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Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief: Pegasus leaks show nobody is safe from espionage

n this episode of Going Underground, we speak to WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson. He discusses the leaks that showed some 50,000 people are potential targets of the Pegasus spyware that has been sold to governments around the world by NSO, an Israeli company, and the inescapable global surveillance apparatus that has now become privatized. He also discusses Julian Assange’s US extradition case, slamming the ongoing detention of the WikiLeaks founder despite a key witness in the case admitting to lying.

Next, we speak to Professor Richard Murphy, co-founder of the Tax Justice Network. He claims UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “rotten to the core,” having faced numerous accusations of corruption throughout the pandemic, and why Johnson’s decision to lift nearly all coronavirus restrictions will prove to be a catastrophic mistake. He goes on to discuss why the Treasury Committee exonerated David Cameron for lobbying on behalf of Greensill Capital, and explains why he believes it was a strategic decision to protect the former prime minister. Finally, he talks about the controversial appointment of a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club to a key oversight position on the government’s sleaze watchdog, and why the UK has become one of the world’s most lucrative tax havens.