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Taiwan Is Part Of China, Russia Declares, As Two Powers Coordinate To Resist US Pressure

Russia has entered the fray in terms of interjecting in the ratcheting rhetoric between China and the US on the Taiwan issue. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made Moscow's stance on the issue clear, firmly stating that Russia affirms its position that the island belongs to China.

"Just like the overwhelming majority of other countries, Russia views Taiwan as part of the People's Republic of China. This is the premise we proceed from and will continue to proceed from in our policy," Lavrov told reporters Tuesday, as cited in Interfax.

The statement was in response to a press question over whether the geopolitical tensions growing around Taiwan constitute a threat to regional security that Russia is concerned about. His statement about the "overwhelming majority" of nations holding Russia's same view is certainly accurate, given Washington technically falls into the same category, while a mere 14 countries today have diplomatic relations with Taipei.

Lavrov did just days ago indicate the Kremlin is watching things with growing concern, as the US transfers weapons to Taiwan, continues sending occasional provocative delegations, and as The Wall Street Journal days ago confirmed, has a kept a contingent of US Marines on the ground to train local forces.

Lavrov said last week at a defense conference: "The Indo-Pacific concept is aimed at breaking up this system that relied on the need to respect the indivisibility of security," in reference to the latest US coalition-building efforts within 'the Quad' nations of Australia, India and Japan, ostensibly toward maintaining a "free and open Indo-Pacific."