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“America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

Whenever these rote recitations are systematically rolled out — “stand with” blah blah blah, “right to defend” blah blah blah — you can bet that the person doing the reciting has barely bothered to give any original thought to the wider conflict, including the role of the United States. Rather, his or her intention is to affirm blanket approval for anything the Israeli military wants to do. These slogans are not responsive to the question of whether it’s defensible for the Israeli military to flatten entire apartment buildings in densely-packed areas using provisions furnished by US taxpayers, or decimate entire residential blocks into rubble. The “right to defend itself” mantra just glosses over all that, reducing the whole matter to a kind of meaningless nostrum.

State-subsidized US weapons manufacturers are currently providing the materials with which Israel is pummeling the densely-packed Gaza, a besieged and blockaded occupied territory. Some of these same people will sloganeer as opponents of the “military-industrial complex” while simultaneously coming up with all kind of convoluted explanations for how these military-industrial complex-enriching transactions are just swell.

Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul are far from anyone’s idea of snowflake Social Justice Warriors, but they’ve been vehemently critical of US policy toward Israel, with both having identified Gaza as an Israeli-run “concentration camp.” The pathologies of contemporary US left-wing activism need not distract from a rational evaluation of the situation.