationship with the United States, to ensure the involvement in technological innovation that finds in the U.S. one of the main incubators, to facilitate access of Italian companies in the American market and to better position Italy in the European context.