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‘Green Deal’ Farming Cuts Food, Cuts Population

The European Commission (EC), executive arm of the European Union, released its “Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies” in May 2020. Those so-called strategies are the core part of its new EU Green Deal, whose consequences will directly result in significantly less food output, and more hunger and hardship for millions of people. Farmers have taken to the streets with their tractors over 2019-2020 in Germany, the Netherlands, and elsewhere to oppose the EU dictates, which technically are to be imposed nation by nation over the next 10 years, with an EC review session scheduled for 2023.

The gist of the new approach is simple: First, farmers are ordered to use less land for crops and livestock, less fertilizer, less crop-protection chemicals, and so on. This guarantees less food output. Second, for the first time ever, the purpose of agriculture laws will be changed from food production, to so-called environmental enhancement, and lessening carbon emissions. The stated EC goal is “to reconcile our food system with the needs of the planet”—not the human population! The EC set out a timeline for action, including revamping the EU-wide Common Agriculture Policy (the farm/food support law, begun in 1962), and starting up a “carbon farming initiative” in 2021.

In November, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service published a devastating analysis of the impact of the Green Deal’s Farm to Fork/Biodiversities Strategies, coming on top of the pandemic.