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Dozens of workers at Los Alamos nuclear lab sue over vaccine mandate

The Los Alamos National Laboratory's vaccine mandate is set to take effect on Friday as dozens of workers sue over the order.

Workers at the New Mexico laboratory, which created the atomic bomb, filed a lawsuit claiming that exemptions to the mandate have been denied without proper justification, The Associated Press reported.

A hearing was underway on Thursday as a state district judge will decide whether or not to grant an injunction to prevent employees from being fired while the workers' case is ongoing, according to the AP.

The workers alleged that management from Triad National Security LLC, which runs the lab for the U.S. Department of Energy, violated their constitutional rights by imposing the mandate and created a hostile workplace, the AP added. One anecdote from the case said that a worker was yelled at for being unvaccinated and told by a crew member that his family deserved to die.


The Biden admin is aggravating people who build nuclear bombs?


Heyy, this is a really wonderful idea! Go for it Joe! Show them who's the boss! You're the champ! :-)

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